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Above we see Jeffrey Epstein's girl Nadia Marcinko (Nada Marcinkova) landing at Teterboro airport in New Jersey.

Teterboro airport played a role in CIA renditions and in 9 11

Teterboro Airport

Are people going to be allowed to criticise the Zionist elite?

Here is a bill that was recently signed into law by Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis:

Under this legislation, it is forbidden for students or employees of the Florida educational system to have certain perceptions of Jews - examples of which include:

1.) making stereotypical allegations about Jews including the myth of Jewish control of governments, the economy etc.

2.) accusing Jews or the State of Israel of exaggerating the Holocaust.

3.) accusing Jews of being more loyal to Israel than to the USA.

Jeffrey Epstein likes boys? "Maximilia Cordero, who stepped forward ... with a lawsuit claiming she'd engaged in 'bizarre and unnatural sex acts' with Epstein while in her teens, was born Maximillian Cordero in 1983, records show." NY Post  "Jeffrey Epstein was once presented with three 12-year-olds from France as a birthday gift...(Sex Trafficking - The Daily Beast )

The Miami legislation also includes examples of anti-Semitism as related to the State of Israel including:

1.) demonizing Israel and drawing comparisons of modern day Israeli policy to that of the Nazis or blaming Israel for all religious and political tensions.

2.) requiring that Israel behave in a fashion that is not expected of other democratic nations including focusing human rights investigations only on Israel.

3.) denying Israel the right to exist and its people the right to self-determination.

Florida and Anti-Semitism - Viable Opposition

Jeffrey Epstein's Nadia Marcinko (aka Nada Marcinkova)

Epstein's Nadia Marcinko learnt to fly at the same Mossad-linked airfield as the Hebrew-speaking Mohamed Atta.

What links Jeffrey Epstein to 9 11 and to Mossad?

Epstein's Black Book lists a number of people whom Mossad and its friends may have wanted to blackmail and control prior to the events of 9 11? 


Above, we see Lantana airport, which has been linked to drug trafficking flights involving the Caribbean, particularly the Bahamas, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

South Florida Aviation - Thirdring's Blog

Jeffrey Epstein's girl Nadia Marcinko/Marcinkova  learned to fly at Florida's Lantana Airport at about the same time as the Hebrew-speaking Mohammad Atta, who is thought to have been a Mossad agent.

Mohamed Atta - 911Review.

Jeffrey Epstein is a member of the the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. He supports the Friends of Israel Defense Forces. He has donated money to the Palm Beach Police Department. (Jeffrey Epstein - Wikipedia)

1. Venice, Florida

Atta took flying lessons at Huffman Aviation Inc. from July to December 2000.


The airfield at Venice has reportedly been used by the CIA for flying heroin.

South Florida Aviation - Thirdring's Blog

2. Lantana

Atta honed his flying skills at Lantana, the Palm Beach County Airport.

Lantana has reportedly been used for CIA and Mossad operations.

South Florida Aviation - Thirdring's Blog

Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama

Researcher Wayne Madsen has written:

Mohammed Atta received training from a company owned by U.S. Federal Judge Mark Fuller...

Atta was often seen at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama...

It has now come to light, from a former U.S. Army intelligence operative, that from late 1998 to early 1999, Atta received training at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center in Fort Huachuca, Arizona...

The information that Atta had been trained at Maxwell and Huachuca was known to the team of Army and other military service personnel assigned to operation ABLE DANGER...

ABLE DANGER was abruptly terminated by the Bush administration and, specifically, the Defense Department under Donald Rumsfeld, some four months before the 9/11 attacks.

U.S. Representative Curt Weldon said that that 99% of the data collected on Atta and the other alleged hijackers was destroyed after the Pentagon's termination of ABLE DANGER.

ABLE DANGER reported that the World Trade Center would be hit...

Atta had been associated with covert U.S. intelligence flight training and Israeli counter-intelligence elements in - Venice, Sarasota, Lantana, Ope-Locka; Key West, and Jacksonville, Florida; Norman and Bethany, Oklahoma; Lawrenceville, Georgia; Teeterboro, New Jersey; San Diego; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Angeles City, Philippines...

Atta trained at a second U.S. military base ....

Jean-Francois Buslik

The 9 11 event is linked to the CIA's Operation Gladio, which involved the random shootings of innocent people in supermarkets in Belgium.

Atta flew planes from Kemper Aviation at North Palm Beach in 2001.

Kemper's chief pilot trainer between 1989 and 1999 was Jean-Francois Buslik.

Buslik was later arrested on murder charges filed in Belgium.

Buslik was implicated in the 1982-85 Brabant killings, a wave of killings carried out by the CIA and its friends in supermarkets in the Brussels suburbs. / South Florida Aviation - Thirdring's Blog.

