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Disraeli and Johnson

Boris Johnson has been compared to the Conservative prime minister Benjamin Disraeli.

"Not only did Disraeli think the 'two nations' (rich and poor) were fated never to merge, but that the very point of politics was to preserve aristocratic privilege."

Disraeli Or The Two Lives, by Douglas Hurd and Edward Young. Disraeli biography
"He embezzled money from the husband of his mistress, engaged in a ménage à trois.

"He had a thing for at least one smooth-looking young man.

"He seduced a series of older women, persuading one of them to give him huge sums of money by writing the bemused old trout a stream of oily letters."

"He pretended to think religion was of great importance to society, but used his novels to mock the credulity of the working class and their belief in ‘our saviour Pontius Pilate’ and ‘Moses, Goliath and the rest of the apostles’."

Disraeli Or The Two Lives, by Douglas Hurd and Edward Young. Disraeli biography


Benjamin Disraeli, gay former UK Prime Minister.

Benjamin Disraeli wrote about an alliance of aristocratic 'Anglo-Saxons' and aristocratic 'Jews' ruling the world.

"There is one man who can properly be regarded as the father of Zionism and Nazism: Benjamin Disraeli."

"Disraeli called for an Aryan-Semitic alliance to form an organized superior 'Caucasian race' that was destined to rule the world..."

Lord Rothschild (left)

Disraeli wanted rule by the rich 1%.

"Contrary to folklore, Disraeli did not yearn for one nation.... 

"Rather he described 'two nations', the rich and the poor, too dissimilar to ever be united."

(Disraeli: or, The Two Lives. By Douglas Hurd and Edward Young.)

Benjamin Disraeli liked younger men.

"'I can only tell you that I love you,' Dizzy told Lord Henry Lennox, to whom he grew attached."

The Vril Society, inspired by Bulwe-Lytton's book, was the first German nationalist groups to use the symbol of the swastika. Hitler was a member. vril.

"Disraeli also grew close to Edward Bulwer-Lytton before the writer's wife began making lurid accusations about their relationship.

"Bulwer-Lytton had her sectioned in Brentford Asylum."


"From his schooldays Benjamin Disraeli knew that he was different - hence the passionate relationships between schoolboys which recur in his novels. 

"On his travels, Disraeli indulged in sexual tourism.

"It was this that drew him to Venice - in fact 'Venetian' is apparently a code word for gay, because gondoliers were well known to gratify homosexuals for a fee.

"There is much steamy stuff here about the Turkish baths Disraeli enjoyed while in Constantinople:

"For Disraeli the 'great Asian mystery' was all about homosexuality, and Kuhn claims that Disraeli returned from the East having fulfilled his sexual potential.

"Many of Dizzy's key relationships were homoerotic.

"He hero-worshipped Byron, and he cultivated William Beckford, who was outed as a pederast. 

"Even in middle age, during his successful marriage to his older wife Mary Anne, he had passionate relationships with his secretaries, such as the pretty Lord Henry Lennox or Monty Corry."

The Venetian side of Dizzy - BLNZ


"Disraeli made two important connections.

"The first was to the up-and-coming Rothschild family..."

"Secondly, he was introduced to Edward Bulwer-Lytton..." 

Bulwer- Lytton' novel Rienzi "supplied the story for one of Wagner's first operas which became another manifesto of Nazism...

"Bulwer-Lytton's novels became the seminal tracts for a whole variety of cults... 

"Those included the ... Masonic Rosicrucian Lodge...and the Theosophy Society founded by Madame Blavatsky..."

How Britain's Biggest Racists Created Zionism

Palestine was part of the Turkish ottoman Empire. 

The Zionists wanted 'certain Jews' to move from Europe, America and Africa into Palestine.

"Not until the 1830's did leading British policy makers, however, turn Zionism into a live operation, and the search began for Jews who could be duped, coerced, or threatened into allying with the scheme. 

"Except for a few Hassidic elements in Eastern Europe, Zionism had little attraction for Jews..."

