Friday, 1 May 2020


How they fake the numbers.

A growing number of groups in US states are preparing protests against the lockdowns - on May 1.

Two sites that are publishing information on the protests.

American Revolution 2.0

Open The States

Six multi-millionaires who bankrolled the Conservative party's election victory last December have called for Boris Johnson to ease coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The group of donors are seeking to put pressure on the Prime Minister as he returns to work on Monday, citing fears over the potential for further damage to the UK economy.

Financier Michael Spencer, who has donated over £5m to the Tories in the last few years, told The Sunday Times: "We should start loosening up the lockdown as soon as we reasonably can and allow the economy to start moving forward.

The Canadian government is considering introducing legislation to make it an offence to knowingly spread misinformation that could harm people, says Privy Council President Dominic LeBlanc.

LeBlanc told CBC News he is interested in British MP Damian Collins's call for laws to punish those responsible for spreading dangerous misinformation online about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Federal government open to new law to fight pandemic ...

Are we being robbed?

Brabantian 27 April 2020 at 02:39 writes -

From contacts with poor country diplomatic circles and citizens, esp. from SE Asia:

Poor countries ... see themselves as forced to go along with aggressively-pushed international programmes, or else face revenge from the international political mafia...

Poor countries are 'ordered' to find 'covid deaths', so they just re-label local people dying as covid, numbers are just thrown together.

Thomas Paine@Thomas1774Paine·4h

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to permanently close churches

Squirrel Mama@Squill_whispers· 18h

Meanwhile in Louisiana they are releasing hardened criminals in the US while they are arresting Pastors for preaching the word of God outside! 

OffGuardian@OffGuardian0·24 Apr

Just 3 years ago the #MSM & #NGOs funded by the #Pentagon and #BillGates ran articles about how democracy was outdated and "dangerous". 

3 years later elections are cancelled by #Covid19

Will they ever bring them back?


Have you been conned?

The two-metre social distancing rule for coronavirus was "conjured up out of nowhere", a government adviser has claimed.

Brabantian 26 April 2020 at 01:48 writes - 

George Gilder - the famous author of 'Wealth and Poverty' - on the false coronavirus predictions of disaster -

"The latest figures on overall death rates from all causes show no increase at all.

Deaths are lower than in 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2015, slightly higher than in 2016. Any upward bias is imparted by population growth.

The spread of the coronavirus declines to almost zero after 70 days - no matter where it strikes, and no matter what measures governments impose to try to thwart it.

People need to get out into virus-killing sunshine and germicidal air.

No evidence indicates that this flu was exceptionally dangerous. On March 20th, the French published a major controlled study that shows no excess mortality at all from coronavirus compared to other flus...

'Coronavirus deaths' soared by assuming that people dying with the virus were dying from it and then by ascribing to the coronavirus other deaths among people


There are trillions for Big Business as Americans go hungry.



And there is a Multibillion-dollar bailout for the arms industry amid COVID lockdown.

Some Sage members.

What about SAGE, the scientific group advising the UK government on the coronavirus pandemic -

Who’s who on Sage?

"Sage participants include Marian Brooke Rogersa professor of behavioural science at King’s College – who also chairs the Cabinet Office’s National Risk Assessment Behavioural Science Advisory Group

"And James Rubin, also at King’s, who chairs a Sage subcommittee that provides specific advice on behavioural science."

In March 2020, a 74-year-old woman, Alba Maruri, was declared dead from the coronavirus.

But, on 23 April 2020, Alba Maruri contacted her family to let them know that she is alive and well.

Anonymous 24 April 2020 at 13:28 writes -

"American billionaires have become $280 billion richer since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic

Their net worth is rising at a time when millions and millions of people are finding themselves out of work.

In the same month that 22 million Americans lost their jobs, the American billionaire class’s total wealth increased about 10% - or $282 billion more than it was at the beginning of March.

They now have a combined net worth of $3.229 trillion."

Billionaire Bonanza 2020: Wealth Windfalls, Tumbling Taxes ...
American billionaires are $280 billion richer since COVID-19

But, at the time the report was released, the previous 24 hours had seen just 117 “Covid19 related deaths” according to NHS England, with a further possible 90 coming from Northern IrelandScotland and Wales, for a maximum possible total of 204.
The other 776 people included in the report had died at seemingly random points between March 5th and April 8th.

'Normal deaths' are being wrongly labled as Coronavirus deaths.
Dr. John Bergman D.C. on how to get healthy.


Letter to the Editor | Douglas County Herald

by Kimberly Brady, MD, Douglas County

What if the number of Coronavirus cases is not accurate and is actually exaggerated by many times? 