There were two Mohamed Attas.

Wayne Madsen investigated the area in Florida where Mohamed Atta, or his Israeli double, spent some time.

Atta, or his Israeli double, was immediately across the street from where the "Israeli art students" lived.

The art students are believed to have been working for Mossad.

Both the art students and 'Atta' hung out in Shuckums Bar in Hollywood, Florida.

Jeffrey Epstein, who may or may not have links to Mossad, is associated with Southern Florida.

Jeffrey Epstein's close friend Ghislaine Maxwell and Ghislaine's father 'Mossad agent' Robert Maxwell.

Wayne Madsen has written about the Atta team in Florida - November 2014 - Hollywood, FL - Atta

1. The Hollywood area in Florida is heavily populated by Jews from New York City.

2. 'Atta' and his team were cruising bars and causing scenes in a city with a large Jewish population just four days before 9 11.

The name Trump has been linked to prostitution. MICHAEL JACKSON, DONALD TRUMP AND THE CIA

3. 'Atta' and his team chose to use a mail drop at a rental mailbox store in a shopping centre catering to Jewish residents.

4. Hollywood was one of several cities where the addresses of the art students closely matched up with those of the alleged hijackers.

These cities includes Irving, Texas (near Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport); San Diego; Jersey City; and Laurel, Maryland.


5. 'Atta' and his team chose to get drunk at a local Hollywood restaurant called Shuckums Oyster Bar.

The Atta team may have been Israeli 'actors'.

6. 'Atta' and three other 'hijackers' stayed at a Pensacola, Florida-area beach resort hotel.

Two of the Atta team members also listed as their addresses on their Florida driver's licenses, 10 Radford Boulevard, which is within the security perimeter of the Pensacola Naval Air Station.

7. While supposedly attending flight school in Venice, Florida, Atta was remembered by deli workers at a local Publix supermarket and a pharmacy as being rude and short-tempered with the employees.

Key West residents recalled Atta getting drunk with his girlfriend, Amanda Keller, and meeting with an unidentified German national who flew into Key West for the sole purpose of seeing Atta.

November 2014 - Hollywood, FL - Atta

'Melania Trump'

FLORIDA, TRUMP AND 9 11. - Aangirfan




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At 11 July 2019 at 04:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's that about a temple?

"On a hill on the southwest point of Little St. James Island, there is a temple painted with blue and white stripes and topped with a golden dome ...

"According to island workers who spoke with the Associated Press, the building [is outfitted with] acoustic walls ...

"[Business Insider] contacted engineer and contractor James Both, who noticed a few suspicious details about the temple.

"'It's styled like what you might see on a castle, with what appears to be a reinforcing lock bar across the face,' he said.

"'What makes it peculiar is that if you wanted to keep people out, the bar would be placed inside the building, [but the] locking bar appears to be placed on the outside ... AS IF IT WERE INTENDED TO LOCK PEOPLE IN.'

"From this perspective, sound-dampening walls sound much more suspicious ..."

At 11 July 2019 at 05:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Epstein may have been a Mossad or Russian spy, ex counterintelligence officer says


[According to a Daily Beast report published on Tuesday] "during his vetting by the Trump administration, Acosta revealed that he was told to 'leave it alone,' referring to the Epstein case. Why? Because Epstein 'belonged to intelligence,' Acosta said in the interview with Trump administration officials.

"Acosta was asked by a reporter on Wednesday whether Epstein was an intelligence asset of some kind. The Labor Secretary's answer simply dodged the question, according to Raw Story.

"So there has been reporting to that effect and let me say, there’s been reporting to a lot of effects in this case, not just now but over the years and, again, I would hesitant [sic] to take this reporting as fact," Acosta said.

"Writing in The Observer newspaper, former National Security Agency counterintelligence officer John Schindler called Acosta’s answer 'a non-denial denial of an epic kind.' In fact, Schindler added, Acosta 'functionally admitted' that the allegations of Epstein’s intelligence connections are true.

But Schindler believes that Epstein was not a spy for any American intelligence agency, because according to Schindler, U.S. intelligence would not permit as 'asset' to operate a child sex trafficking ring for years at a time.

"Instead, Schindler said that 'it seems awfully coincidental that Epstein's best pal and business partner for decades has been Ghislaine Maxwell.' Maxwell is the daughter of deceased British media mogul Robert Maxwell, who died in 1991 under unclear circumstances, but who was reported by The Guardian to have worked for the KGB. Maxwell was also suspected of connections to Israel's spy agency, the Mossad.

"'Since the lines between Russian intelligence, Israeli intelligence and organized crime can get remarkably blurry in practice,' Schindler wrote, 'assessing whom Epstein’s been working for may prove difficult to answer.' But starting with the Russians and Israelis, 'we have a suspect list.'"