How Britain's Biggest Racists Created Zionism

"In 1877, the British Prime Minister, Disraeli, wrote a blueprint for a Zionist state in Palestine under British rule.

"The document was published anonymously and put into circulation in Vienna...

"In one novel, Disraeli states: 'Progress and reaction are but words to mystify the millions.

"They mean nothing, they are nothing, they are phrases and not facts. All is race... 

" Says Sidonia (Rothschild): 'All is race, there is no other truth'..."

How Britain's Biggest Racists Created Zionism

German historian Volker Koop says that the S.S. kidnapped thousands of children from occupied lands and murdered those that racial "experts" back in the Reich deemed "unfit for Germanisation". Nazi-scheme-kidnap

Disraeli and the Zionists only liked certain elite 'Jews'.

"Zionist novels and propaganda have from early times been filled with characterizations of Diaspora Jews as "living in filth," "one big hunchback," "filthy dogs," "parasites," "harlots," and "worms." 

How Britain's Biggest Racists Created Zionism

"When Heydrich was a child in Halle, neighborhood children made fun of him, calling him "Isi" (Izzy), a name with a Jewish connotation... When he served in the navy, many of his comrades believed he was Jewish. Some called him the 'blond Moses.' Others who lived in Halle have claimed that everybody believed that his father, the musician Bruno Heydrich, was a Jew. Half-Jew Alice Schaper claimed, 'We all knew he was Jewish.'" (Reinhard Heydrich who masterminded the Holocaust ).

"In Endymion, Disraeli writes: The Semites now exercise a vast influence over affairs by their smallest though most peculiar family, the Jews.

"There is no race gifted with so much tenacity, such skill in organization.

"These skills have given them an unprecedented hold over property and illimitable credit.

"As you advance in life and get experience in affairs, the Jews will cross you everywhere..."

How Britain's Biggest Racists Created Zionism

Jewish historian David Cesarani, in Eichmann: His Life and Crimes, states that as a child Eichmann was persecuted because he looked Jewish. Eichmann's stepmother had Jewish relations and Eichman associated with Jews. Eichmann learned Hebrew, visited Palestine and worked closely with Zionists preparing Jews for emigration. (eichmann was jewish hurricane katrina was a regional)

"Sidonia lectures Coningsby on the 'vast influence on the affairs of Europe' exercised by 'the Jewish mind.'

"Making such statements as 'the first Jesuits were Jews,' Sidonia proceeds to describe this 'vast influence''... concluding: 'So you see ... the world is governed by very different personages to what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.'

"These 'personages,' Sidonia affirms, all come from the 'pure races of Caucasus'...

"In a public speech, Disraeli stated ...'The native tendency of the Jewish race, who are justly proud of their blood, is against the doctrine of the equality of man'...

"The 1870s saw the emergence of several high-level coordinating agencies for international cult manufacture, in particular the Vril Society (founded in 1871) ... headed by Edward Bulwer-Lytton... the mother-cult for the later Thule Society and related groups which created Hitler and the Nazis..."

How Britain's Biggest Racists Created Zionism

Himmler's SS cooperated with the Haganah, the Zionist underground military organization in British -run Palestine. Reportedly, Himmler's grandfather was Jewish. (Himmler relative marries Israeli - Israel News, Ynetnews / eichmann was jewish hurricane katrina was a regional )

"The man who is officially known as the 'spiritual father of the country' in Israel today is Theodore Herzl.

"Herzl, the prophet of political Zionism... ably personified the race-cult ideas of Disraeli... and the Anglican 'Jewish restorationists' of 19th century England.

"Herzl was bred in Vienna...

"There the British intelligence service and allied House of Austria also recruited Adolf Hitler...

"Herzl was an extreme neurotic, a Bohemian playwright, who hated Jews.

"Laughed at, derided, denounced, and assured that he was insane by almost all Jews he came in contact with, Theodore Herzl was embraced by the racialist myth-makers of the British Empire, becoming a principal agent for their policy...

"'Blond, clever-eyed little girl...' reads a diary entry in which Herzl reveled in his passion for an eight-year old. 'Today I realized for the first time that is is possible to fall in love with a little girl'...

