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"Major American tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Intel Corporation are moving key operations, billions in investments, and thousands of jobs to Israel.

"Many of these companies are hiring members of controversial Israeli companies - known to have spied on Americans, American companies, and U.S. federal agencies - as well as numerous members of Israeli military intelligence as top managers and executives."

NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Is Driving the Outsourcing of US jobs.

Flanders 12 June 2019 

Kissinger as a spy:

"Henry Kissinger is a high-ranking official of the Jewish masonic organization B’nai B’rith. He is also a member of the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission.

"He belongs to the Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina, the elitist Bohemian Club, and he is a member of Phi Beta Cappa Club, Cosmos Club, Federal City Club, and Century Club.

"At the beginning of his career as Nixon’s adviser, Kissinger gained control of the intelligence services in the United States" 

(Frank Capell, Henry Kissinger: Soviet Agent. Cincinnati, 1992, p. 9).

The Case of Kissinger - War Is Crime

Max von Oppenheim (above), of the Jewish banking family, had a plan to incite religious violence in various Moslem countries. He described Islam as 'one of our most important weapons'. His idea was to use Jihadis to advance a certain agenda. JEWISH CONTROLLED JIHADIS

Who set up and runs the 'Moslem extremists'?

The 'West' runs the mad muslim extremists.

"Every important video exposing Israel's role in 9/11 World Trade Centre attack has been removed by You Tube."

Nardeep Pujji‏ @AWAKEALERT Jun 9

An Israeli minister's diaries reveal Mossad involvement in the anti-BDS push abroad.

Israeli minister's diaries reveal Mossad involvement in anti-BDS push ...

Tony Gosling ✈‏ @TonyGosling

Israel put up a £1 million bounty for Labour insiders to undermine Corbyn. 

"Labour has suspended its National Executive Committee member Pete Willsman after a tape emerged of him saying anti-Semitism has been “whipped up” by the Israeli embassy working within the party."

Anna Collinson‏Verified account @AnnaCollinson

An ex-footballer abused by his coach as a boy says Boris Johnson should apologise after he said money spent on historical sex abuse allegations was money “spaffed (ejaculated) up a wall”. 

Boris Johnson.

Anonymous 12 June 2019 at 13:45

Q: Should the next Prime Minister of the UK be Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Dominic Raab, Sajid Javid, or Michael Gove?

A: Israel isn't too fussed?


Boris Johnson's maternal great-grandfather "was a rabbi from Lithuania".

"Johnson also has a connection to one of Britain's leading Jewish families: his father's second wife, Jenny, is the stepdaughter of Edward Sieff, the philanthropist and former chairman of retail giant Marks & Spencer ...

"It was ... thanks to the Sieff family's connections to Kibbutz Kfar Hanassi that Johnson and his sister spent a summer in Israel while he was studying at Oxford University ...

On Johnson's watch as foreign secretary "Britain began to take a more robust stance against Israel's international critics, with the foreign secretary lashing the 'preposterous' and 'absurd' focus of the UN Human Rights Council on the Jewish state ...

"Johnson's successor as foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, also looks set to run ...

"In January, he delivered a speech to Conservative Friends of Israel in which he spoke of his 'admiration' for the Jewish state ...

"Johnson may find himself competing for the vote of Brexiteers with Dominic Raab, a right-wing young former minister whose Jewish father came to Britain from Czechoslovakia in 1938 ...

"In a powerful speech to the Tory party conference last autumn [Raab] invoked his Jewish ancestry to attack Corbyn over claims of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party ...

"But two other likely runners – Environment Secretary Michael Gove and Home Secretary Sajid Javid – are the most avowedly pro-Israel in the field.

Jimmy Savile’s nephew, Guy Marsden (above), says that a 14-year-old friend of his was sexually abused by Sir Edward Heath. Sir Edward Heath abused boy of 14 at London party, says Jimmy Savile nephew.

"Javid ... is a longstanding ally of the Jewish community ...

"Two years after becoming an MP, Javid stole the show at the Conservative Friends of Israel Annual Lunch when he delivered a passionate paean to the Jewish state ...

"Javid has subsequently mocked those who suggested Britain should apologize to the Palestinians for the Balfour Declaration by saying, 'Here in Britain we will not merely mark the centenary, we will celebrate it with pride.'

"Javid also used his previous ministerial posts at the Culture, Business and Communities departments to frustrate the BDS movement ... It has been reported that a number of top Conservative Members of the UK parliament took young boys to Holland for the purpose of child sexual abuse.

"In his admiration for Israel and closeness to the Jewish community, Javid is probably surpassed only by Gove ...

