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Jeffrey Epstein got the land for his palatial house in New Mexico from former New Mexico Governor Bruce King.

Governor King lived next to Epstein's ranch, in Stanley.

Governor King presided over a police force who were allegedly 'drug runners, murderers, blackmailers and participants in various sex clubs."


In Albuquerque in New Mexico, "Linda Lee Daniels was abducted for use in porno films, raped, tortured, and then shot to death.

"James Scartaccini, the one of Linda’s abductors, that evidence indicated was her killer, was allowed to plea bargain and served no time at all."


Kaitlyn Arquette, 18, was murdered in Albuquerque on July 16, 1989.

Reportedly she knew too much about the criminal activity of the top people in New mexico.

Who Killed Kait Arquette?

Bill Richardson, a former Governor of New Mexico, and a member of Bilderberg, was a frequent visitor to Stanley.

Alan Dershowitz reportedly visited Stanley.

Reportedly human traffickers use New Mexico when they bring sex slaves into the USA from such places as Eastern Europe, Mexico and Africa.

The CIA are suspected of being involved. The sex trade is closely linked to the drugs trade.

Reportedly, Timothy Wyllie of the Satanist Process Church lives on a compound in Mountainair in New Mexico similar as Epstein's. Wyllie is said to be linked to the CIA and MI6.

(Many thanks to anonymous for the links.)

Tara Calico, aged 19, disappeared on 20 September, 1988, near Belen, in New Mexico. 

Girl in the photograph..

In 1989, in Port St. Joe, in Florida, a woman found the above photo outside a Junior Food Store.

The photo appears to show Tara and a missing boy named Michael Henley.

In 1980, Jeffrey Epstein became a partner at Bear Stearns.[2] In 1982, Epstein founded his own financial management firm

Jeffrey Epstein has a palatial home in STANLEY, which is near BELEN.

Jeffrey Epstein also has a home in Florida.

Michael Henley, Jr., disappeared in April 1988, in the same area where Tara disappeared.

Witnesses spotted a girl resembling Tara, with a group of men who seemed to be restraining her, on a South Florida beach just days before the photo was found.

Epstein lives in what is reputed to be the largest private dwelling in New Mexico, on an $18 million, 7,500-acre ranch which he named Zorro.

Jeffrey Epstein's palatial New Mexico home is relatively near to a top military base.

The Epstein home is in Stanley in New Mexico.

Albuquerque now has a variety of Jewish synagogues and a Chabad house.


Mossad sex party, according to former Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky

There were about 25 people in and around the pool and none of them had a stitch of clothing on. 

The second-in-command of the Mossad — today, he is the head — was there. 

Hessner. Various secretaries. It was incredible. Some of the men were not a pretty sight, but most of the girls were quite impressive. I must say they looked much better than they did in uniform! Most of them were female soldiers assigned to the office, and were only 18 or 20 years old. 


Mossad sex party, according to former Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky

Some of the partiers were in the water playing, some were dancing, others were on blankets to the left and the right having a fine old time vigorously screwing each other right there...

 It was the top brass all right, and they were swapping partners. It really shook me. That's sure not what you expect. You look at these people as heroes, you look up to them, and then you see them having a sex party by the pool.

—Ostrovsky, Victor, By Way of Deception, (1990), pg. 96

Mega Group was launched in 1991 by Seagrams Corp. director Charles Bronfman and Victoria's Secret owner Leslie Wexner.

`Mega-Maniacs' Steering Sharon's Mideast War Drive - Rense

Alan M. Dershowitz's first wife Sue Barlach apparently died in mysterious circumstances.

Alan Dershowitz has a skeleton in his cupboard

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At 18 July 2019 at 03:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 18 July 2019 at 05:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Epstein used foreign passport with fake name to enter UNITED KINGDOM

"Jeffrey Epstein used a foreign passport with a fake name to enter several countries in the 1980s including THE UNITED KINGDOM, Spain and Saudi Arabia, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

"The questionable travel document was found inside a safe - along with $70,000 in cash and 48 loose diamonds - in the New York City home of the wealthy financier and accused sex trafficker. It contained a photo of Epstein with a different name and listed his place of residence as Saudi Arabia, according to prosecutors.

"Epstein's lawyers filed court papers Tuesday claiming he obtained the Austrian passport in 1982 for 'personal protection' to be presented to 'potential kidnappers, hijackers, or terrorists.' The lawyers said Epstein's Jewish faith and substantial wealth made him a target while traveling in the Middle East.

"Epstein's attorneys also said that the government provided no evidence that he ever used the passport.

"But Wednesday, prosecutors did just that.

"'In fact, the passport contains numerous ingress and egress stamps, including stamps that reflect use of the passport to enter France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia in the 1980s,' the court papers say.

"Prosecutors added that Epstein's lawyers have yet to explain some of the basic questions concerning the passport, including how he obtained it and WHETHER HE'S A CITIZEN OF ANOTHER COUNTRY.

"Epstein's lawyers did not immediately return a request for comment.

"The travel document has become a key component of the government's argument for keeping Epstein locked up on charges alleging he sexually abused dozens of underage girls in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005.

"Prosecutors say it demonstrates Epstein's ability to obtain false travel documents and underscores his 'serious risk of flight.' They also point to his extraordinary wealth, access to private planes and limited family ties ..."

