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Lord Victor Rothschild (1910-1990) was the boss of the UK's Cambridge Spy Ring - giving away top secrets to both the Soviet Union and Israel, helping each nation build the bomb.

Victor Rothschild controlled Sir Winston Churchill.

He also reportedly controlled Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher and certain top people in the UK security services (who were mentioned by Carl Beech)


Victor Rothschild is linked to the Bronfman family, tycoons Les Wexner and Ronald Lauder, international bankster Edmond Safra, Jewish mafia gangster Meyer Lansky, Mossad British media mogul Robert Maxwell, Mossad daughter Ghislaine Maxwell and her Mossad partner Jeffrey Epstein.

Infinity Blue Resort & Spa  - Jeffrey Epstein's inner circle 

Victor Rothschild's father Charles, and his younger son Amschel, 'committed suicide'.

One-day in 1931 speeding in his Bugatti sports car from Cambridge to London, Victor Rothschild hit and killed a motorcyclist, was arrested, charged with manslaughter, but, was found not guilty after a trial.

 It's not Zionists versus fascists. It's the feudal elite and their mafias versus the rest. "Lord Victor Rothschild ... made Churchill's decisions, including the bombing of the food trains into the concentration camps, and the continued strafing of the inmates." Rothschild is on record as saying: 'There will be no room in the new country for shnorrers' (poor Jews). "He only wanted the rich powerful and influential for the new land, the rest were to be sacrificed." The Truth Seeker - The Biggest Secret of World War II

At Cambridge, through most of the 1930s, Victor Rothschild became very close friends with Anthony Blunt and Guy Burgess.

Rothschild recruited Anthony Blunt into MI5.

British intelligence whistleblower Anthony T. Stokes maintained that Blunt murdered children during ritualized satanic sexual torture ceremonies.

Blunt gave away secrets to the Soviet Union.

King Edward VIII, said to be the half brother of Sir Anthony Blunt.

Rothschild told his group that the world map was being re-drawn and a World government was coming.[34]

Blunt convinced his fellow gay pedophile Guy Burgess into working with the Soviet KGB and Guy in turn recruited Kim Philby and bisexual Apostle Donald Maclean as Soviet agents.

Philby joined MI6.

Rothschild was in the Cambridge secret society called the Apostles, whose members have included  British Foreign Secretary Arthur J. Balfour.

It was Victor Rothschild who was behind Churchill’s order to bomb the food trains heading to the concentration camps.[68]

Prince Edward and Lord Nathaniel Rothschild

Hitler was alleged to be the illegitimate grandson of a Rothschild.[96]

While Adolf’s grandmother Maria Anna Schiklgruber was working as a teenage maid in the Viennese Rothschild Mansion, records show that Salomon Mayer von Rothschild, Mayer Amschel Mayer’s second oldest son who was sent to Vienna and died in 1855 was living alone at the time in thefamily estate.

His wife lived in Frankfurt where sons had taken over the Frankfurt House of Rothschild.

It was also known that Salomon was reputedly a pedophile who preyed upon teenage girls, among them his underage servant that he knocked up in 1836, at which time she was sent back home to her village and gave birth out of wedlock to Alois Hitler in 1837, the father of Adolf.

Maria Anna married Johann Georg Hiedler in 1842 with young Alois taking on his stepfather’s name that eventually was modified to Hitler.

Right after his mother died in 1907, 18-year old Adolf went to Vienna and reportedly spent time with his Rothschild cousins.

There is a belief that many of the top spies, whether in the CIA, MI5, MI6, MOSSAD or the KGB, work for a secretive cabal.

A number of independent researcher-authors have exposed that all the major front players of World War II were from the same Illuminati-Masonic occult bloodlines, from Hitler to Churchill to Stalin to Franklin Roosevelt.[97]

The Rothschild and their minions financed Hitler's rise to power and orchestrated both world wars, to the controllers it was imperative that every WWII leader be cut from the same secret bloodline cloth.

In 1934 the Bank of England Rothschild agent Charles Hambro began secretly funding Hitler.

Lord Victor Rothschild. Lord Victor Rothschild reportedly had friendly relationships with the KGB, MI5, MI6 and the CIA.

Former German Gestapo leader Heinrich Mueller reportedly had a list of British VIP traitors.

Alleged 'traitors', named on an uncovered Gestapo list, included -
Edward Guggenheim,
Sir Philip Sassoon ,
Maurice Baring,
Leonard Montefiore,
Ernest Bevin,
Harold Laski,
Herbert Stanley Morrison,
Admiral Reginald Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax,[105]
Sir Maurice Hankey,
Cambridge spy John Cairncross

About half of these listed VIP traitors were powerful Jews but what virtually every single member shared in common was that they were all high degreed Freemasons.[107].