Herzl and his children. Paulina suffered from mental illness and drug addiction. She died in 1930 at the age of 40 of a heroin overdose.[35] Hans committed suicide (gunshot) the day of his sister Paulina's funeral; he was 39 years of age.[38] "Trude" (Margarethe, 1893–1943) died in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

"High Viennese society was completely under the sway of the network of salons set up by Julie Rothschild, daughter of the head of the Vienna branch of the family, and by Empress Elizabeth of the pro-British Wittelsbach royal family of Bavaria that was later to finance Adolf Hitler's political career...

"The Vienna salons' raison d'etre was to recruit susceptible persons into the supportive environment for agents..."

"British policy was not only to put Judaism's humanist traditions to the torch....

"During the 1880-1900 period... several Zionist tracts, emerged in Russia and Eastern Europe thanks to the ... the periodic pogroms and anti-Jewish extermination campaigns of that period...

"All the major pogroms are traceable to the hard core of 'liberal' aristocrats centered around the Anglophile Tolstoy and other families...

"A German archaeologist... charged that Herzl was a 'British agent who was luring the Jewish people into a nefarious adventure designed to serve the strategic interests of his employers in London'...

"The vast majority of Jews perceived Zionism, correctly, to be an assault, with genocidal implications, directed mainly against Jews and Judaism...

"One prominent rabbi told Herzl that the Jews had a 'historic mission to propagate the idea of humanism among all nations' and were for that reason 'more than a territorial people'...

"Several prominent Jews likened Herzl to ... Sabbatai Zevi, a self-styled Messiah who led a group to lemming-like self-destruction in Palestine.

"Rabbi Joseph Bloch... warned Herzl that he was espousing the 'need for a blood sacrifice,' the 'intention of reviving a sacrificial cult in a rebuilt Temple.'

"Another prominent Austrian, Leon Ritter von Bilinski - the man whose memoirs were to expose the Disraeli origins of Herzl's ideas - told Herzl bluntly that the Zionist's ideas and assumptions were exactly those of the worst anti-Semitic racists...

"Bilinski's implicit allusion to the development of a Nazi-Zionist lobby went right to the heart of the matter.

"It would later be the same British Zionist backers of Herzl (Rothschilds et al.) who would put Hitler in power and endorse 'the holocaust.'

"Herzl's ideas supported in every aspect the anti-Semites' conjuring up of the impossibility of Jews coexisting with other groups and of the evils caused by Jews living in Europe.

"At other times, Herzl and his followers went so far as to publicly attack 'the kikes' and to insist that Judaism was Zionism's greatest enemy...

"The examples of Herzl's wooing and collaborating with anti-Semitic officials in various governments - collaboration which included plotting anti-Semitic activity to win support for the Zionist cause - are legion....

"This collaboration presaged the close collaboration between Zionists and Nazis during the 1933-45 period, including Zionist agreement to let nearly a million Jews die in return for letting the select, racially 'pure' few escape from Hungary and Rumania.

"In this relationship, the cult of Thule and Odin of the elite Nazis, and the cult of Zion, both created in London's oligarchic cult laboratories, were to help each other 'purify their races'...

"Moses Hess, the renegade nineteenth century socialist ... called those Jews who denied that Jews were a separate race 'traitors to their people, tribe, race'...

"Hess's kind of race thinking was commonplace among Zionists. It appears in Herzl's writings and fantasies interspersed with various medieval-knight metaphors...

Sephardic jews in Morocco. The roots of the Ashkenazi Jews "are Turkic/Mongolian and not Semitic".

"Zionist novels and propaganda have from early times been filled with characterizations of Diaspora Jews as "living in filth," "one big hunchback," "filthy dogs," "parasites," "harlots," and "worms." 

"One Zionist propagandist of the earlier part of this century, Jacob Klatzkin, described Jews as 'living a false and perverted existence' and contrasted this with the 'pure national type' that would emerge out of Zionism...

