Thursday, 1 August 2019


Below, we list some of the names in Jeffrey Epstein's black book.

Jeffrey Epstein


1. Charles Althorp, aka Charles Spencer: Princess Diana's brother.

Spencer has been married to Victoria Lockwood, a model, Caroline Freud, former wife of Matthew Freud, and Karen Gordon, the founder and chief executive of Whole Child International, a charity based in Los Angeles [14]

2. Steve Bannon, Steve: Former White House chief strategist. Friend of Boris Johnson.

Rupert Birley, brother of Robin Birley, who is in Epstein's black book. Rupert disappeared, presumed dead. 

3. Robin Birley: Nightclub impresario.

Birley owned the club where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had their first date.

Robin Birley is the son of Lady Annabel Goldsmith.

Iris Goldsmith died aged 15.

(In 1995, Simon Birley, a former resident of Bryn Estyn, was found hanged, aged 27.)

Count Nikolai von Bismarck with Pixie Geldof, in 2005

4. Debonnaire von Bismarck: Countess. Listed as Debbie in the black book.

Leopold von Bismarck, : Count. Listed as Bola.

Vanessa von  Bismarck, : Heiress and publishing entrepreneur.

(Gottfried von Bismarck was a member of the exclusive Piers Gaveston Society, "noted for its predilection for rubber wear and whips, which he embellished with his androgynous apparel and lipstick".)

Michael Jackson, David Blaine, Paul Boateng, Greville Janner. PAUL BOATENG; GODFATHER . Many people, including CARL BEECH, have accused Janner of being a child abuser.

5. David Blaine: Magician.

In 2003, Blaine put on a private show for Epstein's dinner guests, who included Sergey Brin.

(A 'Jewish' judge has sentenced child abuse survivor Carl Beech to 18 years in prison, allegedly 'for blowing the whistle on Janner, a top Jew')

Brin and Bezos have been linked to Epstein.

The dinner was organized by Ghislaine Maxwell and included a group of young women who were introduced as Victoria’s Secret models.

Statue depicting Prince Jefri, brother of the Sultan of Brunei.

6. Hassanal Bolkiah: Sultan of Brunei.

Epstein traveled to Brunei in 2002 with Bill Clinton. 

Bolkiah was once sued by Miss USA 1997, who claimed she had been held as a sex slave.

 / HOT SEX IN THE HAREM - Aangirfan

Briatore and Trump.

7. Flavio Briatore: Italian millionaire businessman.

A friend of Trump, a convicted card cheat, and an accused Formula 1 race fixer.

Andrea Bonomi: Italian businessman.

The chairman and founder of Investindustrial was a key character in the Paradise Papers international tax-shelter scandal.

Hamish Bowles (left)

8. Hamish Bowles: European editor-at-large for Vogue.

Sara Bronfman and Richard Branson.

9. Edgar Bronfman Jr.: Executive.

Related to the NXIVM-sex-cult Bronfmans.

Lolita Lvova, who has reportedly worked for Brunel's MC2

10. Jean-Luc Brunel: Model scout.

Brunel was accused in court testimony of having used his agency to supply Epstein with girls.


Candy brothers.

11. Nicholas and Christian Candy: British property-developer brothers.

"The billionaire Candy brothers' links to Scot Young and Boris Berezovsky, who died in mysterious circumstances, 'made me fear for my husband's life', the wife of a property tycoon told a court."

Alastair Campbell (left)

12. Coleridge, Nicholas: Chairman of Cond√© Nast Britain.

Collins, Phil: Musician.

Copperfield, David: Magician.

Couric, Katie: Journalist.

Cosby, Bill: Comedian, convicted rapist.

Campbell, Alastair.

Alastair John Campbell is a British journalist, broadcaster, political aide and author, best known for his work as Tony Blair's spokesman



  1. Carl Beech sentenced to EIGHTEEN years!!!!!

    A sentence of this length ought to be unthinkable in any civilised society for the type of 'offences' of which Beech was found guilty.

    I can't recall ever having felt so alarmed by a sentencing decision made by a British judge in my lifetime.

    The implications are great. It feels as though Britain is under siege.

    1. More proof that there will never be justice and we keep lying to ourselves.

    2. It's absolutely shocking and clearly meant as a warning to others not to cast doubt on important people. Sadly, with Johnson's seizure of power this week too, it is increasingly clear this country is becoming a dictatorship.