What if the estimates are based on a flawed computer model? What if the developer of the model has so admitted?

What if the death certificates are being modified to show more Coronavirus related deaths than actually exist? 

What if people who were already dying of serious conditions like heart disease or diabetes or COPD are now being counted as Coronavirus deaths because of the supposed presence of Coronavirus at the time of death?

What if hospitals are assuming people have Coronavirus just because they exhibit one or more symptoms, like a cough or fever, even though no actual lab testing is performed (presumptive diagnosis)?

What if the CDC is as wrong about this virus as they were about Swine flu in 1976, or since then the Bird flu, or HIV or SARS or MERS?

What if the Swine Flu Vaccine injured more people than the Swine Flu itself and the program had to be stopped?

Tiffany Trump and Naomi Biden. Same club.

What if you found out that Fauci had very large financial ties to the Pharma agenda to provide vaccines, and that is why he is not mentioning any possible way to treat the flu except vaccines?

What if Fauci has close financial connections to Bill Gates?

What if natural immunity from a virus entering your system through the throat is far superior to a synthetic chemical cocktail called a vaccine shot into your body with a needle?

What if the alleged COVID-19 deaths were mostly people who were already dying? What if your best defense against all viruses was a healthy immune system?

What if inexpensive things like vitamins A, C and D3 could boost your immune system? What if Zinc and Selenium were important to immune health? What if the people who play doctors on TV never mention the importance of vitamins and minerals?

What if “social distancing” really does not stop you from getting the virus, but only slows down the transfer of the virus through the population?

What if slowing down the transfer of the virus, is just another way of prolonging the life of the virus and the ‘crisis’ and the ‘panic’ and the control of our lives?

What if wearing masks does not really stop the virus? What if the virus can enter through your eyes and ears, which are connected to your mouth and throat?

What if the virus is simply a seasonal flu, just like every other year, and the crisis is a drastic exaggeration, to intentionally create a panic? What if there really is nothing to fear but fear itself?

What if the FED and the Treasury are bailing out major corporations and banks to the tune of trillions of taxpayer backed fiat dollars, but it’s being called a Corona Virus Remediation package?

What if you get a $1,200 check, but then your share of the total bailout debt is 10 or 100 times higher?

What if the FED is destroying the value and purchasing power of your dollars and savings and retirement plans, by printing trillions of more money that only benefit the rich and well connected?

What if all of our financial markets are rigged? What if the stock market was about to crash on its own, but the crash is being falsely blamed on the virus?

Another coronavirus death.

What if you stopped watching television, and actually started questioning the mainstream reports and did some research for yourself on the internet?

What if you found out that there are many credible people and organizations that are questioning the mainstream reports? 

What if we are being lied to? What if the lies are intentional?

What if certain people are going to gain financially from this crisis? What if there are people who will gain power over us from the crisis? What if you went to Youtube and looked up the following people and listened to the information they have about the ‘alleged crisis’ we are now enduring?

What if their names were Dr Ron Paul, and he was calling for Fauci to be fired? Dr John Bergman? Dr Sherry Tenpenny? Dr Joseph Mercola? Dr Bruce Lipton? Dr David Brownstein? Albert E. Carter?

Investigative journalists Robert Scott Bell or Del Bigtree or Bill Sardi or Daisy Luther or Lew Rockwell or Jack Kerwick or Jon Rappoport?

Or economists and philosophers Doug Casey or Peter Schiff or Catherine Austin Fitz or Dr Greg Mannarino or Max Keiser or Lynette Zang or Larken Rose?

What if these people and many others had important information about what’s really happening in America and the world that you are not hearing on television or radio programs? What if these people could help you be healthier? Or less fearful? Or happier? Or more Free?

The Kosher Nostra uses fake news to get wars started?

What if we are being bamboozled? What if our nation is being looted while we are staying home and watching the daily fear porn on TV? What if it’s all a clever distraction?

What if the remaining freedoms and rights we didn’t lose after 911 are being stolen from us today in broad daylight? What if our natural rights are being attacked and we are doing nothing to defend them?

What if the virus is not our real enemy? What if we are so busy being obedient little sheep that we will wake up too late? What if when we wake up, the America we love is nowhere to be found?

What if in the future, when you are old, and the children ask you what you were doing when the Greatest Depression began in 2019 and the Constitution died an ugly death, and all you can tell them is that you were hiding at home from a flu virus and watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island?

Letter to the Editor | Douglas County Herald


Dr. Rudolf Hänsel writes - 

Corona is a geopolitical operation by the “global elite”.

And their “depopulation agenda” is real.