"The Anglican oligarchy did not come forth publicly with their decision to create a Zionist state until the peak days of World War I, and only then as a matter of destabilizing Russia and creating a Zionist lobby in the U.S. to use as a tool in bringing North America into the service of the threatened British Empire...

"After World War I, Zionism was massively promoted by the British elite...

"Their creation of Nazism signified an attempted unification of the 'superior English stock' with the 'Germanic' branch of the Anglo-Saxon 'race', with the objective of conquering Russia and securing control in the Middle East...

"Their creation of Zionism was the establishment of a 'land'-obsessed cult of 'Jews who are not Jews', Herzl's words, 'England's ten million agents' in the region...

Cecil Rhodes - linked to the Rothschilds.

"Herzl's diaries and speeches are filled with sickening paeans to the symbiosis between British and Zionist strategy: 'The Zionist idea, which is a colonial idea, must be understood in England easily and quickly'...

"Herzl conducted extensive research into racist Cecil Rhodes's method of cajoling, tricking, and bludgeoning the rulers of what is now Rhodesia into agreeing to have that territory turned into a British 'Charter' area.

"Herzl was eager to apply the same techniques to the Arab inhabitants of Palestine.

Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury - one of the 'crypto-Jewish' elite

"There are three fundamental facts about the elite which ran Britain in the latter part of the nineteenth century, through the Balfour Declaration commitment to a 'homeland for the Jews in Palestine', through the 1920s-1940s development of Nazism and then the Israeli state.

First: "The total number of British policy-makers actually responsible for Zionism and for the Balfour Declaration is tiny - perhaps ten, at the most twenty.

Second: "This handful was by and large the same core group of forces guiding all imperialist strategy, i.e., the group that established the Round Table in the 1890s on a mandate contained in Cecil Rhodes's will.

"This same core group ran British policy from the 1880s through the World War Two period.

Third: "There is a heavy overlap between this Balfour Declaration 'Zionist' crowd and the group that pushed Adolf Hitler ... strategy for Germany in the 1920s and 1930s - the so-called Cliveden Set.

"This includes a handful of 'first circle' and 'second circle' Jewish-name financiers and policymakers who were backing Hitler right up to the 1939-1940 conjuncture - Rothschild, Warburg, et al.

Lord Cecil, the brains behind the Guy Fawkes plot. GUY FAWKES

"The Round Table inner elite:


"The highly influential modern-day Cecils (e.g. Lord Harlech) are the linear, blood descendants of the family in sixteenth century England (e.g. Lord Burghley, William Cecil) which conspired fitfully against the humanists in Elizabeth Tudor's court, bringing the Maltese Order to power in England, and with it, the whole range of cabalistic-mystical arts of Ashmole, the Scottish Rite, the Oxford Movement, the Round Table and Cliveden Set.

"For purposes of historical truth, the Balfour Declaration, which put Britain on record in favor of a Jewish state in Palestine, should be renamed the Cecil Declaration.

"The key in the chain of modern-day Cecils is Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, the Third Marquis of Salisbury, the same Lord Salisbury who was Disraeli's Foreign Secretary in the 1870s...

"By the beginning of the twentieth century, 'The inner clique of the Conservative Party was made up almost completely of the Cecil family and their relatives ... as a result of the tremendous influence of Lord Salisbury,' according to Tragedy and Hope author Carroll Quigley...


"Stepping down from the premiership in 1902, Salisbury handed over the office to another Cecil, 'his nephew, protégé, and hand-picked successor,' Arthur James Balfour, the very same who in 1917 was to convey to 'Dear Lord Rothschild ... on behalf of his Majesty's Government' a 'declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations' for 'the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people' - the Balfour Declaration...

"Balfour ... was one of the few chosen to join the special 'circle of initiates' of the Round Table secret society by Cecil Rhodes, Lord Esher, Lord Milner, and London Times editor William T. Stead...

"Lord Robert Cecil... Balfour appointed to be his special Foreign Office Undersecretary..."

According to Cecil: "the British must recognize and use the 'international power of the Jews'..."

