Monday 22 July 2019


The UK Defense Secretary Penny Mordaunt has confirmed that the UK's Royal Airforce has carried out joint exercises with Israeli jet fighters

In first, UK confirms F-35 exercise with Israel

Penny Mordaunt is a right-wing UK Conservative who wants to take a tough line on Iran.

Above, we see UK Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt, with her brother, James, at the London Gay Pride event.

In 2013, when Mordaunt  delivered a speech in the House of Commons, she used the word "cock" several times.

This was said to be a forfeit for a misdemeanour during Naval Reserve training.[29][30]

She used the word "cock" six times and "lay" or "laid" five times.

To pay her way through sixth-form college, Mordaunt became a magician's assistant to Portsmouth magician Will Ayling, who was once president of The Magic Circle.[15]

In 2014, Mordaunt appeared on reality television programme Splash!

Mordaunt is a Royal Naval Reservist, serving as a sub-lieutenant, at HMS King Alfred on Whale Island.[48][49]

Mordaunt worked briefly as Head of Foreign Press for George W. Bush's presidential campaign.[17][18]

She worked for the Bush campaign again in 2004.[20]

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At 22 July 2019 at 04:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Watson to be guest of honour at Labour Friends of Israel reception

"... The long-standing supporter of Labour Friends of Israel has attended multiple receptions hosted by the group, famously breaking into song with a rendition of 'Am Yisrael Chai' in 2016 ..."

At 22 July 2019 at 05:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour Friends of Israel denies funding from Israeli spy

Undercover investigation 'The Lobby' broadcast in 2017 "shows definitively that Labour Friends of Israel has operated as a front for the Israeli embassy in London ..."

"So why is Labour Friends of Israel now issuing denials about a film broadcast more than two years ago?

"The answer lies in last week's broadcast of an increasingly discredited episode of Panorama, the BBC's flagship investigative news program.

"Titled 'Is Labour Anti-Semitic?', the episode features two key antagonists who were filmed undercover for Al Jazeera’s program - Ella Rose and Alex Richardson.

"Not only does the BBC fail to disclose their affiliations with Israel lobby groups, they are not even named.

"In fact, Rose is on the executive of the Jewish Labour Movement ...

"Like Labour Friends of Israel, the Jewish Labour Movement has deep ties to the Israeli embassy – where Rose herself once worked.

"She was one of the people who complained to Ofcom after Al Jazeera exposed her activities.

"In contrast to her tearful appearance on Panorama, Rose is seen in the undercover Al Jazeera footage wishing critical activists and journalists would 'die in a hole,' and claiming she could 'take' Jewish anti-Zionist Jackie Walker using an Israeli army combat technique.

"Alex Richardson was an aide to Joan Ryan, a lawmaker and the Labour Friends of Israel chair who quit the Labour Party in January over Corbyn's alleged 'hatred for Israel' ...

"... Rose and Richardson are portrayed by Panorama as unnamed, sympathetic Jewish victims of alleged anti-Semitism - rather than as the partisan pro-Israel activists of Labour's right wing that they really are ...

"On social media, supporters of Labour and Corbyn began to point out that Rose and Richardson also feature in the Al Jazeera film.

"It was this renewed interest in The Lobby that seems to have prompted The Jewish Chronicle to run an article accusing anyone who relied on the evidence in the film of being a 'conspiracy theorist' ..."


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