Isolation imprisonment makes people sick and kills them. 

But most contemporaries are prevented from thinking and acting rationally by their sense of authority. 

This affects so-called “simple” people as well as intellectuals, doctors or politicians.

Psychological Remarks on "Authority Obedience" - Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

The Seven-Step Path from Pandemic to Totalitarianism

Web results

Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates

According to John Bolton's nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Bill Gates is hiding from the goyim public the fact that he is really Jewish.

Dixon explained how this is the exact same type of race deception previously used by crypto-Jewish Nazis HimmlerHess, MengeleEichmannGoebbels ... 

The true beneficiaries of Gates' philanthropic endeavors tend to be those who are already rich beyond comprehension, including Gates’ own charitable foundation.

Over the past 20 years, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given close to $250 million in charitable grants to companies in which the foundation holds corporate stocks and bonds, yet it gets tax breaks for the charitable donations it makes money from.

The WHO is Funded by Big Pharma and Bill Gates

 If Trump forcibly disbands Congress and declares himself dictator, his claims to “total authority” and “absolute power” “over everything in the known universe” will become at least slightly more credible.

Draconian Punishments for Coronavirus Dissidents 

Secret Military Task Force Prepares to Secure the Capital. .


In Canada, you can get a $1 million fine and 3 years in prison for violating quarantine.

So, who is the enemy, whose coronavirus false flag has turned us all into Palestinians? 

Boris Johnson on his kibbutz.

Anonymous 23 April 2020 at 12:10 -

The UK has dropped its support for the Palestinian Authority

"An explosive internal memo released through a Freedom of Information request has shown that the British government's stated support for the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian state-building has been quietly DROPPED in the past year ..."



  2. "Gun control was designed to take away your freedoms.

    Political correctness was designed to take away your freedom of speech.

    Social distancing was designed to take away your right to assemble.

    Your face mask was designed to be your muzzle & handcuffs.

    Being quarantined to your house was designed to be your jail cell.

    The vaccine/microchip is designed to guarantee that the things listed above remain permanent.

    The coronavirus was designed to distract you from these facts, while you willingly give up your freedoms."

  3. "Suddenly they are ALL wearing masks

    After having it go viral on social media, with everyone asking why none of the politicians were wearing masks during media briefings, today was the day they FINALLY decided to start wearing masks to "prove they are scared". Interesting it is that this came AFTER a Fox hot mic caught them calling it a hoax and that they were all protected anyway. FOR THE RECORD: They did not wear masks before April 23 which means it's ALL B.S., they can't just start wearing them now, after they got busted and have (at least me) believe!

    None were wearing masks. None were social distancing. The press was not wearing masks or social distancing, the politicians were not wearing masks or social distancing, it was all B.S. up until today, and today changes NOTHING."

  4. New path of NWO, rite?

  5. Who needs a criminal's advice?

  6. We are all Palestinians now, end of story.

  7. US church investigated for Haiti child deaths

  8. Isnt this a good reason to let ppl get out? Definitely they dont/dont want to realize how dumb they are....

  9. Notice "For the many, not the few" logo in the first pic

  10. Check this bs out:





    1. Whitney Webb is for the people. May she live long and prosper!







  21. Global famine, global unemployment, global shit = perfect slaves


    Friend of Israel Tom Watson has just been handsomely rewarded for his secret services to the Zionist paedophile fraternity?

    Reportedly, Zionist Tom Watson will now receive £60,000 for just 40 days work a year at 'UK Music' -- thanks, in part, to the backing of his friend Michael Dugher, former Vice-Chair of Labour Friends of Israel.

    Was Mr Watson ever REALLY against Lord Brittan and Harvey Proctor et al., and on the side of Carl Beech?

    Or quite the opposite?

    1. Answer equals...."quite the opposite"

  23. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.

  24. Watch!


  26. From an 'article'/ Government advertorial:

    "We must ... rapidly develop a system of digital surveillance that is comprehensive and useful enough to map and break chains of infection extremely quickly. Arch civil libertarians might not like it, but our health, prosperity and freedom depends on it."

    1. ...this guys never interested if i have shelter or heather in the winter or if i have a decent meal a day or if i have vitamins or fresh water no chemicals to drink or if a have a job to pay my bills and now interested in my health ?...

  27. "American billionaires have gotten $280 billion richer since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic

    Their net worth is rising at a time when millions and millions of people are finding themselves out of work.

    In the same month that 22 million Americans lost their jobs, the American billionaire class’s total wealth increased about 10% - or $282 billion more than it was at the beginning of March. They now have a combined net worth of $3.229 trillion."