    3. The real lie is that we have no responsibility to fix this mess. Its our kids. Our country. People riot for soccer, but yawn for childrens' justice. If they mobbed these folks homes, boycotted their films, products and took a stand? Justice served. It is NOT someone else's job to fix it. Its ours

  2. "I wonder to what extent Harvey Proctor's own lifestyle caused his depression?"

  3. "18 years for #CarlBeech

    Sends a message to anybody thinking of accusing anybody in high places of any sex crime.."

  4. "It is my opinion that the trial of Carl Beech was a show trial in a kangaroo court, staged to turn the public opinion against survivors and as a warning to survivors to keep quiet or else. Does anyone really expect the establishment to confess its crimes?"

  5. "This is what happens when you speak up against the elite and their goings on the media and establishment make you out to be the guilty party."

  6. "18 years!!!!!!!!! People who actually commit the crimes he accused people of get significantly less than that. People who murder children with stolen cars and people who murder people while drunk at the wheel get significantly less. #CarlBeech"

  7. Journalist Sonia Poulton:

    "Oh. My. Whatever you think of Carl Beech this is a warning shot to silence others. I've said it many times, the Establishment will do all it can to stop proper investigation for crimes against children & this will certainly dissuade others from coming forward. 18 years? Shocking."

  8. "Harvey Proctor isn't as innocent as he likes to make out, and I wouldn't be surprised if many more abusers will get away free because of the uproar of this case."

  9. "Its f****** unbelievable. 18 years is for crimes against the Establishment.

    Leon Briton was at Elm Guest House. Take me court if they want. I will not stop repeating what pictures have shown.

    They're still getting away with it. Greville Janner, to name but one."

  10. "I'm not at all convinced that he lied. The media should interview him on a lie detector and see what comes of it. Carl Beech is not the only person who has spoken about pedophiles in Parliament. Victims will be deterred from coming forward after this."

  11. "This was a clear 'set-up' to deflect from the truth"

  12. "Can't help but draw conclusion that anyone daring to make accusation against the 'elite' now knows they taking almighty risk, if true or not."

  13. Clever how they lock him away while they carry on abusing kids. Evidence was deliberately missed off by the judge. Clearly is telling the truth.

    Lord Janner had a flat in Bournemouth as a holiday home in the same block as Jimmy Savile."

  14. "I believe every word of Carl Beech"

  15. "The judge blocked Cross Examination, and refused a disclosure order. Jury heard none of that. Carl Beech had no defence...... Nothing to do with the establishment though"

  16. "Carl Beech is entirely reminiscent of Barry George, acquitted Jill Dando killer."

  17. "The Establishment is taking the disproval of many of #CarlBeech's specific claims and his subsequent conviction to say there was no paedophile ring and historic allegations shouldn't be investigated. Have they forgotten #Janner and #Smith and the intelligence service cover-ups?"

  18. "I need someone who knows about the law to explain to me why that Carl Beech sentence doesn’t stink. Because from where I’m sitting it looks like a proper stitch-up."

  19. "Carl Beech getting longer for accusing the elite than if he had abused children. Let that be a warning.... #Westminster"

  20. "#CarlBeech has been made an example of to discourage anyone else from coming forward to report abuse by the rich and powerful."

  21. "Not only has the Carl Beech saga ensured that anyone abused by elite paedophiles will not come forward; it effectively exonerated those he accused even though OTHER witnesses & accusations existed, a long time prior to Beech's fabrications. #abuse"

  22. "... That is what the influential elite do when someone dares rock the boat, talk about gag anyone in the future coming forward."

    #stinks #Unbelievable"

  23. Andrea Davison:

    "No reliable media outlet publishes a story as explosive as VIP pedophiles with just one witness. No reliable police forces begin an investigation into a VIP pedophile ring with just one witness. Other witnesses and whistle-blowers were ignored. Carl Beech was set-up from day one."

  24. Andrea Davison:

    "They [police] cannot even arrest a man, Harvey Proctor, found with a child bloodstained school uniform and underpants plus torture and retraining devises.

    But say something on twitter or complain about VIP child abuse and the system gears up into full swing."

  25. "#CarlBeech - 18 years is ridiculously high and we still need a full public inquiry into Establishment sex abuse. Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith, endless priests, vicars and public school teachers... is not the full story."

  26. "What if a young boy was sexually abused 40 years ago.

    What if the abusers were a powerful group of government ministers

    What chance do you think that young boy would get justice?


  27. "Well it's odd to see #HarveyProctor declaring it was all lies by #CarlBeech and knowing he said the same before being found guilty in court that ended his political career.