"As Daniel Finkelstein, a Jewish Tory member of the House of Lords, and political commentator, wrote when Gove was appointed to the cabinet in 2010: 'It is hard to find in modern politics a politician as friendly to the Jewish community as Michael Gove' ...

"Gove has also proved to be, as the Jewish Chronicle once put it, 'the most ardent Zionist in the government.' The Environment Secretary marked the Jewish state’s 70th anniversary last year, for instance, by labeling Israel 'an inspiration.' ...

"Such is his commitment to the Jewish state that, in 2012, he told a Board of Deputies dinner that he had taken up learning Hebrew ...

"In Downing Street, Gove would likely reorient British foreign policy, making the UK Israel's closest European ally and defender, and her enemies' bitterest opponent."


'Johnson leads race to succeed May, but he's not the only pro-Israel would-be PM'

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At 13 June 2019 at 02:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be worth checking if Javids European wife is actually Jewish....
Chrome Dome would be the perfect Globalists candidate...a bit like Zio-bama.
Anglo Saxons appear to be rather thin on the ground as candidates running for Tory leader.
It is worth noting Margaret Thatchers electorate in Nth London which is heavily populated by Jews of every description....from very religious to non religious.Was Thatcher a crypto Jew??.There is no difficulty establishing Theresa May as a crypto Jew....DESPITE the over done photos of her either going to or leaving church.Mays husband has THE appropriate job....financier.

At 13 June 2019 at 04:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 13 June 2019 at 04:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12 June 2019 at 08:19

Belgian film-maker Lode Desmet spent two years with Guy Verhofstadt's office at the European Parliament, filming Brexit negotiations from the EU side

The whole 110-minute film 'Brexit - Behind Closed Doors' is on YouTube ... it is fairly shocking, what the EU side admitted doing

Theresa May was betraying Britain all along ... EU personnel were able to laugh and brag that the Theresa May 'Agreement' would turn Britain into a 'permanent colony' of the EU, and Britain would never be able to escape

Here is a 7-minute video commenting on the highlights, with a few clips from the longer film

The full film, 'Brexit - Behind Closed Doors'

At 13 June 2019 at 09:37 , Blogger Anon said...


12 June 2019 at 05:18

Our toxic political system rewards all the wrong traits and produces the worst possible leaders


"In politics, almost everywhere we see what looks like the externalisation of psychic wounds or deficits. Sigmund Freud claimed that 'groups take on the personality of the leader'. I think it would be more accurate to say that the private tragedies of powerful people become the public tragedies of those they dominate. For some people, it is easier to command a nation, to send thousands to their deaths in unnecessary wars, to separate children from their families and inflict terrible suffering, than to process their own trauma and pain. What we appear to see in national politics around the world is a playing out in public of deep private distress ...

"The psychotherapist Nick Duffell has written of 'wounded leaders', who were separated from their families in early childhood when they were sent to boarding school. They develop a 'survival personality', learning to cut off their feelings and project a false self, characterised by a public display of competence and self-reliance. Beneath this persona is a profound insecurity, which might generate an insatiable need for power, prestige and attention ...

"I believe that anyone who wants to stand in a national election should receive a course of psychotherapy. Completing the course should be a qualification for office. This wouldn't change the behaviour of psychopaths, but it might prevent some people who exercise power from imposing their own deep wounds on others. I've had two courses: one influenced by Freud and Donald Winnicott, the other by Paul Gilbert's compassion-focused approach. I found them both immensely helpful. I believe almost everyone would benefit from such treatment.

"The underlying problem is the system through which such people jostle. Toxic personalities thrive in toxic environments. Those who should be least trusted with power are most likely to win it. A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that the group of psychopathic traits known as 'fearless dominance' is associated with behaviours that are widely valued in leaders, such as making bold decisions and bestriding the world stage. If so, we surely value the wrong characteristics. If success within the system requires psychopathic traits, there is something wrong with the system.

"In designing an effective politics, it could be useful to work backwards: to decide what kind of people we would like to see representing us, then create a system that would bring them to the fore. I want to be represented by people who are thoughtful, self-aware and collaborative. What would a system that elevated such people look like?

"It would not be a purely representative democracy. This works on the principle of presumed consent: 'You elected me three years ago, therefore you are presumed to have consented to the policy I'm about to implement, whether or not I mentioned it at the time.' It rewards the 'strong, decisive' leaders who so often lead their nations to catastrophe. A system that tempers representative democracy with participative democracy – citizens' assemblies, participatory budgeting, the co-creation of public policy – is more likely to reward responsive and considerate politicians. Proportional representation, which prevents governments with minority support from dominating the nation, is another potential safeguard – though no guarantee.

"In rethinking politics, let us develop systems that encourage kindness, empathy and emotional intelligence. Let us ditch systems that encourage people to hide their pain by dominating others."


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