  28. The photo of Trump and Biden juniors speaks the infamous photo of the Clintons&Trumps at some elite party in Washingstein.....unfortunately the scum will probably get away with it at the next presidential election.
    So the faux opponents Corbyn and Kibbutznik Boris Johnstein were OBVIOUSLY pulling the same trick....both being crypto Jews.The British parliament is full of crypto....and just incase you dont buy it,theres a new director at the British Secret Police MI5 of a "certain ethnicity " who will kindly help you come to the "right conclusion".
    . Heaven help Britain if democracy in Britain is suspended....because a whole lot of nasties will come out of the woodwork....

  29. Chris Trotter is a leading Zionist left wing journalist in NZ...he looks like a slightly slimmed down version of Mr Creosote (Monty python)...a few weeks back he was saying that the next NZ election should be temporarily suspended.
    Trotter is forever appearing as a guest on TV3....this company is owned by a Jewish owned multinational in the USA.
    Most of its presenters are crypto Jews....but the poor old kiwi viewers haven't got a clue about this.
    The TV company usually features a mix of minorities and Jews....with no Europeans in sight....which is odd since they make up the bulk of NZs






  35. Once again THE TRUTH


  37. Pure primitivism




  41. Pay attention to this wise man:



  44. Security without freedom is called prison

    Reporting on one's neighbors (non-violent actions) will eventually send you & yours to the same prison. Using common sense, heart wisdom and innate kindness- won't.

  45. " In (put the right year, I don't remember for sure but it must be around 1895) Louis Pasteur (the lord of the modern not original germ theory) chose to serve the political agenda needs of his times and went against the proven findings of Claude Bernard & Béchamp, his brilliant contemporaries, and instead created a militaristic, not naturalistic view of microbes that was later exploited by and used against people by the big pharma mafia.

    Do you truly believe that a "virus" that can be easily killed by a simple soap mixed with water is deadly? Can such virus be a deadly bioweapon? If it is that deadly, why do all political and royal leaders and all celebrities who "caught" it, including BoJo & prince charles got well so soon and so easily? Do you see people around you, in your area that you can personally observe falling down unconscious left, right and center, everywhere where you go, and then in a matter of minutes or days they die? No? Than why is it called a pandemic?

    The definition of a quarantine is when we (temporarily) isolate sick people from the healthy ones, what is done now, is NOT that. What we have is the healthy people are being forcefully isolated from other healthy people, - it's called compulsory house arrest that is not based on existing medical evidence.

    Why is the fact that the common corona virus (aka common flu) that causes death in certain cases all the time, never shut down the national borders, global economy, common sense and basic critical thinking in the entire world population, ever? But the imaginary new corona virus did? What is REALLY going on? ...behind the scenes?

    How do you or any doctor tell the difference between a regular flu (aka regular corona virus), and the current c-vus? Please know that most cases are diagnosed via observation & conversations with patients only. So...what is the bloody difference between identical symptoms? ...Could it be that if it looks like flu, feels like flu, starts, develops and ends like flu, could it be that IT IS A FLU !?!?!?!

    If someone is asymptomatic, could it be that they are just healthy? E.g. If you have no signs of cataract or chicken pox or diabetes, does that mean you definitely have all those diseases?

    Add whatever else you like to add to that. Short, clear, simple and to the point. Sth that would make them doubt the current idiotic narrative."


    So basically they might let us mix with close friends and family, but only if the government knows who we're mixing with? What kind Orwellian bs is this?



  49. George Gilder - the famous author of 'Wealth and Poverty' - on the false coronavirus predictions of disaster. “the most colossal and costly blown forecast of all time”

    "The latest figures on overall death rates from all causes show no increase at all. Deaths are lower than in 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2015, slightly higher than in 2016. Any upward bias is imparted by population growth.

    The spread of the coronavirus declines to almost zero after 70 days - no matter where it strikes, and no matter what measures governments impose to try to thwart it.

    People need to get out into virus-killing sunshine and germicidal air.

    No evidence indicates that this flu was exceptionally dangerous. On March 20th, the French published a major controlled study that shows no excess mortality at all from coronavirus compared to other flus.

    Together with the Koreans, the Chinese dithered and demurred and allowed six weeks of rampant propagation to create herd immunity before they began locking everyone up. Therefore, the Chinese and Koreans were among the first to recover.

    Crammed together in subways and tenements, the New Yorkers registered a brief blip of extreme cases.

    Intubations and ventilators turned out not to help (80 percent died). This sowed fear and frustration among medical personnel slow to see that the problem was impaired hemogloblin in the blood rather than lung damage.

