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Brabantian 17 January 2020 at 14:39 writes:

From Sputnik News on the City of London as global centre of money laundering corruption -

"Nicholas Wilson, a financial services whistleblower who was fired by UK law firm, Weightmans, after exposing millions of pounds in unfair customer charges, claims the City of London relies on 'dirty money' and says the world economy would collapse if the City stopped laundering it.

Italian journalist Roberto Saviano, who has spent most of his career investigating the mafia, claimed Britain was the most corrupt country in the world.

Mr Wilson said: 'I would agree with that. He is talking about the City of London, the money laundering capital of the world ...


Wilson said:

'Nothing can be done to clean up the City of London. 

'If any politician tried to dismantle the City of London the world economy would collapse. 

'Drugs money was the only thing that kept the banks going during the 2008 financial crisis.'

In 2016 the Home Affairs Select Committee claimed £100 billion in illicit money was being laundered in the London property market every year.

Mr Wilson, a former litigation manager, said: 'The EU wanted to tighten up on money laundering and the UK was the only country who voted against it.'

Last month the government announced Andrew Bailey, the current head of the Financial Conduct Authority – the regulator which oversees financial services and markets in the UK – would take over as Governor of the Bank of England in March.

Andrew Bailey

But Mr Wilson said in the last 12 months Mr Bailey had failed on several high-profile scandals including the collapse of mini-bond firm London Capital and Finance, the implosion of Woodford Investment Management and the gating of the M&G Property Portfolio over liquidity issues.

He said: “He has certainly failed over many years on his handling of the HSBC fraud I first reported to the FSA in 2012.”

Mr Wilson said the bank with the worst reputation was HSBC which he said was implicated in 18 of the 25 top corruption scandals listed by the watchdog Transparency International last year. 

Rona Fairhead, a former director of HSBC, was also chair of the BBC Trust and is currently a member of the House of Lords. She was a government minister until May last year."



The Key Architect of the 2003 Iraq War Is Now a Key Architect of the Trump Iran Policy.

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If I remember well, then I found following link on this very blog. The documentary is rather long, but fully explaining the machinations of the Bank of England and the cabal in the City of London running it

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18 January 2020 at 06:06

But it is as well to remember that the British Media AND Britains secret police MI5 are the other points of the triangle which allow this situation not only to continue but flourish.

Thus you have Branson 'parasitising British rail', but sold by the media as a crusading entrepreneur....he is not of course.He even has his own private island in the area of the world known for its "tax shelters"....

As long as Britain keeps electing crypto Jews as Prime Ministers,as long as the media is dominated by one ethnic group and as long as the Secret Police are led by the same ethnic group....nothing is going to is logical to suggest that Britain is in a slow transition to the type of situation once found in Eastern once prophesied by Mikhail Gorbachev....At what point will the public stand up and protest that people like Assange are no different from the countless people arrested and detained by Eastern European countries....

You can see how "the elites" set about ruining Prince Harry...who basically wants "payback" for the murder of his mother by the elite.

At 18 January 2020 at 15:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the Plenary's Men [2017] - "The Definitive HSBC Scandal Documentary" (56:56)

excellent documentary looking closer at the letter sent from the Uk's George Osbourne, that mentions Adair Turner and Mervyn King, that was sent to Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner in the US. But which role were they fulfilling? Were they acting for a third party? The documentary goes to some lengths to suggest that is so.


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