Monday, 6 April 2020


India is having a Coronavirus lockdown, but I am able to have lunch with Narendra Modi using a video link.

Well Modiji, I say, 111 people in India have allegedly died of the Coronavirus Covid-19.

In India, diarrhoeal diseases kill up to one million children, each year.

India has many millions of people with TB.

Modiji replies: "And there is also heart disease. What are you eating today?"

I explain to Modiji that I am having a simple lunch with Sunil and friends at a small railway station in Mumbai.


"Tell them to stay indoors," says Modiji.

But they have not got a home, I explain.

Modiji says: "Those migrants who have got a home should leave the cities and return to their villages."

I point out that several dozen Indians, including 5 children, have died while fleeing to their homes.

Among them was an 11-year-old child who starved to death because his family couldn’t get food due to the strict lockdown.

The above is an imagined lunch with Narendra Modi.


  1. ...are we being under a global psychic attack through collective unconscious mental waves ? ...

    .. I am sorry but I personally do not believe this CoV19 scenario ...

  2. The Western hemisphere is awash with Narendra Modis. Just plain sickening..

  3. The poor kids and families around the world that were probably living on the edge will be pushed over the precipice poor sods