    'Coronavirus deaths' soared by assuming that people dying with the virus were dying from it and then by ascribing to the coronavirus other deaths among people

    Epidemiologist Mihai Grigoriu concludes that 'the case for extreme measures collapses like a house of cards.' Grigoriu says that since the virus has already spread widely in the general population, efforts to stop further spread are both futile and destructive.

  50. Pure idiocy

  51. A small reminder for all those who fell for the Corona trick

  52. What can I say, I applaud them!

  53. Ha, but of course!



  56. @CraigMurrayOrg:

    "The UK has a billionaire owned private media and a state media. Both are part of the same interest and staffed by precisely the same political caste who run the political parties.

    "It is one single interest, against the people."


    "New: ITV News National Editor Allegra Stratton is leaving to work for Chancellor Rishi Sunak as Director of Strategic Communications at the Treasury, ITV News staff have been told in an email."

    1. The above post should be widely "de-sseminated".....WE SURE AS HELL WONT BE HEARING ABOUT IT VIA THE MSM.....and it is possible you'll be targetted by the British Secret Police MI5 if you persist in attempting to publicise it.
      Speculation...has this Indian origin finance minister (he could be an Indian crypto jew?) been chosen for the job for a specific reason?.Normally the Minister of Finance is ALWAYS a jew....If you have financial strife it would be helpful to have a minister who is "quite obviously" not a jew....

  57. Please read stressed caused hemolysis this may explain rise in death rate due to immune response . MY mum used to say hard work and long hours will not kill you but stress will .Studies show oxidated stress on the red blood cells leads to ill heath.


  59. The cashless society, folks?


  61. Perfect!






  67. Some of you may recall reading the article on the BBC website regarding the first European human COVID-19 vaccine trials taking place in Oxford.

    One of the test subjects is a Dr Elisa Granato, a scientist at Oxford University:

    There were reports online that Elisa had died days after receiving the vaccine: and she corrected this "fake news" by posting on Twitter. Elisa has now limited who may view her Twitter posts, so I am unable to repost what she wrote.


  69. Look at this bitch!

  70. Advocating the genocide against whites and forced vaccination for all the rest

    1. Excuse me!

      Indigenous Peoples, African-Americans, Indians, and Africans, etc have suffered enough deaths at the hands of Big Pharma, the Military and Prison industrial-complexes, the Empire Builders, and the rest, for that part of your sentence specifying "whites" to be wholly redundant!

      We are ALL in the cross-hairs of the PTB unless we are part of the 0.01%. The Zionist elite even disdain most Jews, for heaven's sake.

      That's why WE ALL -- the 99.99% -- must understand that we are brothers and sisters, in this together.

      Sure -- the PTB incessantly promote ethnic and cultural diversity and continual mass migrations with the AIM of promoting a cheap, anxious and pliable workforce, and social divisions.

      HOWEVER... Contrary to the sick hopes of the Zionist elite, ethnic and cultural diversity will only makes our societies HAPPIER and STRONGER just so long as we don't fall into the traps of fear and resentment.

      They want us to fear each other. We have to say NO.

      Our culture in Europe and North America is not, and must not be, based on "whiteness", or this or that ethnic identity.

      Our culture is, and must be, based on our love of one another.

      What the heck should it matter if one has, or has not, white skin?

      Issues around immigration... i.e. what levels of immigration are sensible and sustainable... we should be able to debate this without focusing on skin colour etc.


  72. even the Hollywood gossip sites are questioning what is going on too

    290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **5**
    Doesn't it seem anyone else as odd that from the start, the public face of this disease was this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor. That he made it real and what was coming, palatable to the masses. Then, almost immediately thereafter you had this foreign born A list dual threat actor to reinforce that behavior. Now, the A+ list actor is back to help us get through the next phase and to get everyone on board again. Will that be reinforced again by the A lister or will someone else new be brought in? Tom Hanks/Idris Elba (Tom Hanks’ Blood Is Being Used to Develop Coronavirus Vaccine) (Recovering From Coronavirus, Idris Elba and Wife Launch $40M Fund to Help Others)

  73. Listen

  74. Protests all over the world:

  75. Slightly off topic. However, Craig Murray (ex ambassador) has been indicted to appear at The High Court in Edinburgh on 2 charges of Contempt of Court. The hearing is 07 July 2020.

    The procedural diet is on 10 June 2020 and his case goes ahead at The Royal Court of Justice on 07 July 2020.

    There are two charges of Contempt of Court under The Contempt of Court Act 1981.

    Under section 11 whereby the allegations are he identified/helped identify Crown witnesses.

    Under Section 4(2) relating to the reporting of the case sub judice.

