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Murdered scientists?

"Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco refuses to 'make criminals out of business owners, single moms, and otherwise healthy individuals for exercising their constitutional rights.'"


"The Texas Supreme Court has ordered the release of salon owner Shelley Luther, who was jailed for opening in violation of the state's rules."

The White House Petition To Investigate “Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation” For ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Gains 500K Signatures

Nelson Rockefeller (right).

According to

"In the early 1900s, America's first Billionaire, John D. Rockefeller bought a German pharmaceutical company that would later assist Hitler in implementing his eugenics-based vision - by manufacturing chemicals and poisons for war.

"Rockefeller wanted to eliminate the competitors of Western medicine, so he submitted a report to Congress declaring that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America, and that all natural healing modalities were unscientific quackery. 

Bill Gates father. The Rockefellers and Bill Gates are said to have Jewish origins. Not all Jews are racists. Not all Thais are prostitutes. Not all Italians are in the Mafia. 

"Rockefeller called for the standardization of medical education, whereby only his organization be allowed to grant medical school licenses in the US. 

"And so began the practice of immune suppressive, synthetic and toxic drugs. 

"Once people had become dependent on this new system and the addictive drugs it provided, the system switched to a paid program, creating lifelong customers for the Rockefellers." 
"Currently, medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US. 

"Rockefeller's secret weapon to success was the strategy known as, “problem-reaction-solution.” Create a problem, escalate fear, then offer a pre-planned solution. Sound familiar?"


They named it COVID19. 

"Our leaders of world health predicted millions would die. 

"The National Guard was deployed. Makeshift hospitals were erected to care for a massive overflow of patients. Mass graves were dug. Terrifying news reports had people everywhere seeking shelter to avoid contact. 

"The plan was unfolding with diabolical precision, but the masters of the Pandemic underestimated one thing... the people. Medical professionals and every-day citizens are sharing critical information online."


"Bill Gates, neither a medical expert nor an expert in education, is exercising disproportionate influence in the domain of public education.

"The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be working with the State of New York to “develop a blueprint to reimagine education.”

Jason Leitch (above) is a dentist.

He is Scotland's 'national clinical director'.

He is in charge of telling the people of Scotland  to obey the rules on Lockdown.

He has studied in Boston and at Harvard.

He is a director of the Nazareth Trust - a UK charity in Israel.

They are trying to get you scared.

Bill Gates is the virus?


Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil Consultant Surgeon NHS, UK.

The vaccine is intended to make money for the Kosher Nostra Nazis?

Vladimir Putin has apparently joined the Bill Gates - WHO coronavirus programme.

"Prosecutors ordered Russia's media watchdog to delete videos claiming that Covid-19 'is created to establish a global world order'.

"Russia last month passed a law punishing those who spread 'intentionally false' information about the coronavirus with up to five years in prison.

"A number of Russian social media users have been fined under the new law, and several anti-lockdown protesters have been charged under the law."

Aktion T4 was mass murder by involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany.

Several reasons have been suggested for the killings, including eugenics, racial hygiene and saving money.

Brian Gerrish@briangukc

The UK's Conservative government is now pushing do not resuscitate on people with learning difficulties. Wasn't this the nazi T4 programme? In our faces under cover of #covid19 ?


Awakening to the plans of the Kosher Nostra Nazis?


Covid-19 is many diseases?

Scotland is one of the places being killed off by the Lockdown.

Is Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, being controlled?

"NICOLA Sturgeon has rubbished claims she’s living an 'exotic double life' amid a torrent of gossip about her in high circles.

"Salacious rumours about the First Minister’s private life have swept Holyrood and Westminster."

Nicola Sturgeon - salacious rumours about 'exotic double life' ...

Ferguson and Staats.

Spooky Professor  Neil Ferguson has quit as a UK government adviser on coronavirus.

According to a Daily Telegraph story, a woman, said to be his "married lover", visited Ferguson's home during the lockdown.

Ferguson has now admitted he allowed his married lover Antonia Staats to travel across London to visit him at least twice.

Antonia Staats, 38, lives with her husband, in his 30s, and two children in a £1.9 million house in south London.
Staats grew up in Isny, south Germany, went to university in Berlin and came to London in 2003, earning a masters in Asian Politics from the spooky School of Oriental and African Studies, where her husband works.

