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We encounter 'a pretty teenage girl'.

What we perceive is our brain's best guess at what the girl is like.

Donald Hoffman believes that human perceptions of girls and other things are all illusions.

Donald D. Hoffman is a Professor in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, Irvine, with joint appointments in the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, and the School of Computer Science.


The scientists who study quantum physics say that an object does not exist until we observe it.


"The current understanding - that all probabilities all exist at once, in the same reality, until you measure or observe them - is mind-blowing. And yet the math is there to prove it."

What is Reality?

Norway 1905

"When we produce a thought, that thought can change us and can change the world in a good way or in a bad way.

"If it is right thought, if that thought is produced in line with right thinking, then it will have a healing, nourishing effect on our body and on the world.

"Just by producing right thinking you can change the world. You can make the world a better place to live..."

Dharma Talk: The Buddhist Understanding of Reality

In John's Gospel, Jesus says: "It is the Father who lives in me who carries out his work through me...

"If you live your life in me, and my words live in your hearts, you can ask for whatever you like and it will come true for you."

In Luke's Gospel, Jesus says: "Give and men will give to you - yes, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will they pour into your lap...

"The kingdom of God is inside you."

Doctors studying patients with multiple personality disorder have discovered something strange.

One of the personalities possessed by a certain patient needs glasses for their eyes.

But, another of the same patient's personalities does not need glasses for their eyes.

Or, one of the patient's personalities is diabetic and another of the same patient's personalities is not diabetic.

When the patient switches from one personality to another, their body actually goes through real changes, such as differences in blood sugar levels.

In other words, the mind can alter the body.

The Powers-That-Be do not want us to know that they are constantly trying to control our minds, and shape our personalities.

They want us to be addicted to 'negative' states of mind.

Can you get your brain and body not to suffer from any physical and emotional injuries?

If so, this could be useful for people walking on burning coals, or for people training to be angels.

If you are a benevolent and skilful doctor, or an angel, the ability not to suffer physical and emotional injuries and ailments could be useful.

However, if you are an immature young child, or an evil general, there may be useful lessons to be learnt from suffering temporary pain.

Prahlad Jani says he has not eaten or drunk for 70 years.

"A devout Christian called Therese Neumann (above) did not eat or drink for 35 years. 

"She was watched 24 hours a day and confirmed not to have eaten or drunk anything for 2 weeks with no ill-effects, dehydration or weight loss." 

The Biology of Belief  / Therese Neumann.

"Jainist Hira Ratan Manek claims not to have eaten anything since 1995. 

"He has been studied under controlled conditions by teams of scientists and doctors many times and was never observed to eat or drink at all. 

"One time he went 211 days under careful supervision, another time 411 days."

Tibetan monks and Indian Yogis can apparently use meditation to control their body functions.

In 1936, a French cardiologist called Therese Brosse traveled to India to study yogis.

She found that the yogis could slow down their heart rates to abnormally low levels.

In the 1950s, another group of researchers studied yogis lying for 8 hours in air-tight sealed boxes.

The Yogis were able to survive by slowing down their heart rate and breathing.

Jack Schwarz practiced mind over matter.

He could put a long sail-maker's needle through his arm without injury.

"He also displayed his ability to regulate his body's blood flow by causing the puncture hole in his arm to bleed or stop bleeding at will...

Schwarz was studied by researchers at the Menninger Foundation who found that he could indeed control bodily processes with only his mind.

Mirin Dajo

"Mirin Dajo was invited to Switzerland to have his abilities formally studied under laboratory conditions. 

"In front of a group of doctors and journalists, Dajo had his assistant stab him through with the steel rapier and as always he did not bleed or even flinch. 

"He then calmly walked upstairs with doctors to take his X-ray which undeniably proved that no trickery was involved and he was indeed impaled.

Some people's brain cells may see motherhood as being 'unconditional love and forgiveness'.

Other people may see motherhood as being 'disappointment and ridicule'.

Some people's brain cells may see the body as being potentially healthy.

Some people's brain cells may see the body as being potentially sick.

"What we ultimately do is tell ourselves a story about what the outside world is."

(Dr. Joe Dispenza, What the Bleep Do We Know?)

Research has shown that patients who have feelings of helplessness and hopelessness have a lower chance of surviving serious illnesses.

Patients who visualise themselves being healed, have a better chance of surviving serious illnesses.

Candace Pert, former chief of brain biochemistry at the National Institute of Mental Health, suggests that mind is present throughout the body and that emotions are the links between matter and mind.