    The charges have listed all the occasions on his website whereby he has alleged to have been in Contempt of Court. Material that has been published for about a year. From January 2019 at the arrest of Mr Salmond until January 2020 (as I recall).

    The citation is 20 pages or so and also raises questions about tweets and retweets. It also lists comments attached to the articles on the website. The nature of the tweets were from individuals claiming they could identify certain individuals from information that had been on the website articles/tweets. Evidently this material will be used as productions by the prosecution.

    The case relates to articles on his website regarding the case of Mr Alex Salmond and his subsequent aquittal of the 14 charges relating to sexual misconduct and his recent trial.

    The citation although served on 22 April lists events until 31 March. Alex Salmond was aquitted on that day.

    Craig Murray also offered opinion on the proceedings against Salmond and alleged that a politically motivated trial may have been conducted. He also alleged Salmond had been 'fitted up'. This material has been taken from the website by the prosecution. Although, anecdotal, I don't believe that this material is offered as a contempt.

    The short date between the procedural diet and the hearing would suggest the prosecution are ready to go to trial . I would think Mr Murrays' brief will petition the court for a later date.

    After reading (carefully) the alleged offences and the volume of infringements that the prosecution alleges, it would appear that Mr Murrays case has very similar issues to that of Tommy Robinson (no less). That episode did not end well for Mr Robinson. Tommy Robinson was found guilty of reporting/live streaming details about a trial of grooming fangs. The prosecution appear to be 'shooting fish in a barrel'. An observation not a criticism.

    The prosecution appear to have amassed what they believe to be a fair amount of evidence (going by the citation). I thought that the case against Mr Salmond was weak and felt it might prove difficult to secure convictions despite 14 charges against him. However, I fear this may be a different outcome this time (I sincerely hope that I am wrong).

    Equally I am not trying to predict the outcome of any future case. I am merely offering an opinion/observation based on the allegations by the Crown.

    Peace to the humans.





  80. The answer is a big YES

  81. "

    The coronavirus “pandemic” is a fraud -- an invisible, all-purpose enemy to which the government can attribute any dangers it wants to frighten and control us.

    The international corporate elite that runs things behind the scenes has turned an illness no more dangerous than the common flu (and probably far less so) into a pretext for an enormous expansion of government power and an enormous transfer of resources — literally, trillions of dollars — from the citizens to the corporate elite.

    We are being lied to every step of the way. Stories of overworked doctors, overflowing morgues, crowded hospitals, crowded ICUs, mass graves, and refrigerated trucks filled with bodies are contradicted by numerous videos of empty hospitals, empty waiting rooms, empty “testing centers”, and parked ambulances in the alleged “epicenters” of the pandemic.

    There is no legitimacy to any of it. The masks, the “social distancing”, the “self-isolation”, the shutdowns, the lockdowns, the
    restrictions on assemblies and groups -- none of that is to keep us safe, but all of it is to condition us to accept mandatory vaccination, more government control, more regimentation, and more handouts to the corporate elite.
    imtrash burnme Johnny Kay • 3 hours ago

    For weeks now the local hospitals to me have been closed except for true absolute dire emergencies and covid. Routine procedures and appointments with specialists were all put off until July at least.

    Well, yesterday they had a representative on the local news stations saying basically, 'Hey just kidding guys, it's safe we promise, please start coming back for your appointments and surgeries'.

    I kind of get the feeling that the powers that be didn't think through their decision all those weeks ago then recently got an updated financial report and were like fuuuddgge. They need folks coming back in to get that insurance billing ball rolling again."

  82. I've been amusing myself by reading Daniel Defoe's excellent work 'A Journal of a Plague Year' which documents the 1665 plague outbreak. Gutenberg has it online for free. There are many parallels with today's world including the authorities fiddling the number of deaths from the 'distemper'.

    1. Yes! Absolutely prescient reading at this time and a great book.


  84. Covid 1984, ever thought of that?

  85. @RudyGiuliani:

    "Why did the US (NIH) in 2017 give $3.7m to the Wuhan Lab in China?

    "Such grants were prohibited in 2014.

    "Did Pres. Obama grant an exception?"

