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Secret 1981 file naming senior diplomat as paedophile is released

In May 2019, Whistleblower Carl Beech (Nick) was put on trial after naming a number of top people as being part of a child abuse gang.


Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 1h1 hour ago

Nick says that he was taken to a yacht on “just one” occasion.

‘Nick’ tells #NickTrial that it was “quite a large yacht”, white, with three cabins and sitting/kitchen area. Who was there? “Edward Heath”. Other people were also there.

Edward Heath “told me off, corrected me”, saying that it was a yacht. Heath indicated that he wanted to take him out in it, but ‘Nick’ just cried incessantly. Heath comforted him, and nothing further happened.

Carl Beech, Nick, when the abuse began.

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Defendant tells #NickTrial that he was sexually abused by Maurice Oldfield. Seperately, Leon Brittan sexually abused him, and the first time was at the Carlton club. Brittan also sexually abused him as Dolphin Square, at a pool and elsewhere.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 56m56 minutes ago

Defendant tells #NickTrial that he was sexually abused by Maurice Oldfield. Seperately, Leon Brittan sexually abused him, and the first time was at the Carlton club. Brittan also sexually abused him as Dolphin Square, at a pool and elsewhere.

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At “pool parties”, defendant tells #NickTrial, there would be other boys there, at least five or six, some the same age as him, 11, some younger. There were as many adults there.

Thatcher stopped officials publicly naming Sir Peter Hayman 

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Defendant to #NickTrial: there was fooling around at the pool parties, eg he was thrown off a diving board because he could not swim properly. There was also sexual abuse. He names Leon Brittan, Harvey Proctor and Generral Bramall at being at these pool parties.

He drew a sketch of the pool in 2012, defendant confirms to #NickTrial, after his counsellor suggested to him the idea of trying to record what he could recall on paper.

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He was taken to Christmas parties at Carlton club, Dolphin Square, another house in London. More children and adults attended these than pool parties. Harvey Proctor was regularly there, and he thinks Leon Brittan and possibly Michael Hanley may have been there at least once.

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The children were the “presents” who were “unwrapped, undressed”. Again, children were sexually abused there. There would be one of these parties a year, and he went from 1978 to, he thinks, 1983.

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Remembrance parties were never held on Remembrance Sunday itself, defendant tells #NickTrial. They were held at Imber, Larkhill, possibly Bicester and somewhere in London.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 45m45 minutes ago

General Bramall was at one of the Remembrance parties, General Gibbs was at another, defendant tells #NickTrial. He was usually the only child there. Poppies were pinned to his chest. He was also sexually abused there.

These annual Remembrance parties ran from “approximately” 1978-1983, defendant tells #NickTrial.

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Defence counsel takes defendant to a sketch that he drew of a church. Defendant tells #NickTrial that he only learnt that it was the church at Larkhill after he drew it.


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Asked about two military epaulettes that he supplied to the Met, defendant to #NickTrial: “I had found them on the floor at one of the parties.”

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Defendant tells #NickTrial that he met a boy called Scott at his primary school in Kingston during his last year there, around 1978/9, and they became friends. They were about the same age.

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Did something happen to Scott? “Yes,” defendant tells #NickTrial. This was three or four months after meeting Scott, when they were walking away from school.

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Defendant, starting to break down, tells #NickTrial: “I just heard a loud noise behind me... an engine noise... The car hit him... He was walking beside me... I ran over to him... His leg was in a very funny direction, there was blood... I was taken away.”

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Who took you away? “People in the car... They put me in the back of the car.” Scott was just lying in the road. “I was trying to kick out the window... I just remember something in my arm.” He cannot remember what happened next. He never saw Scott again.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 29m29 minutes ago

Who was responsible for this? “I believe the group was responsible,” defendant tells #NickTrial. Michael Hanley later told him that he was not to have friends.

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He was too scared at the time to tell anyone what had happened to Scott, defendant tells #NickTrial.

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What do you say to ther prosecution claim that this is a “figment of your imagination”? Defendant to #NickTrial: “I know what happened. I was there.”

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Defence counsel at #NickTrial takes defendant to a sketch that he drew of a property in London with the numbers 16 and 17 on the pillars. Defendant says that he had only been to the property once, and had had nightmares about it.

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Defendant tells #NickTrial that he was driven to this property in about 1980, and a boy came out with a man. The boy was ushered into the back seat of the car next to him. He looked “scared”. They were driven to another property nearby. They held hands.

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At the next property, defendant tells #NickTrial, Harvey Proctor opened the door. He was with another man. The propery was a town house.

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He was taken to a room at the back of the house, defendant tells #NickTrial. It was unoccupied, mostly unfurnished. There was a table in the room.

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In the back room, the defendant tells #NickTrial, Harvey Proctor hit the other boy. Starting again to break down, he says the boy did not say anything, just fell over. They tied the boy to the table.

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Defendant to #NickTrial: “They picked up a knife and stabbed him with it.” By “they”, he says that he means Harvey Proctor. He stabbed the boy in the arm. The boy “screamed”, but the other man had his hand over the boy’s mouth, muffling his screams.