Ferguson's  Imperial College has been funded by the vaccine companies and by Bill Gates.

Neil Ferguson, professor of mathematical biology at Imperial College London.

"In 2001 the Imperial team produced modelling on foot and mouth disease that suggested that animals in neighbouring farms should be culled, even if there was no evidence of infection. This influenced government policy and led to the total culling of more than six million cattle, sheep and pigs – with a cost to the UK economy estimated at £10 billion.

"It has been claimed by experts such as Michael Thrusfield, professor of veterinary epidemiology at Edinburgh University, that Ferguson’s modelling on foot and mouth was ‘severely flawed’ and made a ‘serious error’ by ‘ignoring the species composition of farms,’ and the fact that the disease spread faster between different species."

Six questions that Neil Ferguson should be asked

President of Tanzania John Magufuli has outfoxed Bill Gates and the WHO apparatus

The President secretly had his security team swab imported 'coronavirus tests' on a goat and on a piece of pawpaw fruit ... assigning the two samples human names and ages ... The laboratory declared both 'covid-19 positive'.

Brabantian 5 May 2020 at 14:00
Tanzania president questions coronavirus kits after animal test


Dr. Rashid Buttar.



Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren supports the theory that the coronavirus pandemic is nothing more than a myth to force vaccines on the public.

Lovren first mentioned his feelings about a vaccine last month when he expressed support for a post by Croatian MP Ivan Pernar.

Pernar had posted an anti-vaxxer meme from a cartoon image of Bill Gates holding a syringe and saying the words “Your body is my choice”.

It was accompanied by this legend: “There should always be freedom of choice and against compulsory vaccination. That’s why I’m a thorn in the eye of all mainstream media and their sponsors. “

Liverpool star Dejan Lovren has proven to be a coronavirus ...

Marat Safin

"Russian tennis legend Marat Safin has suggested the coronavirus pandemic could be a pretext for the mass implanting of microchips into humans, as the former world number one gave an unexpected take on the crisis.

“I think they are preparing people for 'chipization' [chip implants]," Safin, 40, said in an Instagram chat with Russian outlet

“They’ve put the whole world in lockdown at home, so everything works," said Safin.

“I think there are guys even bigger than world leaders who are the real masters of money, the masters of the world, they can turn things around easily.

“Call it a shadow government, call it whatever you like. I think we don't even know they exist.

“The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are well-known names, but someone else is behind them.”

Tennis legend Marat Safin shares coronavirus view...

Now we are all Palestinians.

Anonymous writes -

Just got a text through from a health worker friend in Northern Ireland.

Not one single case of Corona virus covid-19 in Craigavon hospital or Daisy Hill in Newry. All other operations cancelled.

World Health Organization (WHO)@WHO· 25 Apr

Earlier today we tweeted about a new WHO scientific brief on "immunity passports". The thread caused some concern & we would like to clarify: We expect that most people who are infected with #COVID19 will develop an antibody response that will provide some level of protection.

Media Lens@medialens·3 May

Ban Icke? Ok, and how about Trump? And literally all corporate media guilty of spreading fake news costing 100,000s of lives? 'If you examine which content is considered “authoritative”, you’ll find a bunch of outlets who have consistently lied to the world about war after war'

Henry Makow@HenryMakow·21m

Genocide of the Poor Nearly half the world lives on less than $3 a day. No bailouts for them. They just get to sit in their slums and slowly starve to death while we face a virus with a +99% survival rate

California Governor Gavin Newsom's battle with Orange County is heating up - an ex-mayor down there is suing the Guv over the beach closures.

Kevin Muldoon, a former Newport Beach mayor and current city councilman there, claims Newsom's draconian order to close OC beaches -- from Newport Beach and Huntington Beach to Dana Point and San Clemente -- is a clear violation of their constitutional rights to freedom of travel, freedom of assembly and due process ...

Gov. Gavin Newsom Sued by Ex-Newport Beach Mayor Over ...


Anonymous writes - 

'You're grandparents and their friends fought and died for your freedom and you gave it away in a day because the TV told you to do it. The next time you visit their grave you'd better explain your actions to them.'

Gates and Epstein.

$10million Bill Gates alleged bribe to politicians in Nigeria to get compulsory vaccinations.