At 11 July 2019 at 05:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was Jeffrey Epstein a SPY? [Daily Beast 'silencing' of reporter]


"THE DAILY BEAST reporter, Vicky Ward, wrote a profile of Epstein in 2003 for Vanity Fair but said later that HER EDITOR DELETED MANY OF THE MOST OF THE SALACIOUS DETAILS IN HER STORY despite victims' willingness to go on the record ...

"'I tried to expose Jeffrey Epstein for what he is and I WAS SILENCED,' Ward tweeted ..."

At 11 July 2019 at 05:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sure looks like Jeffrey Epstein was a spy - but whose?

"... In a report for the Daily Beast, [investigative journalist Vicky Ward] shed light on the Justice Department's 2007 non-prosecution agreement with Epstein ...

"Ward writes:

"'He'd cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein's attorneys because he had 'been told' to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. 'I was told Epstein "belonged to intelligence" and to leave it alone,' he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. (The Labor Department had no comment when asked about this.)'

"Wait, what?

"So, Acosta, according to himself, backed off on prosecuting Epstein back in 2007, despite the possession of ample evidence proving his guilt, because he 'belonged to intelligence.' Whose intelligence, exactly? is the first of many questions that arise here ...

"What then can we conclude at this point? It appears that Jeffrey Epstein was involved in intelligence work, of some kind, for someone - and it probably wasn't American intelligence either ...

"What's not in doubt is that a sex trafficking ring centered on minors, which involved numerous global VIPs in compromising situations, would be of high interest to quite a few intelligence services."

At 11 July 2019 at 05:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jury sees selfie of 'sex ring fantasist known as Nick' posing in his pants


This was done for purposes of HUMILIATION, revenge, and to further degrade and destroy Carl Beech's image as a 'serious figure' in the eyes of the uninformed public.

Shades of Gareth Williams, etc.

This stunt today by the prosecution and the security services in the trial of Carl Beech was an evil, evil act.

At 11 July 2019 at 05:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

By republishing the image of Carl Beech in a state of undress, the Daily Mail and its reporter, Joel Adams, are complicit in this evil stunt.

At 11 July 2019 at 05:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typo - that should be "Vanity Fair 'silencing' of reporter"

At 11 July 2019 at 06:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 11 July 2019 at 06:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 11 July 2019 at 07:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 11 July 2019 at 07:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 11 July 2019 at 07:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 11 July 2019 at 10:12 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Epstein - Barr - Trump

At the age of 20, university drop-out Jeffrey Epstein, was hired to teach maths & physics to teen-age girls & boys, at the prestigious private Dalton School in Manhattan, where he worked from 1973-75

The headmaster who hired Epstein, was Donald Barr (1921-2004), who is the father of Donald Trump's current Attorney General William Barr (born 1950) ... it is a small world

William Barr's first job out of university was working for the CIA, 1973-77, which supported him going to night school earning a law degree

William Barr has at times worked for the Kirkland & Ellis law firm, whose clients have included Jeffrey Epstein

William Barr had a role in a huge list of scandals, some tied to the CIA, as he bounced in & out of the US government, including previously becoming Attorney General under George H W Bush in 1991-93

Scandals involving William Barr, on Canada's Global Research

In Jeffrey Epstein's two years teaching teen-agers at the Dalton School, after being hired by William Barr's father, one of Epstein's students was the son of Alan Greenberg, the chairman of Wall Street firm Bear Stearns

Epstein left teaching and started as a floor trader for Bear Stearns in 1976, and by 1980 he was a firm partner

In 1981 Epstein departed Bear Stearns, and set up J Epstein & Co money management ... his wealth acquisition is mysterious after that, a black box

« Mr. Epstein’s wealth may have depended less on his math acumen than his connections to two men - Steven J. Hoffenberg, a onetime owner of The New York Post and a notorious fraudster later convicted of running a $460 million Ponzi scheme, and Leslie H. 'Les' Wexner, the billionaire founder of retail chains including The Limited and the chief executive of the company that owns Victoria’s Secret.

« Mr. Hoffenberg was Mr. Epstein’s partner in two ill-fated takeover bids in the 1980s, including one of Pan American World Airways, and would later claim that Mr. Epstein had been part of the scheme that landed him in jail - although Mr. Epstein was never charged. With Mr. Wexner, Mr. Epstein formed a financial and personal bond that baffled longtime associates of the wealthy retail magnate, who was his only publicly disclosed investor.

« Those around Wexner were mystified over Wexner's affinity for Epstein.

« "Everyone was mystified as to what his appeal was," said Robert Morosky, a former vice chairman of The Limited. "I checked around and found out he was a private high school math teacher, and that was all I could find out. There was just nothing there." »

At 11 July 2019 at 14:54 , Blogger Peter said...