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Harvey Proctor also cut him to his chest and legs, defendant tells #NickTrial. The men left the room. What did you do? “I tried to untie him.”

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The men returned to the room, then Harvey Proctor raped the other boy, defendant tells #NickTrial. “I was begging him to stop.”

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Harvey Proctor told him that he would be next, defendant tells #NickTrial. The other man bent him over the table and raped him. Defendant says that he was holding the boy’s hand until his grip loosened.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 5m5 minutes ago

The men left the room again, defendant tells #NickTrial. “I tried to wake him up.” He did not tell anyone at the time about this. “I was scared at that point.”

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 3m3 minutes ago

Defendant tells #NickTrial that he had never seen the boy before so far as he was aware. After he reported to the Met, he “had an idea” who it was... “possibly, Martin Allen.”

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Defendant saw Harvey Proctor on later occasions, he tells #NickTrial. One time at a house in London, he was with three other boys including John and someone called Duncan. Leon Brittan, Michael Hanley and four or five other men were there.

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“One of us was going to die,” Michael Hanley told the boys, defendant tells #NickTrial. Hanley told them that they had to choose who would die. But the boys just stayed quiet.

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“We were paired off,” defendant to #NickTrial, John with Duncan, and him with other boy. The men told them to “perform” with each other.

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The boys were again told that they had to choose which of them would die that night, defendant tells #NickTrial. The boys were taken off for “private time”. Michael Hanley took him to a room for sexual abuse.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 1m1 minute ago

By this stage, the men there were Michael Hanley. Harvey Proctor, Leon Brittan and one other, defendant tells #NickTrial. “Private time” ended suddenly when “one of them shouted and we all came downstairs.”

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 56s56 seconds ago

Defendant to #NickTrial: the men singled out the boy whose name he does not know, and Michael Hanley told them to choose how he would die. The boy was told that he could choose one of the others to die instead of him.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 1m1 minute ago

The men started hitting the boy, defendant tells #NickTrial, again breaking down. The boy’s face was covered with blood. The men left the room. “The three of us got down onto the floor with him.”

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 19s19 seconds ago

The boy was still breathing, but had stopped by the time the men came back into the room, defendant tells #NickTrial. Again, he told no one about it at the time because he was scared.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 16s16 seconds ago

Defence counsel asks about “EGH” on his list for the Met. Defendant tells #NickTrial that this is Elm Guest House, that he was taken there and boys were collected from the property, but that he never went inside.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 4m4 minutes ago

Asked about a reference to Stowe school in his Met list, defendant tells #NickTrial that unknown members of “the group” had taken him there.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2m2 minutes ago

He was taken to Stowe school for sexual abuse, defendant tells #NickTrial. He was also taken for same reason to Richmond Park and to London Zoo.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 11m11 minutes ago

“The frequency of meetings reduced,” defendant tells #NickTrial. Until, he went for a usual pick-up meeting at Bicester station, and no one turned up. He thought that he may have had time or date wrong, and feared punishment. But he never saw any of “the group” again.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 4h4 hours ago

He was still too scared to tell anyone, Defendant tells #NickTrial. After he met his ex-wife, he had a “mini breakdown” after seeing a child on the hospital ward where he worked. As a result, he mentioned to her then the abuse that he had suffered.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 4h4 hours ago

Defendant to #NickTrial: he told his partner about the letter to his mother, and of abuse by his step-father. “She didn’t want to know. She said she didn’t want to know.”

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 3h3 hours ago

Defendant confirms to #NickTrial that John Prance was best man at his wedding in 1992. Prance’s parents were life-long friends of his mother. But he is not John in abuse episodes about which he has told the jury.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 3h3 hours ago

Defendant tells #NickTrial that, contrary to prosecution claims, he has never had difficulties with swimming. However, he does not like putting his head below the water unless he is using snorkelling equipment.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 3h3 hours ago

Defendant confirms to #NickTrial that from his mid-teens he stopped taking care of his personal hygiene in the hope that this would deter his abusers.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 3h3 hours ago

When he and his wife split, they had debts of around £69,800, inc about £9,500 for a VW Beetle and £33,000 remaining finance for a motorhome, defendant confirms to #NickTrial. He paid off most of his share following the split, and his ex-wife did the same with hers.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 3h3 hours ago

Defendant confirms to #NickTrial that he went for counselling again, around 2012 because his abuse background had caused problems with a subsequent relationship. He wanted help so that he could have a relationship.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 3h3 hours ago

Defendant tells #NickTrial that he started to have nightmares, in particular about two of the boys’ deaths, as well as flashbacks after he had started to open up for the first time, with his counsellor.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 3h3 hours ago

Defendant confirms to #NickTrial that he had told his counsellor in an e-mail that his step-father had found him in Kingston, but tells the jury that he had not told her full details of what had happened to him. It was Michael Hanley who found him, he says, not his step-father.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Referred to the body maps of abuse injuries that he sent his counsellor, defendant tells #NickTrial that he suffered broken bones to his leg/ankle and right arm, and fractured ribs, as a result of beatings by his step-father and other members of “the group”.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Defendant confirms to #NickTrial that a doctor was part of the group and that he “patched up” him and other boys. He thought that he might be called Henry.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Defendant tells #NickTrial that the police thought they knew who the doctor was. However, they never did an ID process with him for the doctor.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