"The Ministry of Covid Compliance is reminding us this week how the virus has a genetic targeting mechanism able to differentiate between essential cans of vegetables, bottles of liquor, lottery tickets and non-essential products like sneakers and paint. Thus the Ministry is able to help us better understand the lock-down policy.

"To avoid an increased infection rate it is critical for American citizens to only visit Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, WalMart & other large institutional retail systems with influential lobbying offices near the Covid Mitigation Ministry.

"Effective compliance and mitigation requires that everyone must avoid the small business operations where the virus is more prone to hide out and attack consumers."




  1. The scoundrels, keep people in fear by keeping the numbers of 'deaths' high. The make shift testing facility in my town has disappeared. What a surprise (not). We knew it was a fakedemic, proof is coming and then all out with the truth. Gonna send some support to Dolan shortly. Let the house of cards fall.

  2. Good goddamm riddance!

  3. I would wager that the most ardent Pro Zionist governments are governments that are stacked full of traitors to their own nation

    And yes I am.calling into question dual.citizenship

    The practice in and off itself is no big deal , but nobody should be allowed to run for political office at either a local or national.level if they are dual.citizens of another nation

  4. In the 1960s, Dean R. Koontz worked for the Appalachian Poverty Program, a federally funded initiative designed to help poor children, In a 1996 interview with Reason magazine, he said that while the program sounded "very noble and wonderful, ... in reality, it was a dumping ground for violent children ... and most of the funding ended up 'disappearing somewhere.'" This experience greatly shaped Koontz's political outlook. In his book, The Dean Koontz Companion, he recalled that he:
    "... realized that most of these programs are not meant to help anyone, merely to control people and make them dependent. I was forced to reconsider everything I'd once believed. I developed a profound distrust of government regardless of the philosophy of the people in power. I remained a liberal on civil-rights issues, became a conservative on defense, and a semi-libertarian on all other matters."


  6. Public Law No: 116-136 (03/27/2020)

    Sponsor - Rep. Courtney, Joe [D-CT-2] (Introduced 01/24/2019)

    Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the CARES Act

    This bill responds to the COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019) outbreak and its impact on the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals, and businesses.

    1. ...24 January 2019 ?...a year before the January 2020 pandemic ?...

  7. President of Tanzania John Magufuli, nicknamed 'The Bulldozer', has outfoxed Bill Gates & the WHO apparatus

    The President secretly had his security team swab imported 'coronavirus tests' on a goat and on a piece of pawpaw fruit ... assigning the two samples human names and ages ... The laboratory declared both 'covid-19 positive'




  10. The Spectator dropped the ball with its imagined question six
    Yes important to ask about the computer code and the assumptions made in the code.
    But they missed the UNDOCUMENTED part. Any one that knows about computer code knows UNDOCUMENTED computer code is bad computer code. It would not pass the most basic standards or testing.
    These means the computer code has not been tested and the computer model and any predictions made from it are INVALID.
    I have 40 years experience writing computer code.

  11. We know the Covid 1984 / Kung Flu / plandemic is all a great big stinking hoax. How are all these black people dying from it? I don't understand it. Are there just more black ppl dying in this period (from other illnesses attributed to Covid) or are they (tptb) just lying and making up the numbers as they go along? As a black woman, I am wondering about it. We are told that more blacks are dying from this man made madness but we know that no one is dying from this man made madness.

    How scary then to be black. It is as if they are biding their time before they start killing us off for real! They are laying the ground work so that there can be one great big almighty cull in due time. Lord please return to your children and save us as soon as you can.

    1. @ Susie 6 May 2020 at 03:04

      Check Out:

      All the best to you all here whatever the colour of your skin...




  15. The fraudulent figures from their own mouths - and a rap for freedom





  20. Staats could have found a way better looking man, thats for sure....

    1. I doubt if it is even real. Cover story, walk of shame. Pension.

    2. The media cherry-picked a rather 'glamour' photo of Antonia Staats

      Here, some of the other photos of her, from her activist work

      In this one she is 2nd from left

      here she is solo


  22. Despite Belgium having highest alleged per capita death rate for covid-19 in the world - chart here -

    (Tho Belgium gov admits many of such deaths are merely 'presumed')

    Belgium is ending the lockdown this weekend

    Starting Sunday Mother's Day 10 May, up to 4 people can visit anyone else in their home

    The next day, Monday 11 May, most shops can be open again to receive customers

    Face masks required on public transport remaining the main thing for most people

    Belgium is one of the richest countries of the world, with a full 3.5% per cent of households being millionaires, and essentially zero poverty for legal residents, given Belgium's minimum income for everyone

    Belgium in theory doesn't need to open not to starve ... but they are opening

    Does the Belgian government, closely tied to the most inner circles of the EU, know something profounder about what covid is or isn't?