  86. From contacts with poor country diplomatic circles & citizens, esp. from SE Asia:

    Poor countries are unsure of what is happening with the virus - but they see themselves as forced to go along with aggressively-pushed international programmes, or else face revenge from the international political mafia

    As if the WHO etc are backed by the CIA, USA-China etc, with global banks etc too ready to punish poor govt's

    Poor countries would not otherwise shut down their own economies with lockdowns, tho they might well have people wearing face masks etc

    Poor countries are 'ordered' to find 'covid deaths', so they just re-label local people dying as covid, numbers are just thrown together

    Also, there is little sense amongst poor countries that China is less ruthless than USA & the West, tho the style is different ...Bill Gates is aligned with China and the WHO all together


    In this corona crisis, millions of migrant workers are suffering - losing their jobs in their new countries, having no rights, unable to get back home, & often their home countries don't want them back

    For 50 poor countries, their economy is between 5% & 40% based on remittances from overseas, largely from migrant workers abroad sending funds back home

    Whereas Europe & Anglo nations send out special planes to recover their own citizens, for poor countries this is not something they can afford or want to do much

    Their people abroad may become a burden back home ... poor countries hope that somehow their migrants will find new jobs & once again will send funds, tho a few repatriations are done for show

    Poor countries are actively discouraging their own citizens from returning, in part by quarantine imprisonment if they do come back, in horrid prison-type mass barracks where illness spreads rapidly, women & children are not safe etc

    Tho tourist flights are mostly shut down, repatriation flying is still allowed ... However, to please WHO & to frighten people from returning, word is spread by poor gov'ts that their own people face 'quarantine' which is rough & full of risk

  87. So I thought coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2); and COVID-19 was the same thing just a different name. Guess I was not paying attention or maybe I was.
    Coronavirus Act 2020
    UK Public General Acts 2020 c. 7  PART 1 Interpretation Section 1
    1Meaning of “coronavirus” and related terminology
    (1)In this Act—“coronavirus” means severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2);
    (2)“coronavirus disease” means COVID-19 (the official designation of the disease which can be caused by coronavirus).
    (3)A reference in this Act to infection or contamination, however expressed, is a reference to infection or contamination with coronavirus.
    What does this means in plain English ?
    coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is the virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome.
    This is considered a disease that is classified as Covid-19.
    What is a disease
    “a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.”
    Disorder or disease . To be at ease is to be in comfort. So dis-ease is to be not in comfort. When people are not well they are often seen to be in discomfort.
    I love it when they invent new words. Coronavirus is a new word not to be confused with Corona Virus these two words are something completely different.
    Just to be clear Coronavirus is a Corona Virus one of many like the common cold.
    “The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things”


  89. I've never understood the willingness to accept authoritarianism without question. Are people so dumbed-down that they need the media, celebrities, and the government to do their thinking for them? Seems that way.




  93. Public Health England downgraded coid 19 on 19th March 2020 to a non HCID, but mainstream news and our government failed to inform us of the downgrade..Here in the UK the Coronavirus Act 2020 allows police and health officials to enter homes without a warrant and remove people to isolation facilities..1984 is here.

  94. "Public Health England downgraded covid 19 on 19th March 2020 to a non HCID, but mainstream news and our government failed to inform us of the downgrade..Here in the UK the Coronavirus Act 2020 allows police and health officials to enter homes without a warrant and remove people to isolation facilities..1984 is here."




  98. Tom Hanks practice of a particular variant of Thelema is becoming well know by the public, with hash tags for adrenochrome and fetal cord blood trending on twitter as possible treatments for Covid 19.

    1. Thelema. Is that not the belief system practiced by Alistair Crowley?

    2. Not siding with Hanks, but, really, any good proof of that?

  99. I walked passed a bus the other day. It was quite full. No social distancing between the rows of seats. Then I went to a supermarket who have just added huge privacy screens to their self-checkout tills. It made me think.

  100. Funny,(peculiar),that-Johns-Hopkins’-young-and-reknowned-computational-biology-professor-,James-Taylor,-(who-had-a-longtime-interest-in-coronaviruses,particularly-SARS),died-about-a-month-ago-and-Johns-Hopkins,(famous-for-its-medical-expertise)-nor-any-of-his-friends-or-colleagues-have-even-mentioned-any-possible-cause-of-death.It-must-certainly-not-have-been-from-the-evil-coronavirus-or-the-Johns-Hopkins-Event-201-planners-and-Bill-Gates-would-most-certainly-would-have–used-his-dead-body-to-further-their-viral-fear-campaign.


    James Taylor, a computational biologist at Johns Hopkins University who developed a popular open-source bioinformatics platform, died April 2 at the age of 40.

    Taylor is known for his work with the Galaxy Project, an open-source tool originally designed to help process data for genomicists.

    Taylor earned a computer science degree in 2000 from the University of Vermont, and afterward received his PhD in the field from Penn State University in 2006, during which he helped develop the Galaxy Project. He worked as an associate professor at Emory University for five years, according to a memoriam from Johns Hopkins University. During this time, he continued his work with Galaxy, broadening it to a global scale and writing many papers about the platform that have been cited thousands of times. He left Emory and joined the staff at Johns Hopkins, where he became known for his collaborative spirit.