When Jimmy Savile was exposed as a paedophile, defendant tells #NickTrial, he was frustrated because he knew that the BBC star had not only abused girls and women. He called NSPCC helpline, was told that they realised this,and encouraged him to contact ‘Operation Yewtree’.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

He used the pseudonym ‘Aubrey’ when referring to John in his interviews with Wiltshire Police, defendant tells #NickTrial. He did not want to give police the name of John, partly because he did not have his permission to do so.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Defendant confirms that he also declined to identify to Wiltshire Police the diplomats who abused him. Why? He was “scared”, defendant tells #NickTrial.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Before being interviewed by Wiltshire Police, he hired a private investigator to establish that his step-father was dead, defendant confirms to #NickTrial. Mid-afternoon adjournment.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Defendant tells #NickTrial that the police had initially suggested that he seek CICA compensation. He later asked police for a crime reference number so that he could apply for compensation to help him pay for counselling. He had been struggling to meet counselling fees.


  1. "He was also taken for same reason to Richmond Park and to London Zoo."

    Just a thought, but Tavistock inspired 'research' or programming may or may not explain the selection of London Zoo.

    ( See, for example, )

  2. I concur with the experienced officers from the Metropolitan Police Service's child abuse and murder investigation teams, who believe Carl Beech's statements to be "credible and true".

  3. i believe everything carl beech says as years back i had a freind adam pierce, who told me identical stuff about the same people.
    He was taken with 3 boys from the west lynn childrens home to be abused by homosexuals one of which was edward heath

  4. "Asked about a reference to STOWE SCHOOL in his Met list, defendant tells #NickTrial that unknown members of 'the group' had taken him there"


    Stowe school is the alma mater of:


    Sir Richard Branson's contact details are listed in the recovered contacts book of convicted serial paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, whose business partner and professional 'madam', Ghislaine Maxwell, may be linked to the Mossad. Richard Branson owns Necker Island in the Caribbean which was the venue for 'wild parties' staged by the NXIVM sex cult. Branson has been photographed with NXIVM cult members Allison Mack and Sara Bronfman. Branson also knew Sara Bronfman's father, the late Edgar Bronfman Sr, who was himself involved in the NXIVM sex cult. Edgar Bronfman Sr was president of the World Jewish Congress.


    Leonard Cheshire founded the Cheshire Foundation. "The Health Department in the 1960s and early 1970s had commissioned the eminent TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE to conduct research in all 28 Leonard Cheshire Homes. Their specialism was Group Dynamics I think, which would I suppose be applied to 'User empowerment' giving the inmates a voice to be heard. Which is very strange because it appears the Health Department did not seek the consent of the inmates (Stand to be corrected). And whether they consulted the Attorney General is still a secret."


    Lord Michael Grade admits that he heard "rumours" about Jimmy Savile's serial paedophilia; nevertheless, he decided not to take any action whatsoever. Michael Grade commissioned Esther Rantzen and Sarah Caplin (Nick Ross's wife) to make a special programme called Childwatch, which provided the springboard for the pair to create and publicise 'Childline', a hotline for abused children. Childline may be a disguised monitoring system which is designed to protect VIP paedophiles, rather than their young victims.


    The late Sir Peter Hayman was a British diplomat and a paedophile. He was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).


    "Henniker provided a sanctuary on his country estate at Thornham Magna in Suffolk to Peter Righton, who supplied boys to paedophile VIPs at DOLPHIN SQUARE and elsewhere. In 1992, Righton rented a cottage on Henniker's secluded, 2,500-acre estate ... He had been charged with possessing obscene images of children, for which he was convicted in September that year."


    Charles Manners is reportedly still attending Stowe School (as of July 2019). Convicted sex offender HARVEY PROCTOR was employed as private secretary to Charles' Manners father David, who is the DUKE OF RUTLAND. Charles Manners is the heir apparent.


    The late Lord Alistair McAlpine was reportedly at the heart of the VIP paedophilia and child trafficking operation that saw children and youths fed through a conveyor belt of abuse linking the Bryn Alyn homes in Wales to Kincora boys' home in Belfast, and numerous locations in southern England including DOLPHIN SQUARE.


    Sources include:

    Richard Branson:

    Leonard Cheshire:

    Lord Michael Grade:

    Sir Peter Hayman:

    Lord Alistair McAlpine:

    Stowe School:

  5. i was at the west lynn childrens home when some of these characters would visit, the older boys knew what was in store when taken out for the day by the likes of Greville Janner Jimmy savile and leon britten, the stories we heard when boys were returned were horrific, and all were abused by several men

  6. I wonder where Brittan got shipped off to.

  7. "He was taken to Stowe school for sexual abuse, defendant tells #NickTrial. He was also taken for same reason to RICHMOND PARK and to LONDON ZOO."

    See also 'Dolphin Square & the Westminster Council connection', Scallywag issue 29b, May 1995'