  25. Vladimir Putin has apparently joined the Bill Gates - WHO coronavirus programme, as 'covid19 cases explode in Russia'

    "Russian prosecutors have shot down online conspiracy theories about the coronavirus

    Prosecutors ordered Russia’s media watchdog to delete videos claiming that Covid-19 “is created to establish a global world order” from YouTube and Russian social networking website Odnoklassniki.

    Russia last month passed a law punishing those who spread “intentionally false” information about the coronavirus with up to five years in prison. A number of Russian social media users have been fined under the new law, and several anti-lockdown protesters have been charged under the law.”

    1. Looks as though the poisoned dwarf has finally shown his hand. The 'master tactician', the 'skilled chessmen', 'the bare chested man's man.

      Yip, he's all of that if your 6 years old and as dumb as a house brick.

      He is just another political fraud like Kim Dung Pong playing/acting out their bogeyman script on the biggest stage.

      Looks as though he is marching to the same beat of the drum as all the worlds fake politicians.

      Nice one Vlad. Its been obvious to some for years that your just a dead beat fraud like all the rest. Russianess died along time ago with the Bolshevik Revolution and its Cheka.

      It may be too early to say, however, it would appear that the world needs leaders like John Magufuli of Tanzania. A deeply religious man by all accounts. A man advising his people to pray in the churches and mosques. Pray against the satanic virus and those who promote and help its spread.

      Seemed crazy (to most) at the time, however, he then follows up with 'proof positive' and evidence of fake virus testing kits. His suspicions clearly well founded.

      Cynicism aside, remember, you don't have to 'stay home, stay safe' anymore, however, 'do take care when out'.


    2. They're giving the appearance of going along with it. Do NOT be fooled.







  32. A 'quarantine' is when they isolate the sick. Martial Law is when they isolate the public! The CON virus is just another false flag to control the "HERD".






  38. Hi Aagirfan and All,

    Why 5g Toxicity May be Passed of as Covid-19. Sometimes corporations absolve themselves from liability by placing the blame on an "act of God" e.g. virus bacteria etc., rather than damage from their product. Here we suddenly have a childhood illness that NBC "believes" is linked to Covid-19. New York has 5g up and running. If they're not sure what is causing these symptoms, then, why aren't they including 5g effects as the possible culprit?

    1. But more likely >>
      n her dissertation Lela Urishadze thanks the Pentagon Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) “for the material assistance”. Lela Urushadze is a member of the DTRA-supported organisation – BOHRN (Bat One Health research Network) which studies viruses in bats.

      $6.5 million US military program on bats and coronaviruses

      In 2017 the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) itself launched a $6.5 million project on bats and coronaviruses in Western Asia with the Lugar Center being the local laboratory for this genetic research. The duration of the program is 5 years and has been implemented by the non-profit US organisation Eco Health Alliance.

      Different viruses for different locations/targets ?

    2. Video

  39. So the world leaders have come together and done a deal.Control is the end game but they need our consent,JUST SAY NO!!!

  40. fULL 1984






  46. Researcher murdered, could the Gates cartel be involved?

  47. Click on the pick, it matches the global context:

  48. Once more trying to discredit us









    Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.


  58. There is a corona virus but it is very weak and it has been patented, says dr Buttar. A colleague of him who prefers to remain anonymous in this short vid calls it "a weak ass virus ", 18 degrees kills the virus, just drinking hot water can kill it, vitamin C can kill it. never heard of a virus that weak.”

    There has been a lot of creative bookkeeping with the cv deaths, the j. media hype(d) it up, the lockdown etc etc.