Three years ago, this August, I moved from New York state to Florida. I thought I would escape the New York metropolitan Zionist/ Anglo American networks of corruption. Sadly, I have gone from the frying pan into the fire. Florida is a naval bivouac of monstrous proportions. Naval bases in almost every major city. Think along the lines of Kaye Griggs nightmarish tales. This military entity infests the civilian infrastructure on every level. Every aspect of civilian life is closely monitored by a Zionist/ Anglo American presence lurking in every shadow. Needless to say, the British Empire''s glory rested upon their navy. US navy is just an extension of the former British Empire's navy. (HMS Florida)

At 11 July 2019 at 16:42 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Media on Epstein before the big scandals broke, is instructive

'Talented Mr Epstein', Vanity Fair 2003

Jeffrey Epstein was a member of the CFR Council on Foreign Relations & the Trilateral Commission

Epstein house in New York City just raided by police, was bought by a trust run by Epstein's patron - paymaster? - Jewish billionaire Les Wexner (born 1937), of the ultra-Zionist-funding Jewish billionaire 'Mega Group' of that era

Records were showing that the Wexner trust still owned the house long after Epstein said he had bought it

In 1988 Epstein filed a financial statement giving his net worth as only US $20 million ... he is a billionaire now? How?

When Epstein needed to sign guarantees for a few million, Wexner sometimes had to sign the paper for him

Epstein made the same claim as a fellow famous Jewish personality of mysterious wealth - arch-Zionist Wikipedia founder & supremo Jimmy Wales -

Of their making money on 'foreign currency trading' which crushes most people who try to do it ... it seems this is a cover story for getting money from the kosher nostra


The Epstein arrest seems a fake show, with absurdities thrown in our faces

Police claimed they had to 'break down the door' to get inside, and we have photos of the 'Epstein door' with crude crowbar-type damage ... this is ridiculous

Epstein's NYC home on E. 71st St near 5th Ave, is one of the largest private mansions in the city, about 21,000 square feet / 3,000 square metres ... several staff members live there, there is always someone there 24 hours per day, usually 3 to 5 people

Staff would immediately answer the door and let the police inside ... High security doors in a $77 million home like Epstein's could not be opened with crude tools like this ... which would immediately set off massive alarms

This is as stupid as when GCHQ was 'smashing the Guardian computers' with sledge-hammers, to allegedly destroy the files of CIA-Mossad faker 'Edward Snowden' ... the files obviously already at remote locations

Also, here is a screenshot from news media video of 'police removing evidence in the raid on Jeffrey Epstein's home' ... look at these people carrying rubbish bags ... do these look like 'professional police agents' gathering events in one of the highest-profile crime cases in the USA right now? ... Or just some layabouts from fake news casting?

What are these 'agents' with rubbish bags carrying? People owning a $77 million home do not have 'papers' laying about, offices & staff at other locations deal with paper ... photos on 'CD' discs with labels? Who has done this in recent years? Jeffrey Epstein with millions to play with, and a staff of dozens, is spending his evenings sorting & labelling CDs of photos?

Are black rubbish bags from the discount store, the latest in police 'high evidence' gear?

Is Epstein still Mossad & CFR? Is he really in jail now?

Will Epstein soon be on the beach in Haifa Israel, having a drink and a larf, with also convicted and 'sentenced to prison for life' Bernie Madoff who stole the $50 billion?

At 12 July 2019 at 08:50 , Blogger lastella michele said...

Living in Miami beach. 100% agree. But one is able to recognize this only when he is aware about high secret information. Common people don't give a s..... about it Unfortunately!

At 12 July 2019 at 13:26 , Blogger Julien romanovsky said...

"Is he really in jail now? Will Epstein soon be on the beach in Haifa Israel, having a drink and a larf, with also convicted and 'sentenced to prison for life' Bernie Madoff who stole the $50 billion?"

Good questions.

Imv the whole Epstein arrest is a diversion from the solidarity trip of Andrew Cuomo to the slc sweet little country on the eastern border of the Mediterranean.

If Epstein really is nailed a dozen of other inc. Donald T. will fall. That domino effect was known in advance and will not happen.

Check out the gj comment July 10, 2019 at 5:15 pm at:

Cuomo brought a souvenir back from his 2 day trip: 17 companies from – what is called- Israel -since 1948- will control all of the IoT in the US smart cities (and rural areas).

What again is the motto of Mossad? Through deception we wage war.

17 israeli companies will with the 5 G roll out paradise, uh sorry, paralyze the US.

At 13 July 2019 at 18:43 , Blogger Peter said...

I agree common folk are woefully ignorant. As Robespierre stated, "The secret to freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret to tyranny is in keeping them ignorant".


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