The Spiritual Universe

"Thoughts change brain chemistry."

(Dr. Joseph M. Carver PhD, Emotional Memory Management: Positive Control Over Your Memory.)

If we are constantly bombarding our cells with the same negative attitudes, emotions, and beliefs, our biochemistry adapts by creating more receptor sites for those particular brain chemicals which cause our problems.

"People often become physically/chemically addicted and dependent on various negative states of being such as depression, victimization, frustration, or jealousy. 

"Over time we crave more of the peptides (certain brain chemicals) we're addicted to and create repetitive dramas in our lives in order to receive our next dose."

The Biology of Belief

"Living with positive, life-affirming, non-limiting thoughts/emotions/beliefs leads to physical health, wellness, and even miraculous supernormal abilities."

The Biology of Belief

"To save her trapped son, Angela Cavallo lifted a 1964 Chevrolet and held it up for five minutes while neighbors arrived, reset a jack, and rescued her unconscious boy. 

"Similarly, a construction worker lifted a 3,000-pound helicopter that had crashed into a drainage ditch, trapping his buddy under water.

"In this feat captured on video, the man held the aircraft aloft while others pulled his friend from beneath the wreckage."   Spontaneous Evolution / The Biology of Belief

According to some research at Princeton University

We can mentally influence - and are influenced by - the thoughts of others.

We can mentally influence biological processes in bodies other than our own.

We can mentally influence the functioning of non-biological systems.

The Next Great Turning - Context Institute

Now, if we are going to be angels in Nirvana, or Heaven or Paradise, we may have to dump our personalities.

Paradoxically, it may be that if we give up our supposed 'free will', we can then follow the will of 'God' (or go with the flow, tune into the Tao, realise that we are part of 'God') and live happily ever after.

The Buddhists would say that our sense of being a separate 'self' is an illusion.

We should practise non-attachment to lots of things.

"All the delightful things of the world - sweet sounds, lovely forms, all the pleasant tastes and touches and thoughts - these are all agreed to bring happiness if they are not grasped and possessed.

But if you regard them merely as pleasures for your own use and satisfaction and do not see them as passing wonders, they will bring suffering.

-Sutta Nipata, Blog: Pleasure and Joy

Alexi Helligar (If everything is just an illusion) refers to the 'zero state' of 'self'.

"Living beings resist the zero state so they can experience enjoyment out of what is essentially nothingness."

Being an angel in Heaven, Paradise or Nirvana does not mean that one is without compassion.

Some Buddhists see an enlightened being as one whose changing self is highly developed.[16]

One with "great self" has a mind which is not at the mercy of outside stimuli or its own moods, but is imbued with self-control, and self-contained.[17]

The mind of such a one is without boundaries, not limited by attachment or "I-identification."[18]

One can transform one's self from an "insignificant self" into a "great self" through practices such as mindfulness.[19]

The suttas portray one disciple who has developed his mind through loving-kindness saying: "Formerly this mind of mine was limited, but now my mind is immeasurable."[19]

With "nirvana-after-death", paranirvana, the last remains of physical life vanish, and no further rebirth takes place.

With nirvāṇa the consciousness is released, and the mind becomes aware in a way that is totally unconstrained by anything in the conditioned world. 

At its best after 4 minutes.

How to explain the world?

0 = +x -x

Particles are constantly popping in and out of existence, according to the scientists.

The +x -x could be seen as representing all possible things.

According to the scientists, a bottle of Coke exists in all possible locations, until it is observed existing in one particular location.

Atom Is Seen in 2 Places at Once - New York Times 

The observer apparently decides where the bottle of Coke is to be found.

And, just as a bottle of Coke can be in more than one place at once, it can also be in more than one time period at once.

The observer apparently decides the time period in which the bottle of Coke is to be found.

Our understanding of time and space may be out of date, according to the scientists.

"The world has the incomprehensible property of existing in a 'superposition' of possible states and every so often plumps for one or another."

Jean Piaget[7] stated that young children have to learn about time and space.

There is a lion somewhere ahead of us.

Perhaps we observe it right in front of us, about to eat us.

Or, perhaps we observe it sitting peacefully, eating manna from heaven.

Particles appear to exist in all states simultaneously according to the experiments in quantum superposition

"Experiments in quantum physics seem to demonstrate the need for an observer to be present to make potentialities become real... 

"Basically, what quantum theory says is that fundamental particles are empty of inherent existence and exist in an undefined state of potentialities. 

"They have no inherent existence from their own side and do not become 'real' until a mind interacts with them and gives them meaning

"Whenever and wherever there is no mind there is no meaning and no reality."

