Saturday 1 February 2020


John Roberts watches as President George W. Bush announces his nomination of Roberts for the position of Chief Justice in September 2005.

Brabantian, 1 February 2020 at 08:00, writes - 

The Donald Trump impeachment 'trial' is being supervised by USA Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has his name listed on the flight log of Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express.

Justice Roberts has long been said to be being blackmailed.

This is because of how he reportedly violated Irish and international child trafficking laws, when he and his wife adopted their children, Jack and Josie, from Ireland.

"Irish law (1) prohibits the adoption of children to non-residents. 

"And (2) does not permit private adoptions.

"All adoptions have to go through a public agency."

Reportedly, Roberts arranged for this adoption through some sort of trafficking agency that got the children out of Ireland and into a Latin American country.

The two birth mothers transported the children out of Ireland.

Justice Roberts' mother was Rosemary Podrasky, who some suggest may have been Jewish.

"I am very pro-choice," Trump told NBC’s Tim Russert in 1999.

"Trump was so close to the pro-choice movement that he co-sponsored a dinner for the president emeritus of the National Abortion Rights Action League."

Trump on abortion.

Allegedly, Donald Trump has paid up to eight sexual partners to obtain abortions and sign nondisclosure agreements.

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At 1 February 2020 at 09:52 , Blogger JP said...

Awesome research. Thank you.

At 3 February 2020 at 05:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

People change their minds about abortion every day....especially after investigating its horrors and those of trafficking.


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