Thursday, 12 March 2020


Reporter Chris Hedges accuses Israeli soldiers of deliberately goading Palestinian children and murdering them for sport.

Gaza: Murdering Children for Sport - Global Research


Anonymous12 March 2020 at 16:39 writes -


Gate Ventures, chaired by Lord Michael Grade, "made unexplained loans to Sarah Ferguson of £500,000"

Lord Grade and Sarah Ferguson are both friends with Ghislaine Maxwell

Lord Grade - who is the Chair of Gate Ventures - became a director of the company in 2015. Fergie became a director of the company in 2017.


1. Grade is President of the Jewish Music Institute

Former Vice President: Greville Janner. Trustee: Evelyn de Rothschild. Former honorary development board members: Lord and Lady Brittan.

2. Grade is a former director of the Index on Censorship/Writers & Scholars Educational Trust

Past trustees: Evelyn de Rothschild and Lord Sainsbury.

3. Grade is listed as an Associate of F.A.I.R. ('Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform') alongside Harvey Proctor, Cliff Richard, Daniel Janner, and Neil and Christine Hamilton, et al.

4. Grade's uncle, Lew Grade, was reportedly linked to the paedophilic, child-procuring Kray twins

5. Grade admits that he "heard rumours" about the predations of child procurer Jimmy Savile at the BBC, but he denies that a BBC cover-up took place on his watch


1. Has been linked to a child-grooming incident with her husband, Prince Andrew, which involved the late Lord Janner and a young boy at a London theate (Village magazine).

2. Fergie didn't just accept "unexplained" loans from Lord Grade: She also took a loan from Jeffrey Epstein

3. Fergie isn't only well acquainted with Ghislaine Maxwell: Fergie is also friends with the son of Robert Maxwell's business partner, Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, the principal of Stowe School.

Stowe School is associated with a number of known VIP paedophiles (some deceased), and is also associated with many close friends of Ghislaine Maxwell.

4. "Fergie was deeply involved in charities such as 'Children In Crisis' and 'Street Child', targeting kids from eastern Europe. Her friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, who purchased children from Balkans child trafficker Jean-Luc Brunel, paid her for WHAT?"

5. There are questions about Fergie's links to 9/11 - the catastrophe about which she (like many others) appears to have been forewarned.

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