In 1940 Rothschild (above) suggested that Anthony Blunt should be invited to join the secret service. He also rented a house to his friend Guy Burgess. Rothschild worked with Kim Philby at theMI6 offices established at the Rothschild family mansion in Paris. (spartacus)

Journalist and propagandist Sefton Delmer confirmed that Churchill engaged in satanic ritual ceremonies with Crowley at Devils Chimney in Gloucestershire.

According to Anthony T. Stokes:

Churchill was a long-term Zionist puppet and served their interest before that of Britain. He was a Druid priest, a 33rd degree Mason and member of the Golden Dawn. [185]

Churchill was a Rothschild bribed Zionist tool, a 33rd degree Mason, a Golden Dawn member and a Druid priest.

He helped to trigger history's two bloodiest wars on record.

Churchill boasted of his delight committing heinous war atrocities against darker skinned races.

Lord Moran, his treating physician for a quarter century, stated:

Winston thinks only of the colour of their skin.[187]

Continued here: - Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State 

Churchill and his Jewish mother. Who was his real father?

According to Theodore J. O'Keefe, the controversial Harvard-educated historian, German Chancellor (1930-1932) Heinrich Brüning wrote:

"From October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany."

Hitler was backed by Jewish bankers, the Bush family (report) and many other top families in Europe and America.

In 1996, Amschel Rothschild was found hanged at the Hotel Bristol in Paris. 

"French police have determined that Amschel Rothschild, heir to the fabulous Rothschild banking fortune, was murdered, according to well-placed European sources..."


The reportedly gay Churchill was fond of Lord Victor Rothschild's 'Soviet agent' the gay Guy Burgess (above).

Churchill invited Burgess to his home at Chartwell.

Lord Victor Rothschild was alleged to have been the person who controlled Churchill as a puppet.

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At 15 October 2019 at 02:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is, how all fit together
...just compare the occult VRIL Society- same/same

At 15 October 2019 at 03:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 October 2019 at 05:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 October 2019 at 05:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 October 2019 at 05:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ghislaine Maxwell was in Brazil.

"To be precise Maxwell and Brunel [were] at the Infinity Blue Resort and Spa, in Santa Catarina State.

"When reporters arrived they were gone."

- Independent journalist Kirby Sommers

At 15 October 2019 at 06:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ghislaine Maxwell began the process of closing her [fake charity?] #Terramar in the US on 12 July - just six days after Epstein's arrest ...

"Sky News has learned that Ghislaine Maxwell has also started proceedings to shut the BRITISH arm of #Terramar, too.

"Companies House records show she signed off the closure on 13 August - 3 days after Epstein was found dead in jail."

At 15 October 2019 at 07:47 , Blogger AkhaldanSolo said...

I find that there is a supreme irony in the fact that the cover art for Joachim Hagiopan's book Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State is illustrated bt a central figure in the Pizzagate saga Nora Maccoby.

Beyond Magic: Unclean Spirits; David Copperfield, Mulholland, Blaine, Geller; Mk-Ultra, Laurel Canyon, Carribean and Hellfire Club

Love and missed the Aangirfan crew!!!


At 15 October 2019 at 09:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 October 2019 at 09:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 October 2019 at 09:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 October 2019 at 11:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Money is the biggest issue for mankind. This interbreeding family controls most central banks for the sole reason of turning mankind into an asset, into slaves with no laws to call against them. Banks, Laws, Institutions are changed while kept hidden. The Cabal on top are materialistic, the ideas and rituals they use are just a cover. The closer ideals for them are zionism and plutocracy. The branch of zionism that exist in Israel is just a version that the rothschilds may not agree with, they could find their own "self determination" without Israel anytime they want, as Israel is their own fabrication.

At 15 October 2019 at 12:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No irony at all, on the contrary, why should that be? Can we say the mysterious Nora Maccoby? Such an important person and barely any info on her? Really?

At 15 October 2019 at 12:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 October 2019 at 13:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

More details emerging in the courtroom about the alleged Israeli gang rape of a British teenager in Cyprus ...


"[The British teenager] said police threatened her, and she believed she wouldn't be allowed to leave the police station if she didn't sign the confession, and added that SHE HAD GENUINELY FEARED FOR HER LIFE ...




"... [Her] case has been taken up by British campaigning group Justice Abroad, who have appointed a British legal team led by *** LEWIS POWER QC *** to represent her ...

"[Detective Sergeant Marios Christou] said 'She told me HER MOTHER WAS A LAWYER ...'

"One of dozens of text message sent between the men in the lead up to the alleged attack said: 'She's going to get f***** tonight'.

"The Israeli teenagers, who had been on holiday before starting their NATIONAL MILITARY SERVICE ..."





Intriguingly, Lewis Power QC's previous cases have included the London terrorist bombing trials.