    You and #Conservative #MP #JerryHayes were great friends I recall!!! No sympathy from me #creeps."

  28. John & Lucy Chenevix-Trench.
    Clearly related to Anthony Chenevix-Trench who taught in many schools including Fettes & Eton.

    QUOTE - “It wasn’t just me that had to endure what I did,” he said. “There were others. Because he was so witty and clever, very well connected, very good at public speeches, he could do anything. He got away with it all for these reasons. I just think it’s time to stop it.”
    Blackie has compared Chenevix-Trench to Jimmy Savile. “He abused his power to get away with it. What is wrong with it all is that while that plaque is there, he’s still getting away with it.”
    In 1996, the eminent journalist Paul Foot, who was a pupil of Chevenix-Trench at Shrewsbury, wrote of his teacher and “sensuous fingering of his pupils’ buttocks before and during the interminable beatings”.

  29. UK judiciary act to silence people for Gov, Police , Freemasony cover ups, may people have been sentenced to jail to be silenced or sent a lesson, like Tommy Robinson got 6 months for journalism!
    And there's Melanie Shaw. On Wednesday 11 January 2016, Melanie Shaw, the whistleblower on the horrific abuse of children which occurred at the then county council-run Beechwood Children's Home in Nottinghamshire in the late 1980s, was given a two-year custodial sentence in a secret court hearing. It's clear these 3 have one thing in common, they expose pedophile crimes, that Gov want covered up.



  32. US Attorney General's father's sex slavery book & Jeffrey Epstein

    Trump's USA Attorney General Barr (born 1950) & his father Donald Barr (1921-2004)

    - Both former CIA-intel officers, William 1973-77, Donald with OSS the CIA predecessor during WW2

    - Both connected with Jeffrey Epstein, Barr's law firm Kirkland & Ellis represented Epstein, Donald Barr gave Jeffrey Epstein his first job, teaching teen-age girls & boys 1973-75

    - Father Donald Barr fascinated by sex slavery, authored a 1973 fantasy novel on the subject, 'Space Relations: A Slightly Gothic Interplanetary Tale'' ... book published when Jeffrey Epstein was a school-teacher of teens under headmaster Donald Barr at the Dalton School

    Photo of the cover of Donald Barr's sex slavery novel he published whilst supervising Jeffrey Epstein

  33. Mint Press News on a half-dozen child molestation and political blackmail groups - which had a collective name, 'Bodies from God' - all linking ultimately with Jeffrey Epstein

    (1) Roy Cohn (1927-86) allegedly ran child sex and blackmail operations for decades, operating out of locales such as New York's Plaza Hotel

    (2) Robert Keith Gray (1921-2014), USA lobbyist, "specialist in homosexual blackmail operations for the CIA and reported to have collaborated with Roy Cohn"

    (3) Bruce Ritter (1927-99), Roman Catholic priest and founder of Covenant House for homeless teenagers, "eventually accused of having sexual relationships with many of the underaged boys he had taken in", Ritter supported by Cardinal Spellman closely tied to Roy Cohn, and tied to George H W Bush's Yale room-mate

    (4) Craig Spence (1941-89), another USA lobbyist, "in June 1989, it was revealed that he had been pimping out children to the power elite in the nation’s capital throughout the 1980s in apartments that were bugged with video and audio recording equipment ... reports on Spence’s child sex ring also reveal his close ties to none other than the ubiquitous Roy Cohn

    Spence had been able to enter the White House late at night during the George H.W. Bush administration with young men whom the Washington Times described as 'call boys' ... Spence often boasted that he was working for the CIA ... Not long after the Washington Times report on his activities was published, Spence was found dead in the Boston Ritz Carlton and his death was quickly ruled a suicide."

    (5) Lawrence E. King Jr, lobbyist and credit union banker, key figure in the "infamous Franklin child sex abuse and ritual murder scandal ... run out of Omaha, Nebraska ... Larry King and his Nebraska-based call boy ring, was discovered by looking through the credit card chits of Spence’s ring ... King and Spence were essentially business partners as their child trafficking rings were operated under a larger group that was nicknamed 'Bodies by God' ... the rings run by both King and Spence were connected to each other and both were also connected to prominent officials in the Reagan and subsequent George H.W. Bush administrations, including officials with ties to the CIA and Roy Cohn and his network"

    (6) Jeffrey Epstein (born 1953) then comes in on the scene, convicted of the same kinds of activities, and linked to the networks reflected in the above

  34. Epstein story seems to have gone quiet already - so why are they hanging him out to dry (supposedly)? Cui bono?