Sunday 1 March 2020


James Rhodes.

British pianist James Rhodes drives child abuse reform in Spain

Spain is about to 'completely overhaul' its system of protection against child sexual abuse.

This is largely due to a campaign by British pianist and Madrid resident James Rhodes.

James Rhodes has written about being repeatedly raped by Peter Lee, at Arnold House school in London.

Peter Lee has been linked to alleged associates of the Kray Twins.

Peter Lee

James Rhodes has links to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

Rhodes contacted Prime Minister Sánchez in 2018, and the Socialist Party leader promised to take action.

In February 2020, Spain's Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias, of the Podemos party, announced that the Rhodes Law would be one of the new left-wing coalition government's first reforms.

"The Conservative opposition Popular Party (PP) and far-right Vox have accused the government of hypocrisy and a cover-up after its left-wing allies in the Balearic Islands refused to back an investigation in the regional parliament into reports of minors in care being prostituted."

British pianist James Rhodes drives child abuse reform in Spain

James Rhodes (right)

Lord Boothy, Ronnie Kray and a young man who died young. The Kray Twins hosted child abuse orgies at Cedra Court and at various flats around London including that of BBC DJ Alan Freeman

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