At 18 July 2019 at 06:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The girl in the 1st pic looks like Miley Cyrus

At 18 July 2019 at 06:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 18 July 2019 at 08:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Prince Andrew on a yacht in PHUKET with Jeffrey Epstein and 'friends'

At 18 July 2019 at 08:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Epstein says he was given passport by friend, never used it

"... Epstein said in a letter filed Thursday that he he is a lifelong American citizen and HAS NO OTHER FOREIGN CITIZENSHIP ...

"In his new filing, Epstein said he was given passport by a friend as some Jewish-Americans were 'informally advised at the time' to carry identification with a non-Jewish name when traveling in case of hijacking.

"'He never used the document to travel internationally and never presented it to any immigration or customs authority,' his lawyers wrote. 'THE PASSPORT STAMPS, PREDATING HIS RECEIPT OF THE DOCUMENT, DO NOT REFLECT MR. EPSTEIN'S ENTRIES OR EXITS. His expired US passports, seized by the government and in its possession, would verify his true travel.'"

At 18 July 2019 at 09:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer, Marc Fernich, previously defended New York mafia boss John Gotti and Mexican drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman.

Marc Fernich is a Zionist extremist and advocate for the state of Israel.

Fernich has published the following delightful statements on his personal blog:

"... [Newt Gingrich] hit the nail on the head when he called the Palestinians an 'invented people' ... Problem is, Gingrich didn't go far enough ...

"[There is] the universal political and military truth that the land 'belongs' to whoever can defend it - the age-old adage that the victor gets the spoils. Only in the Middle East ... is that maxim turned upside down ...

"In hurling back the impending '67 invasion, Israel greatly expanded its territorial reach, improbably capturing Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula. No other country on earth is asked to surrender land it wins in a war to defend its own borders ...

"Given a choice, Middle Eastern Arabs have proven they’ll make the wrong one time and time again. The only things they understand, it seems, are hardcore realpolitik and pure brute force ..."

At 18 July 2019 at 09:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Epstein denied bail, must remain behind bars until sex trafficking trial

A federal judge in New York sided with prosecutors who argued that the financier poses a flight risk.

At 18 July 2019 at 09:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


"[Jeffrey Epstein] claimed that he had helped out Lynn Forrester, after her divorce from Andrew Stein in the 1990s, and before she married financier Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild. (Lynn Forrester de Rothschild did not return a call seeking comment.)"

At 18 July 2019 at 09:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wondering why Epstein, who was untouchable for decades, is now being paraded in the media with salacious gossip about a whole generation of celebrities and politicians. This could be the Likud/Chabad/Trump US reelection scorched earth campaign - blow up the opposition's credibility with sex scandals discrediting previously trusted 'leaders'.
Wondering if Epstein is actually in prison or in the command centre for all this activity with Maxwell and others preparing the media evidence of compromised behaviours....
Ehud Barak was mounting a challenge to untouchable Netanyahoo, he is getting whacked as an example. Watching to see if Trump comes out of this unaffected or compromised (possibly just as a warning control mechanism) to ascertain who the players are in this...

At 18 July 2019 at 15:35 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

The domed temple on Jeffrey Epstein's island, seems to be modelled on the historic Hammam Yalbugha bath house in Aleppo Syria, dating back to 1491, and in that style of architecture that is seen today as both Islamic and Masonic


The prosecution of Jewish Jeffrey Epstein is quite a Jewish affair

The judge is Jewish Richard Berman

The lead prosecutor is Jewish Geoffrey Berman - distant relative of the judge? - linked via Rudy Giuliani to Israel's good friend Trump

A junior prosecutor is Maurene Comey, linked via her father James Comey to Hillary Clinton, and by her Jewish husband and Tel Aviv professor father-in-law to Zionist Israel

With some Epstein files being revealed due to victorious hostile court action by Epstein's longtime personal lawyer, arch-Zionist Alan Dershowitz

We now are forewarned that 'many high-level people' will be implicated by the 'Epstein files'

Will this be like the 'Panama Papers'? ... where the published historian of the Mossad, and other Israelis, helped 'lead' the investigators ... embarrassing 'selected' leaders around the world

Or 'Wikileaks' that Benjamin Netanyahu himself admitted in Israel, was intel and serving Israel and Mossad?


The Jeffrey Epstein prosecution seems clearly fake, due to the number of dozens of people who would be enablers of Epstein crimes ... who are not being charged or menaced with prosecution

USA laws are more far-reaching and prosecutor-friendly than anywhere

The USA 1970 RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act, allows prosecutors to bring charges against anyone aiding and abetting a pattern of illegal activity, or supplying funds for it ... Ghislaine Maxwell? Les Wexner? Scores of servants etc?

USA prosecutors are normally eager to bring in the 'small fry' and threaten them, who then 'flip' to testify about the bigger people

Yet in court it is *only* Epstein, who did little without assistance ... getting his funds apparently from the Zionist billionaire 'Mega Group', that the late eccentric Jew Lyndon LaRouche (1922-2019) documented years ago


Is Jeffrey Epstein *really* in jail, in a 'solitary cell' for his protection?

Is it not easy for officials to fake someone's imprisonment? If a prison guard spoke out about such fakery and lost his job, would anyone except 'blogs' print the story? Who would believe it?

At 19 July 2019 at 06:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Brabantian Excellent research and persuasive reasoning. Thank you.

At 20 July 2019 at 00:52 , Blogger Anon said...


19 July 2019 at 11:31

I heard he was close to El Chapo, but I never thought about him NOT really being imprisoned. I CANNOT imagine he will ever get out. Trump is as guilty as them all. Frankly not sure how he has held on w/o this being exposed this long - just can't figure out how he hides it. Thank you for all your articles


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