Friday, 1 May 2020


Doctor Thomas Binder 

In Switzerland, a doctor has challenged the official story on the Coronavirus Covid-19.

He has also challenged the official story on 9 11, Palestine and 5G.

"Switzerland has thrown this outspoken medical doctor into a psychiatric ward for 'making threats against the government and family'.

"It looks like the local authorities in Aargau are silencing a critical citizen in a very ugly way." 

He may now have been released.

Police arrest Corona-skeptical doctor


Henry Makow@HenryMakow·5h

Germany Going Full Nazi: Lawyer Beate Bahner wanted to go to the Federal Court and overturn the corona rules and called for a nationwide demonstration, declaring that the Germans had the "right to resist" ; she then was thrown in psych ward.

In a serological pilot study, German virologist Hendrick Streeck comes to the interim result that the lethality of Covid19 is at 0.37%.

A Danish study with 1500 blood donors found that the lethality of Covid19 is only 1.6 per thousand

Denmark has decided to reopen schools and kindergartens next week.

A study in the Journal of Medical Virology concludes that the internationally used coronavirus test is unreliable.

In Canada, people in Canada are gathering in the streets to protest the lockdown.







  1. They are hiding the truth.


    In Germany this is what happens with your freedom of speech, demonstration, when you try and practice the constitution.

    They put you in a madhouse, in order to avoid a standard judicial procedure. A psychiatrist will act as the judge.

    1. Straight out of the Bolshevik zionists' play book. Odd how all these western govts respond the same- and they have all been infiltrated, usurped by zionist operatives. Utilizing prime tenets of secular TALMUDISM on the cattle goyim. In 2009, Jane Burgermeister, Swiss citizen had the same legal attack against her when she exposed WHO & Baxter Pharma's deliberate contamination of vax w/ swine flu to justify UN declaration of 'global pandemic' - months before anyone even had it, so it backfired. fast forward a decade? and its playing out like a Hollywood blockbuster. Stand up people, and support others who stand up or you will soon be dead. The hydrogel Mark of the Beast vax results in fatality within 2 yrs. ACT NOW

  3. 983-1985

    Boris Johnson and Ghislaine Maxwell studied together at Balliol when Colin Lucas was Balliol's Modern History Tutor

    Lucas was and is Boris Johnson's Godfather—and was apparently receiving phone calls from Ghislaine Maxwell &/or Jeffrey Epstein

  4. Photo:

    BULLINGDON CLUB, Point to Point, Kingston Blount, Oxford. March 1984

    Mossad's GHISLAINE MAXWELL embraces James Sainsbury

    James is the son of former Tory Friends of Israel President Tim Sainsbury

    James' sister Camilla is married to Rantzen's Childline co-founder, Shaun Woodward

    See other photos of Ghislaine Maxwell in this thread, too.

  5. Chris Cuomo keeps on lying like a pig

  6. Sweden is not on lockdown, shops, restaurants and bars, workplaces open

    UK is on brutal lockdown

    Fewer cases and deaths in Sweden, both in absolute terms and per capita, charts here:

    Of course Sweden doesn't have national authorities like in the USA, paying corrupt hospitals $13,000 plus for each fake no-proof-needed claim that a sick or dead person 'had coronavirus'

    The USA gov offer, as humourously, but quite accurately, described on 4chan:

    "Are you a hospital or other US health care provider authorised to receive Medicaid funds?

    You may qualify for receiving a share of $42 billion in Covid-19 fast US government CASH PAYMENTS!

    Average US government payment for your Covid-19 patient is $13,297

    Put your patient on a ventilator, that TRIPLES to an average $40,218

    Just 100 'coronavirus' patients, and you have between ONE and FOUR MILLION DOLLARS

    Your patient uninsured? NO PROBLEM

    No Covid-19 test performed? NO PROBLEM

    Patient showing zero symptoms of Covid-19? NO PROBLEM

    Not sure your dead or sick patient has coronavirus? NO PROBLEM

    What are you waiting for? A personal invitation from Mike Pence? A phone call from Jared Kushner?

    Don't delay - Get your COVID CASH on the way TODAY!"

    1. I did hear on one of the citizen videos about empty hospitals that these institutions were running out of money because of the present ban on elective surgery. This would be a perfect windfall to make up the difference.



  9. The Daily Mail is a psyop

  10. The price war is one of the major causes of the currently ongoing global stock market crash.


    The fact google & apple are teming up to embed this 'virus' tracking app into the opperating system of the phone means it is a permanent tracking feature, learn to live without a smartphone, or learn to live in the matrix.

    It inspired me to make a meme, hope you like it

  12. Tyranny at its worst




  16. Great!


  18. This is one of my favourite ones of the day.

    Fit and healthy father dies after having coronavirus.

    Read the story a bit further, he had a heart attack and his family and friends diagnosed him with Covid-19. I shit you not.


    Out of Shadows

    An excellent (well worth a watch) expose on CIA, Hollywood, Elites, MK Ultra, Mockingbird, Paperclip, MSM and all the other Pantomime villains including old footage of creatures like Col. Michael Aquino, Marina Abrahamovic, Podesto and others.

    Arguably the known, knowns. I think its been out 3 days and had 5m views.

    Professionally produced from a Hollywood Insider with interviews from a number of whistleblower types.

    Peace to the humans.

    1. Nothing spectacular, more like disinfo.

    2. Seen it. How YT never deplatformed it, don't know. Certainly not disinfo.

      This needs to go viral.

    3. Agreed. Nobody comes across more authentic than Liz Crokin

  20. Did I mention QAnon is just another deceptive tool?

  21. so here in the north of ireland from friday it will start to include deaths in care homes to increase the fatality numbers . but at least they went on to say "according to some experts it's not black and white, when you try to record those people who have died in a care home, for instance, we don't know if they have died as a result of covid19 or is covid19 listed alongside other complications"

    and the chief medical officer michael mcbride then admitted that they are recording individuals who died of another cause but tested positive with covid19 as a covid19 death. fuckers. the lot of them.

  22. Strange that COVID 19 in NI is not classed as a notifiable disease yet uk is

    The UK government / media are trying to say they have under estimated deaths from corona virus (covid-19) by not including deaths outside hospital including car homes.
    The truth is they have grossly exaggerated the death numbers.
    Break down 60% deaths over 80 and 40% over 60 most had serious illnesses.
    News people die people in care homes die due to age and illness as well as poor care. Withdrawing water / do not resuscitate etc.
    My wife worked for a private care home n Cardiff. On the outside it looked very plush. But was badly managed with not enough staff.
    My wife would have to try to do the work the last shift should have done as well as her own.

  24. I think they want 5G badly. If you complain or resist they will force you to take test and because everyone has Covid 19 inside them test will be positive and they will then remove you and your kids forcibly to a place of quarantine. Legislation recently rushed through parliament allows them to do this. In the interest of Public Health.

  25. Check Out:

  26. Check Out:

    Corona hoax and the stockmarket