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At 10 August 2019 at 13:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"At the center of it all, your eyes." -D. Bowie, victim of Anisocoria (black star/eclipsing pupil)

"The process of vision engages a full 1/3 of our cortex." -Don Hoffman.

We don't spontaneously see 'out there' as a camera might. We only THINK we see. Literally.

The eyes are the thresholds over which the Principalities traverse. Some eyes get hopelessly occluded. The Outside invades (possesses) the Inside.

At 11 August 2019 at 00:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Book: As A Man Thinketh - by James Allen

At 11 August 2019 at 10:36 , Blogger Julien romanovsky said...

Some necessary notes on the image of JC & Krishna.

The earliest pictures of the physical reality of JC show him to be a black (deep brown) man.

Krishna, btw means in Sanskrit: black (very deep blue, indigo like). The Vedic Sage before him Veda Vyasa (meaning commenter, compiler of the Veda´s) had also a very dark complexion, he was called therefore: Krishna Dvapayana (= island born)

Whites in general apparently have a hard time to digest the reality of JC being a very darkskinned person.

The white version of JC is based on the (false) picture of Cesare Borgia, whose father Rodrigo Borgia - born in Xativa, in the province of Valencia, Spain & who became pope Alexander VI in 1492- commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to take him as model.

I remember the story of a black American researcher, he took an Africanised name, who was visiting in Europe all the statues of the Black Madonna and child in cathedrals and churches. In Switzerland in Einsiedeln there is a Black Madonna. He wrote very compactly that the hotel he checked in gave him a very small single room apart from all the other rooms in the main corridor. He found later on that most of the rooms were unoccupied.

Whitewashed JC became a basic tool for white European imperialism since 1492.

Imv it comes from a kind of vengeance by the Spaniards who were occupied & civilised by the darkskinned Moors* for 700 years.
Only one major difference: The Moors did not kill off the Spaniards en masse.

The Spaniards did that with the Native Americans - who were for 2/3 negroid. Northern Europeans followed the Iberian model of land theft in North AmericA.


GJ comment 15th May 2019:

“How black Americans became Christians and lost their land and aboriginal identity”

The saying goes with the sword and the cross the takeover of the American landmass took place.

A small correction, perhaps needed: With the sword (the gun) & the whitewashed image of the carpenters son, 5G sus!

We do indeed live in Silly Icon times.

At 24 September 2019 at 03:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to believe in a world outside my own mind.
I have to believe my actions still have meaning even if I don't remember them.
I have to believe that when my eyes are closed, the world's still here.


Even for a pure materialist, the world, even time, is an illusion. It is a fabrication of our senses and mind, and subject to their foibles. Hence an external materialist reality is something to which the materialist has only the slenderest access. Ideally the rational materialist seeks to form a minimal internally-consistent simplification of their world with maximum explanatory or predictive power. That is, a theory of the world. The reductionist physicist humbly aspires to a Theory of Everything, apparently believing superstrings and quantum gravity best explain the experience of the scent of a rose or of a lover or of just being there. (Ok, that's unfair, but metaphysics is often not physicists' forte: A ToE is not Ultimate Reality; that is God.)

The more fundamental question is of purpose.

Is our external reality merely a cold and indifferent universe following clockwork rules? Non-teleological. Purposeless.

Or is it something consciously fabricated? Are our lives planned and directed? Purposeful.

Well I'll just say it: it's the latter. There are just too many anomalous, bizarre and statistically implausible things for it to be otherwise. If you've spent a few decades in this absurd world, you should've noticed by now.

You know what I say when I see a bed of   red hot coals?
Lucky guess.


Sure, there are generally "rational" --- that is, physical --- explanations for phenomena. For example, hot coal walkers avoid injury by moving quickly to cool by convection and prevent absorbing heat and somehow not dripping sweat to evade the latent heat of condensation. Thermodynamics.

But there are far stranger phenomena out there if you're willing to look. Our world is not something soulless and mechanical but rather something dreamlike and miraculous. Something magical. Even compassionate.

You were put in this world for a purpose. And that purpose is to save your life. Even the pain helps you.

To help you and save you to become a being worthy of eternity. To enter the next world. The real life.

Somewhere much more fun and relaxing than this infuriating, absurd place..

Where did he go?
  He is gone to a better place. Goodbye, Rance.
He's under the bed.
  I know.

At 5 October 2019 at 00:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Everything originates from the clear pure light of your own mind." - Tibetian Book of the Dead



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