Tuesday, 18 February 2020


Bloomberg defied a flight ban to show support for Israel 

Bloomberg is aquainted with the Mossad-linked Ghislaine Maxwell.

Henry Makow@HenryMakow

Same shit. Different asshole. http://informationliberation.com/?id=61203


  1. John Whittingdale has been close friends with Derek Laud and his then-partner, Michael Brown, the 1990s Tory rising stars who allegedly preyed on boys trafficked to Dolphin Square.


  2. https://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/explaining-syria/

  3. https://mondoweiss.net/2020/02/bloomberg-defied-a-flight-ban-to-show-support-for-israel-defended-the-country-shelling-a-school-and-killing-sleeping-children/

  4. The oligarch strategy of 'hate speech' to crush dissidents, has an intrinsic complexity, making it difficult to explain or to understand or to counter

    This 'hate speech' vehicle is quite deviously powerful, as a way to make 'democracy' a dead letter

    Oligarchs use members of some groups - allegedly 'oppressed minorities' - to be their agents ... this as well is part of the Vladimir Lenin strategy for the 'communist vanguard'

    And anyone is a 'racist' 'bigot' 'engaged in hate speech' if they dare to criticise the oligarch agents, even if the ethnic character is not named

    If you criticise George Soros - you can be accused of 'anti-semitic' hate speech, even if you don't even mention anything about Soros being Jewish ... 'manipulative George Soros' is an 'anti-semitic trope' even if his Jewishness is not cited


    The official theme is that we are all supposed to 'treat everyone as individuals' and not speak in terms of group or tribal dynamics or identity, except in positive terms

    But oligarchs in fact do think, plan and plot in extremely tribal and group-dynamics terms

    The oligarchs choose members of certain groups to be their agents, their cat's paws, their front-representatives .. who can be either directly hired shills, or just useful pawns who seek advantage for their group via the offered oligarch support ... to act against a majority or other group, whom the oligarchs wish to undermine

    Jewish groups can serve this purpose

    Gay and LGBT groups can serve this purpose

    People of colour, minorities & migrants can serve this purpose


    'Democracy' has, for centuries, been manipulated via migration ... raising the question of what 'democracy' really is or should be

    Britain imported legions of Protestants into Northern Ireland ... who then 'democratically' wanted to remain part of Britain ... this now only ending because Catholics in the north have had more children

    Britain allowed legions of Jews to migrate into Palestine ... who then 'democratically' made a Jewish ethno-state, then expanded it by allegedly 'defending themselves in war'

    After Spain vacated its Western Saraha colony - inhabited by many Mauritanian-linked people - Morocco sent in legions of Moroccans to live there ... who now wish 'democratically' to align with Morocco, rather than Mauritania

    In 1960 the USA was about 85-88% European heritage ... but now, after decades under the USA 1965 Jewish-promoted welcome-world-migrants law, it is only 56-59% European heritage, and USA schoolchildren are already majority Latin / black / Asian etc ... USA politics are transformed forever

    Is it still 'democracy' when oligarchies import via migration, the mix of 'residents' from groups whom they expect will vote in ways the oligarchs can control or benefit from?

    Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew famously said that multi-ethnic societies end 'left vs right' ... it all becomes tribal, with oligarchs often pitting one tribe against another

    And of course, migration into Europe or Anglo countries cannot be severely criticised because that is, once again, 'hate speech' against migrants

    Whereas Jews rejecting migration into Israel, in order to preserve Jewish ethnic purity, is, on the other hand, very acceptable, and criticising this is 'anti-semitic'