Sunday 1 March 2020


Above we see the surgical team in a UK hospital.

There is a belief that the UK's Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to let a lot more immigrants into the UK.

Priti Patel holding a 'secret' meeting in Israel.

Boris Johnson's cabinet minister in charge of immigration is Priti Patel, of Indian origin.

According to ANDREW GREEN: 

The UK government "has accepted that the skills required by immigrants will be reduced from degree level to A-level, and that the usual salary requirement should be reduced from £30,000 a year to £25,600.

"According to the Government's own Migration Advisory Committee, it could extend to 16 million UK jobs.

"There is to be a the much lower salary requirement of about £18,000 a year for those under 26 when they arrive.

"This is only just above the minimum wage - it provides a dodge for employers looking for cheap workers.

"There will be a severe temptation for employers to go for these younger and cheaper workers.

According to ANDREW GREEN: 

"There was a cap of 20,700 on the total number of work permits available in any year.

"There is no cap in the new system.

"We risk a wave of such workers from all over the world, some from countries where fake documents can easily be purchased.

"There will be plenty of applicants from all over the world because many of these jobs would lead to the right to settle permanently in Britain.

Alok Sharma, Priti Patel, Rishi Sunak. Boris Johnson appointed three Indian-origin people, including Priti Patel as Home Secretary, to his top ministerial team.

According to ANDREW GREEN: 

"If the jobs are on a so-called Shortage Occupation List (SOL) they would be able to apply for settlement after five years whatever their salary.

"Some 2.5 million jobs fall into the categories now on this list.

"From next January, employers will no longer be obliged to advertise vacancies in the UK before looking to recruit foreign workers."

Brabantian 19 February 2020 at 04:05 writes:

The oligarch strategy of 'hate speech', to crush dissidents, is difficult to counter.

This 'hate speech' vehicle is a way to make 'democracy' a dead letter.

Biggest Muslim country in the world.

Oligarchs use members of some groups - allegedly 'oppressed minorities' - to be their agents.

Anyone is a 'racist' 'bigot' 'engaged in hate speech' if they dare to criticise the oligarch agents, even if the ethnic character is not named

The official theme is that we are all supposed to 'treat everyone as individuals' and not speak in terms of group or tribal dynamics or identity, except in positive terms

But oligarchs in fact do think, plan and plot in extremely tribal and group-dynamics terms

Biggest Muslim country in the world.

The oligarchs choose members of certain groups to be their agents ... who can be either directly hired shills, or just useful pawns  ... to act against an other group, whom the oligarchs wish to undermine

Jewish groups can serve this purpose

Gay and LGBT groups can serve this purpose

People of colour, minorities and migrants can serve this purpose

'Democracy' has, for centuries, been manipulated via migration ... raising the question of what 'democracy' really is or should be

Britain imported legions of Protestants into Northern Ireland ... who then 'democratically' wanted to remain part of Britain ... this now only ending because Catholics in the north have had more children

Terrorism, carried out by Jews.

Jews migrated into Palestine ... who then 'democratically' made a Jewish ethno-state, and expanded it by allegedly 'defending themselves in war'

After Spain vacated its Western Sahara colony - inhabited by many Mauritanian-linked people - Morocco sent in legions of Moroccans to live there ... who now wish 'democratically' to align with Morocco, rather than Mauritania


In 1960 the USA was about 85-88% European heritage ... but now, after decades under the USA 1965 Jewish-promoted welcome-world-migrants law, it is only 56-59% European heritage.

USA schoolchildren are already majority Latin / black / Asian etc ... USA politics are transformed forever.

In the USA - Whites killed by whites: 82.4 percent.Whites killed by blacks: 14.8 percent. Crime Graphic - FactCheck.orgNon-Hispanic blacks comprise 12.1% of the US population. The figure is 14%, when including Multiracial African Americans.
Is it still 'democracy' when oligarchies import via migration, the mix of 'residents' from groups whom they expect will vote in ways the oligarchs can control or benefit from?


Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew famously said that multi-ethnic societies end 'left vs right' ... It all becomes tribal, with oligarchs often pitting one tribe against another

And of course, migration into Europe or Anglo countries cannot be severely criticised because that is, once again, 'hate speech' against migrants

Whereas Jews rejecting migration into Israel, in order to preserve Jewish ethnic purity, is very acceptable, and criticising this is 'anti-semitic'.


Biggest Muslim country in the world.

Biggest Muslim country in the world.

The maddest Moslems are the Salafi/Wahhabi Moslems. They are very Jewish.


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At 21 February 2020 at 03:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 21 February 2020 at 03:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 21 February 2020 at 05:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 21 February 2020 at 11:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now it seems to make sense.

The BBC production...."World on Fire".

This is one of those second rank BBC productions....its about the chaos surrounding WW2....You can usually determine the "rank" of a BBC drama series by the actors they use to make it.
They are usually second class actors who are obviously cheaper to employ....
The plots are usually paper thin and the sets almost wobbly.There are usually pathetic sound effects especially if guns are employed.
Anyway "World on Fire" has all of the above in abundance and all the main actors appear to be Jews....including Helen Hunt who plays an American journalist.....awfully.
Strange but the series seems to gravitate toward Jewish suffering in Poland....contradicting the name of the series "World"..
So the series is really holocau$t publicity....weighted toward Poland...
Your figures on Polish immigration into Britain suggests Poles need some indoctrination...unlike the average dumbed down English considerable numbers of Poles doubt the so called holocaust.
The Jews are meeting some resistance to ANOTHER one of their holocaust memorials being erected in Western cities...there are dozens of them now...its pure propaganda of course.
The new London one is being proposed AGAINST the wishes of MOST people with many saying Britain fought WW2 against Germany etc etc.
Besides which it takes up valuable public space near parliament.
David Baddiel the unfunny Jewish comedian who is not funny....has joined the fray by interviewing a "holocaust denier"....GASP!....this is part of the current propaganda offensive....including the appalling "World on Fire"

At 25 February 2020 at 04:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done for pointing out that Boris has given so many of the top positions to Indian Subcontinental immigrants, to which he added another one: Suella Braverman, whose Hindu mother evidently liked watching that US series "Dallas", and named her daughter after "Su-ellen".

That means Indian Subcontinentals have been given control of Britain's treasury, finances, police, immigration, and legal system, including the Attorney General and a whopping one-third of the Judicial Appointments Commission, including the Chairman (Lord Ajay Khakkar, Mathu Asokan, Anuja Dhir & Emir Khan Feisal).

The question is: WHY?

At 22 March 2020 at 22:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trudeau is doing the same thing to Canada. Import millions of Muslims and give them voting rights and lots of free stuff, and "democratically" keep getting elected!


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