    “He came in 2014, and it was transformational,” Vince Hilser, the chair of the biology department, says in the statement. “He was this catalyst for change, with a huge positive impact.”

    Taylor was one of the founders and developers of the Galaxy Project in 2005. The platform allowed scientists to better understand genomic and epigenomic activity across individuals and species without every researcher needing to learn computer programming. Galaxy is now used to analyze bioinformatics data with increased accuracy and reproducibility in many fields, ranging from drug discovery to ecology, and has been used in nearly 9,000 scientific publications, according to its website.

    Since the onset of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Taylor used his Twitter account to speak out on the need for shared genomic data and criticize the lack of proper supplies for those working on the front lines……….

    1. Controversy follows BMGF world wide like a bent care mechanic.All fixed sir by the way here's the bill.Crime watch needed on this pair.



  103. More important info

  104. Check it:

  105. One of their most successful tactics is lying by omission... to keep the sheeple in a dumbed-down state without critical thinking or accepting any responsibility, which is what government does

  106. At the 6:34 min. mark of this video, Bill Gates reveals to the world He is a Vaccine AND Therapy EXPERT!

    Taken from CNN Fareed Zakaria GPS Show aired Sunday Morning April 26 2020


  108. Russian GRU (Military Intelligence) Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov Exposes the Coronavirus NWO Agenda

    Photo with the above title on it:

    Text below from:

    Col. Kvachkov, formerly with the Centre for Defence & Strategic Studies of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff:

    "The coronavirus phenomenon, the so-called pandemic - and let me tell you - there's no pandemic, it's all a lie - needs to be considered as a global, strategic special operation

    These are exercises of the world's behind-the-scenes Zionist & financial powers on controlling humanity

    The coronavirus & the financial crisis that emerged immediately are inextricably tied

    A first global attempt to take away political rights happened on 11 September 2001, then a declaration of war on humanity disguised as a war on terrorism

    Now they need another excuse for greater control & takeover of humanity - the coronavirus, with an aim to limit political rights & make people afraid, by Zionist & financial world powers

    Coronavirus has an artificial origin, it's proven scientifically already

    We are being served special psycho-political information propaganda, an operation of world globalist mass media serving the behind-the-scenes powers creating this terror

    'They' are looking - who is obeying & who is not

    Also, economic relations went from the real economy to the virtual economy financial bubble, which now needs to be deflated

    In China they have a patriotic faction, and another of money-oriented pro-Americans, who tried to use the coronavirus in Wuhan [until President Xi ended the lockdowns]. And then it started in Europe.

    Europe & China are two geo-economic adversaries of the USA. And this is where they injected this virus first.

    Another aim is reducing the world's population. They think there's too many of us ordinary people [They want] 100 million of their own kind & perhaps 1 billion to serve them.

    Until we get rid of our internal parasites who rule over us, we can't tackle other parasites"
    11min16s, English subtitles by Inessa S.

  109. Russ Winter has an interesting take

    He notes how the lead figures pushing the coronavirus-is-big story, the Bill-Gates-funded crowd, are increasingly warning us of the big '2nd wave' coming, maybe much deadlier than the first wave, and maybe to leave society on planet earth devastated, unlike this current wave leaving so much room for doubt and scepticism

    The Gates gang speaks as if they 'know' this can happen, they talk like insiders, quietly aware that covid-19 is a bio-weapon which can be re-calibrated and launched again in much deadlier fashion

    Russ suggests that it is after the upcoming 2nd wave that the real 'lockdown' will begin, full totalitarianism, with many of the internet sites we now read, shut down and inaccessible

    The pretext of course will be those of us sceptical of the 1st wave of covid, pointing out all the weak points in the official stories, and the blatant financial corruption involving Gates, the WHO, etc

    Internet dissidence might become the realm of only the young and the tech savvy, accessing websites which do not have a normal web address, the dark web as used by paedophiles and sellers of illegal narcotics

    As was seen these last few years with the attempts to crush the youth-popular, often quite racist in its humour, 'Daily Stormer' of Andrew Anglin and his IT hacker partner, the Jewish-heritage Weev

    Millions of viewers each month followed that site as some dozens of successive domain names were seized by authorities in many nations - viewers used web-to-Tor links to read the site in between domain names, Anglin joking about how censorship forced him to be on the 'paedo web' to reach his audience; he's currently parked at the old Soviet Union .su domain, Anglin picking up links from Aangirfan to tell his audience that corona is a hoax by the elites