Friday 12 July 2019

The Vaccination Debate



At 13 July 2019 at 03:52 , Blogger James R said...

Great story, thanks. Did notice that you referred to Epstein's Black Book as "Trump's Black Book" several times and might be worth changing for the sake of accuracy.
Donald Trump entry in Epstein's Black Book is noteworthy nonetheless as Epstein had a remarkable 19 different contact listings/phone numbers for Trump (along with shorter listings for Ivana, Ivanka and Don jr)
My understanding of why this is happening now is that and this is just an opinion, but Trump is a Mossad asset on some level, whether through compromise or whatever. That is who he is there to serve and this is unacceptable to the CIA who have until Trump controlled the Presidency since the death of JFK, if not before that.
So Trump has to be removed by whatever means, the Russia thing failed, the evidence just wasn't there despite the best attempts of the CIA liemasters to sell the story, so that has failed and they have chosen the nuclear option, to use Epstein to destroy and remove Trump.

The thinking appears to be that if you can get Epstein to the point where he knows that he is going to be convicted and sentenced to decades of prison, he will choose to spill the dirt he knows about whomever in order to have his sentence reduced.

The reason I use the term nuclear option is because many if not most of Epstein's associations were with Democrat politicians and it is hard to imagine that a Bill Clinton with a very well documented impulse control problem when it comes to women, will not be destroyed if Epstein chooses to tell what he knows.


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