Thursday, 26 December 2019

Nuclear destruction of the WTC on 9 11



  1. Although I used to be inclined toward this version of the 9-11 towers demolition, '9-11 nukes' also upheld by Veterans Today (which admits to publishing 30-40% false stories as the price of not being shut down by US authorities)

    Now I see '9-11 nukes' as in error, in part because I have become convinced by the evidence that nuclear weapons are themselves a hoax, and have never existed, with Hiroshima & Nagasaki being chemical firebombings like Tokyo & Dresden

    There are five major 9-11 narratives

    (1) Official story, planes, jet fuel, etc - Denounced as impossible by thousands of architects & engineers
    (2) Conventional pre-set explosives, linked to the 'Israeli art students' photographed by the New York Times, with boxes whose industrial codes showed them to be bomb detonator components (my vote now)
    (3) Nano-thermite advanced explosives
    (4) Destructive energy rays which the government can use from a distance
    (5) 1950s-60s recycled 'mini nuclear weapons' detonated inside the towers, as suggested above

    The major harms to people said to be from 'nukes' can also be ascribed to massive conventional explosives, combined with chemicals on-site (air conditioning etc) or brought in, and perhaps also combined with nuclear waste from nuclear power plants also brought in


    Re nuclear weapons, I see this as idea-terrorism to replace 'no hope eternal hell' terrors of Christianity & Islam. Consider:

    - The 'smoking gun' proving Hiroshima was fake, 1945 US military records, logging 66 aeroplanes as 'chemically fire-bombing Imabari, Japan', close to Hiroshima, same date & hour as alleged 'atomic bomb' ... Imabari no longer existed, destroyed in 2 previous raids ... this was the fleet that fire-bombed Hiroshima

    - Swedish nuclear engineer Anders Björkman, argued in detail for years that nuclear weapons are impossible, fake, & have never existed (versus nuclear power, which does work)

    - German Jesuit Rev John Siemes, eye-witness in Hiroshima, documented local witnesses reporting planes spreading incendiary material

    - US military Major Alexander de Seversky, surveying Japanese cities shortly afterwards, found wooden-house-burned Hiroshima to show no signs at all of anything other than chemical fire-bombing, just like Tokyo, Yokohama & Osaka ... central iron-steel buildings were intact, fragile objects undamaged, even flag poles still up beneath 'ground zero' ... no spot where things had been 'vapourised'

    - At the time there 'death penalty for unauthorised speaking', suppression of Japanese & USA witnesses & involved persons

    - 'Mushroom clouds' are from chemical explosions, falsely marketed as 'nuclear weapon signature'

    - 1990 medical study on 40 years of Hiroshima & Nagasaki survivors, showed no genetic damage as typical from high radiation

    1. Advanced Weaponry - Courtesy of Nikola Tesla.

    2. You may be surprised to find that Tesla was a fiction created by people wishing to mislead the Free Energy Movement- Tesla never Existed but the Tartarian Technology does,cheers

  2. As an observer, "Live" TV images reveal composite videos, where a burning tower is overlaid on a NY Background.
    Pitily there's a BBC reporter that said - live - about the falling WTC-7 before it happened.
    As a researcher, there are the testimonies of the NY Firefighters - official, downloadable text - that say under swear how they heard many explosions and how they saw many puffs coming out of the towers in a military perfect fashion. Add the stock manipulations to all of that and the crazy muslims with boxcutters option is plainly wrong.
    The dancing israelis on the Urban Moving Systems van, cheering and recording the aftermath, may point to the real conspirators. Do not forget that NORAD had a drill that day. A drill about hijacked planes.


    I like this guy's version better.


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    Hullo Aang,

    I no longer write this off. Have you visited this site? Perhaps I got the link off you, I can't recall.

    Sadly, the site is as disorganised and chaotic as Judy Woods' old site was. Unfortunate. It's also curious that no one links to this stuff and I didn't come across it until... wow, 18 years of following trail after trail. Anyway, as theories for 911 go it qualifies as the red headed stepchild. Compare that to the number (not to mention dodginess) of the horde of arseholes pushing the no-plane theory. Wherever you turned there they were. This story? Nope.

    That aside, the thing about the nukes/neutron destruction theory is that, unlike the aforementioned no-plane bullshit, it's not an either-or equation. In fact a doubling up of the means of destruction is, in this case, perfectly logical. Given that 911 could not be permitted to fail, it would make perfect sense to use overlapping means of bringing the towers done. And in this spook world where everything is a two-fer, three-fer, etc, why not piggyback a weapons test on top of it all? If I was a wicked motherfucker I would. Real time data, damage assessments, victim and mortality rates: brilliant.

    Not forgetting, of course, the confusion sowed in any following investigations on account of evidence leading in multiple directions - sort of like a murder mystery that has too many suspects.

    Further, in the vein of the above-cited evidence of no nukes at Hiroshima (and without endorsing it), how to explain all the cars close to the WTC site the metal of which was severely burnt and rusted to an impossible degree whilst papers, plastics, and soft furnishings in the cars were untouched? How is that possible in an explanation that pivots on heat and kinetic energy? It's too weird for itself.

    I keep an open mind.

    best etc etc