Thursday 13 February 2020


The UN human rights office has issued a report on companies linked to Jewish settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The report names 112 business entities. 

They include Airbnb,, Expedia Group, Motorola Solutions,  

JC Bamford Excavators Ltd.United Kingdom, 

Egis Rail, France

Opodo Ltd. United Kingdom

Tahal Group International B.V. Netherlands

TripAdvisor Inc. United States

Alstom S.A. France

Altice Europe N.V. Netherlands

Booking Holdings Inc. United States

eDreams ODIGEO S.A. Luxembourg

Egis S.A. France

General Mills Inc. United States

Indorama Ventures P.C.L. Thailand

Kardan N.V. Netherlands

Motorola Solutions Inc. United States.


The BAMFORDS: Anthony Bamford "pal of Blair, Hague, Prince Charles" 

Daughter Alice Bamford "GHISLAINE'S pal" 


Part of ELEPHANT FAMILY charity (Evelyn Rothschild, Greig, Fergie, Nicholas Coleridge, Joanna Lumley) 


Patrons of a SCHOOL 

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At 13 February 2020 at 06:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Sir Anthony Bamford, Tory donor, friend of Blair, [Prince Charles] and [William Hague], and JCB boss, also loaned money to Jeffrey Archer, one of Harvey Proctor's shirt shop donors. He is one of several ... with links to children's charities."

"Siri ... show me someone who took money from JCB who sells to Russia run by a billionaire Bamford whose son sells watches to Putin and whose names are in Ghislane Maxwell's address book"


- LORD & LADY BAMFORD (Ghislaine Maxwell's friends)

- Evelyn Rothschild (Ghislaine Maxwell's friend)

- Nicholas Coleridge (Ghislaine Maxwell's friend)

- Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (Ghislaine Maxwell's friend)

- Geordie Greig (Ghislaine Maxwell's friend)

- Joanna Lumley

"Wonder if Bamford knows Epstein?"

NSPCC 2007

Full Stop patron:


Appeal patron:


Vice Chairs:

- LADY BAMFORD (Black Book of Ghislaine; Ghislaine is pals with Lady Bamford's daughter Alice)






Hall of Fame:


"Is that the Bamford who threw a party on the Bahamas attended by Des O'Connor, Cliff Richard, Cilla Black and ... Jimmy Savile?"

At 13 February 2020 at 06:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Gaza Strip Advisor here I'm afraid.

Found this:

Wuhan-400 Coronavirus: 1981 Novel Predicts Virus Origin

In a bizarre coincidence (yeah right), a 1981 fictional novel The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz predicts a Coronavirus like outbreak and its origin. The book talks about how the virus called Wuhan-400, was developed in military labs around the Chinese city of Wuhan from where it got its name. The top secret information of the Biological weapons Program is later acquired by US intelligence from a Chinese defector. The American military is ultimately successful in creating a vaccine which the Chinese could not.

Rubbish plot aside, it does appear to have undertones of predictions that are prevelant in programs like the Simpsons and many other Hollywood films etc.


At 13 February 2020 at 06:58 , Blogger James R said...

Thanks Aangirfan. This is a link to the cited report.

At 13 February 2020 at 07:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alice BAMFORD and Jessica de Rothschild have a pillow fight:

At 13 February 2020 at 07:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lord BAMFORD sits on the board of the Centre for Policy Studies with BEN ELLIOT.

The Co-Chair of the Tory party, BEN ELLIOT is one of the most senior & trusted ROTHSCHILD lieutenants.

The Eranda Rothschild Foundation only has 6 Trustees. Of those, 4 are family members. The only non-family members are: Sir John Peace and BEN ELLIOT.

At 13 February 2020 at 07:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

VIPs in the Spanish Balearic islands:

- The BAMFORD family (in Andratx)

- RICHARD BRANSON (Hotel Residencia in Deya, and an estate in Banyabulfar where FERGIE & daughters have stayed)

- Bill Gates

- The Duke of Westminster, Gerald Grosvenor (dec')

At 13 February 2020 at 10:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 13 February 2020 at 10:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Masonic Lodges attached to Public Schools:

At 13 February 2020 at 13:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Labour leadership candidates have taken part in a Jewish hustings organised by the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM).

The special Jewish event was compered by Jewish journalist Robert Peston, a supporter of Common Purpose whose other acolytes include Dame Cressida Dick and Baroness Helena Kennedy.

In July 2011 Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth and her then husband Matthew Freud hosted a party at their home in the Cotswolds. Others present included James Murdoch, Peter Mandelson, David Miliband, Alan Yentob, Mark Thompson, Bear Grylls and ROBERT PESTON.

The Jewish Labour Movement, aka Poale Zion Great Britain, is an "Israel Embassy proxy". As Poale Zion, it played role in the formation of Labour Friends of Israel.

Jewish Labour Movement/Poale Zion members have included:

- Greville Janner's father, Barnett Janner

- Leo Abse, the late Welsh paedophile MP

- Jeremy Newmark, former Israeli Ambassador to the UK

- Ella Rose, who told a reporter that she worked with the Israeli Embassy's Shai Masot. Masot is the Israeli spy who was recorded vowing to "take down" a senior British government minister.

- David Abrahams, a close associate of Tony Blair and Lord Levy.

At 13 February 2020 at 14:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"After this #JewishHustings I'm glad to support @lisanandy for labour leader ..."

- Stephane Savary, National Vice Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement

"After the first segment of the night focusing on antisemitism, I'd defy anyone not to have won over by the passion, sincerity and depth of knowledge of @lisanandy on the issue. Seriously impressive"

- Justin Cohen, News Editor and co-publisher, Jewish News (London)

"Thornberry and Nandy say they are Zionists. RLB says her position on Israel-Palestine 'supposes' that 'makes her a Zionist'. Starmer says he believes in Zionism but wouldn't label himself– said he has family in Israel instead."

"#JewishHustings Since when did a bunch of apartheid supporting Zionists get to decide who should be Labour leader?"

At 13 February 2020 at 14:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The #JewishHustings tonight has been won by @lisanandy, head and shoulders above other leadership candidates."

- Tal Ofer, Deputy at Board of Deputies of British Jews

"BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

All #LabourParty members MUST be #Zionist or WILL be expelled!
Commendable clarity from all the leadership candidates."


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