"With Cecil Rhodes and others pushing "Germanic race" integration into Anglo-Saxon geopolitics, preparations were ongoing at various points, but especially in the 1920s, to transform Germany into a Marcher Lord East against Russia and as a partner in an 'Anglo-Saxon'-run world.

Wittelsbach's family of Bavaria

"The London-connected Wittelsbach's family agent, Professor Karl Haushofer, ghost-wrote Mein Kampf for Adolf Hitler, which explicitly included Germany linking up with Britain in a global alliance.

"This Nazi policy was set in motion by the Lloyd George government, which at Versailles pushed for the harshest reparations policies, and then suddenly started "softening" - to allow for German rearmament.

"In a nutshell, the policy of the Round Table for Germany throughout the 1918-1939 period was to support a combination of extreme debt collection and rearmament for which Warburg agent Hjalmar Schacht's policy - leading to the Jewish extermination camps - was the necessary expression.

"The following individuals were among those building Nazism to serve Anglo-Saxon geopolitical mysticism: Lord Milner, Leopold Amery, Jan Christaan Smuts, Lord Brand, Winston Churchill, and the scions of the Rothschild family.


"With a small handful of others, these members of the 'Cliveden Set' (Cliveden was the name of the Astor family estate where the Round Table coordinators met) utilized their enormous influence in the international press to build up “critical support" for the Nazi atrocity.

"Thus in the mid-1930s Lothian traveled to Germany to try to keep Hitler on the track of maintaining Germany in the fold of Anglo-Saxon world politics.

"Amery, Lothian, et al. only broke with the Hitler policy in the 1939-40 period, when their Frankenstein got out of control. Policy then shifted toward involving the U.S. in saving the British Empire.

"Obviously, Churchill's 'anti-Nazi' image is bluff and myth.

"Throughout the war Sir Winston specifically forbade operations inside Germany that would have brought in an anti-Hitler leadership. 

"As he said before parliament, he preferred Hitler.

"The role of the Jewish-name members of the Round Table elite in all this is particularly damning.

"Not until the late 1930s, and in some cases right through to 1940, did important elements in the Rothschild clique break with the Germanic-race-cult geopolitics.

"Max Warburg of the Warburg families, whose members were almost in all cases trained in finance by the Rothschilds, was, according to a recent biography of the Warburgs, one of the foremost advisers to Hjalmar Schacht, throughout the 1920s and 1930s.

"All coverups aside, it was Schacht, in collaboration with the Warburg interests, the Schroeder Bank, and the Bank of England, who made the 1932 decision to put Hitler in power. 

"After making that decision, Schacht successfully sold the Hitler option to the Rothschild-run New York-based "Our Crowd" families during a visit to the U.S. in 1932.

"The manipulations of the Rothschild-linked Goldman Sachs investment house in New York, and of the American and German branches of the Warburg families, were in large part instrumental in putting the Krupp and I.G. Farben interests respectively on an irreversible course of support for Nazi economics, against the Rapallo course of East-West cooperation for the industrialization for Germany..."

Much more here: How Britain's Biggest Racists Created Zionism

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'e's gettin Bregzit dun, 'e is

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'e's an aw rite lad, dat Boris

At 28 December 2019 at 11:00 , Blogger Olive Farmer said...

That the actions of these creatures (ie a willingness to destroy human life, property and normalcy in order to create a future of eternal slavery for a reduced human population) can only be described as 'inhuman' perhaps indicates that there is, and always has been, something "other" amongst us, that our human species is not alone, that there is a master species. Call them Demons, call them aliens, call them lizards, none matter. What matters is the instruments of their Power: Money (created by THEM), Nations (created by THEM), Religions (created by THEM), Hierarchies (created and maintained by THEM).
These are the Principalities, the things humanity needs must ignore into non-existence, or face the alternative dystopian nightmare which approaches us fast.
We can do this, we billions, in a moment and in peace. Ignore these principalities and their Power is lost to them in a moment and the future becomes human-hearted (Ren). Bless xxx Olive Farmer Crete and Aktina Pempti.


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