At 15 October 2019 at 14:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 October 2019 at 17:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tonight Margaret Hodge MP gave a lecture on Accountability & Transparency in Government (ironically enough)

@SoniaPoulton confronted her on the chasm between nice words & the fact that the victims of Hodge's Islington Child Abuse Scandal still await ANSWERS & CONSEQUENCES for all the Islington folk responsible

Watch it here (the exchange begins at 1:03:25):

At 15 October 2019 at 19:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Prince Andrew must talk to the FBI about Jeffrey Epstein abuse, lawyer demands'



The high-profile feminist attorney representing Virginia Giuffre subscribes to the same religion as Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell - which is to say, Gloria Allred is Jewish.

A comment left underneath a recent Gilad Atzmon article is interesting:

"Let's not forget the 'Jane Doe' who accused Trump of raping her at an Epstein party at his townhouse in Manhattan in 1994 when she was 14 years old:

"This accusation was filed in 2016 and her attorney was Lisa Bloom (GLORIA ALLRED'S DAUGHTER). The case was mysteriously 'dropped' two days before the November 2016 election.

"This woman is still around and I see no reason why the Manhattan prosecutors should not be calling her and Bloom in as witnesses against Epstein who aided and abetted this alleged rape by Trump of this child."



So Gloria Allred is representing complainants against Prince Andrew/Ghislaine Maxwell/Jean-Luc Brunel/Epstein's Estate et al ... meanwhile, Gloria Allred's daughter represented a woman who says she was raped by Donald Trump at one of Jeffrey Epstein's parties... BUT THAT CASE WAS "MYSTERIOUSLY DROPPED", reportedly.

In light of this, one wonders if Gloria Allred also plans to "mysteriously drop" a difficult case, like her own daughter did not so long ago.

Can we expect Gloria Allred to at some point "mysteriously drop" Virginia Giuffre's case, for example?

Indeed, can we expect Gloria Allred to drop ANY and ALL cases she is currently handling involving victims of the Israel/Mossad sponsored paedophile-entrapment operation?

Or is Gloria Allred actually one of the good guys??

Perhaps Allred is a Jewish woman whose moral objections to female and child sexual exploitation outweigh any loyalty she might otherwise have to her Jewish faith / community / Israel-Mossad?

Maybe. Maybe not. We shall soon see...

At 15 October 2019 at 21:55 , Blogger Anon said...

15 October 2019 at 21:10


For some unfathomable reason, many of Victor Rothschild's descendants have links to 'Mossad-duo' Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, 'paedophiles and child traffickers to the global elite'.


Victor's son and grandson - Jacob and Nat Rothschild - are great friends with Peter Mandelson. Lord Mandelson was a high-profile supporter of GHISLAINE MAXWELL's 'fake charity/apparent Mossad money-laundering front': TerraMar.

From Lord Mandelson's endorsement that appeared on the TerraMar website:

"We need to take H20 seriously and that is why I am supporting the TerraMar initiative."

Lord Mandelson was also exceptionally good friends with Ghislaine's 'Mossad partner' Jeffrey Epstein; the two men met to socialise and on occasion to discuss mutual "business" interests (whatever those might be - one might guess).

Jacob Rothschild is also notable for being honorary president of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research. IJPR past directors have included Lord Greville Janner, as well as Edgar Bronfman Sr whose son appears in Epstein's 'black book'.


Victor's cousin Evelyn de Rothschild is married to LYNN FORESTER... In another coincidence that will no surprise no one who follows this blog, Lynn Forester de Rothschild reportedly owned 116 East 65th Street before GHISLAINE MAXWELL lived there and before it was "owned" by JEFFREY EPSTEIN.


Victor's cousin Evelyn has a son called DAVID (that is, Victor's cousin once removed). David was profiled recently by Aanirfan.

In an amazing coincidence, David Mayer de Rothschild was another high-profile supporter of GHISLAINE MAXWELL'S 'fake' charity/apparent Mossad money-laundering front', TerraMar - just like Rothschild 'family friend' Lord Mandelson.

From David's endorsement that appeared on the TerraMar website:

"TerraMar is taking a bold and fresh approach and that's why I urge every passenger on Spaceship Earth to sign up today, if you don't want to crash!".

Whether David Mayer de Rothschild is fully au fait with the Rothschild dynasty's overlapping business, and just pretends to be compassionate and progressive - or whether he truly IS somewhat unaware of his family's history and nature and is manipulated by them - is an open question.


Suffice it to say that Old Vic (not to be confused with Old Nick – a nickname for Satan) would be mighty proud of his descendants' very significant involvement in the 'business activities' of 'Mossad-duo' Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

Rest assured that Old Vic is in Brazil (or morely likely now, Israel) with Ghislaine Maxwell and Co. in spirit.


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