    Check out:

    "It is noteworthy that, at least in Spain, the media have not covered the scientific studies on the subject of 5G, nor asked the government any questions about this in the daily press conferences that it conducts to report on the state of the situation. The team of scientists advising the Spanish government has also failed to raise this issue.”

    Read the jr comment of 8 may 11.05

    The real sting is the 5 G 60 GHZ roll out. Even in the ventilators in the hospitals.

    Interesting times indeed in which we live: The Shit Hits The Fan

    1. Here is the short vid mentioned above of dr. Buttar:



  61. Eheee, remember what I said a few days ago about all this Corona hoax being a huge money laundering operation?




  65. The British Brainwashing Corporation has excelled itself again:
    Interesting to see that what I had always thought of as being simply a liar is now referred to by the grand title of "Specialist Disinformation Reporter".

  66. Episode of Dead Zone the TV show S2EP14 from 2003
    corona virus+hydroxychloroquine being the cure+lockdown+masks


  68. The thing is... Not a single one of you are prepared to actually do anything about it! And we know it! 100% certainty... You post post, you will complain, you will share information, some of it true, some not... But not a single one of you will ever go out there and fight for what you say! Never... So we do what we do, safe in the knowledge of knowing that we can.

    1. Basically true...BUT if there is a food shortage,all bets are off.Hunger can motivate people to change things.

  69. I remember the foot and mouth crisis, driving through cumbria and seeing the smoke from the pyres where they were burning the ‘infected’ animals. 6 million animals burned on the sacrificial fires - 6 f*cking million - oh the f*cking irony....


    Steinberg belongs to a group of historians associated with economist Lyndon Larouche. They have traced this scourge to the migration of the Venetian mercantile oligarchy to England more than 300 years ago.

    Although the Larouche historians do not say so, it appears that many members of this oligarchy were Jews. Cecil Roth writes: "The trade of Venice was overwhelmingly concentrated in the hands of the Jews, the wealthiest of the mercantile class." (The History of the Jews in Venice, 1930)

    As William Guy Carr points out in Pawns in the Game, both Oliver Cromwell and William of Orange were funded by Jewish bankers. The English Revolution (1649) was the first in a series of revolutions designed to give them world hegemony. The establishment of the Bank of England by William in 1694 was the next crucial step. Behind the facade, England has been a "Jewish" state for over 300 years. (pp.20-24)

    The Jewish banking families made it a practice to marry their female offspring to spendthrift European aristocrats. In Jewish law, the mixed offspring of a Jewish mother is Jewish. (The male heirs marry Jews although the Victor and Jacob Rothschild are exceptions .) For example, in 1878 Hannah Rothschild married Lord Rosebery. who later became Prime Minister. In 1922 Louis Mountbatten, the uncle of Prince Philip and cousin of the Queen married the granddaughter of Jewish banker Ernest Cassel, one of the wealthiest men in the world. Winston Churchill's mother, Jenny (Jacobson) Jerome, was Jewish. By the beginning of the 1900s, there were very few English aristocrat families left that hadn't intermarried with Jews. It was said that, when they visited the Continent, Europeans were surprised to see Jewish looking persons with English titles and accents.


  72. Neil Ferguson and his team get paid a lot of money to do there job
    So over 20 to 30 years they develop a pandemic modelling program.
    What do they produce after many thousands of man hours work.
    A computer program that consists of just one file.
    This one file has some 15,000 lines of computer code.
    Less than 2 lines of code per day.
    Some of the most badly written computer code you would ever wish to see.
    That would not meet the most basic standard.
    With no documenation.
    Data files read and written with out error checking or data verification.
    A host of non descriptive single letter variables.
    No process logging.
    No version history.
    No test results.
    No debug capability.
    That should fail a first year student.
    Code that has not been independently verified.

    Just how bad is the code
    Horribly bad
    Terribly bad
    Excruciatingly bad
    Sickeningly bad
    Are you having a laugh
    Yikes is this real

    Based on the results of this shockingly bad code
    The UK has been shut down
    When the UK will fully open again we do not know.
    How many business will close?
    How many lives ruined?
    How much austerity to pay of debt?
    How many deaths?

  73. Check Out:

    "May everyone be blessed with renewed empowered hope to prevent 5G from happening, even though the global powers have made a tremendous effort to make this happen with its horrible undermining influences. Peace, strength, love, and hope to all."

    Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), ND