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Reportedly, in 2016, the Trump campaign had photos related to Jerry Falwell Jr. and a young pool boy, Giancarlo Granda.

Allegedly this persuaded Falwell, and his Evangelical Christians, to support Trump.

The Evangelical, the 'Pool Boy,' the Comedian and Michael Cohen ...

"Falwell invested in a hostel in Miami Beach’s gay-popular South Beach area."

The Orlando Sentinal is a conservative newspaper.

"Its common knowledge especially in the UK that investigation into child abuse among politicians and captains of industry is persistently stonewalled, delayed and ridiculed."

NXIVM, Sex Cult, & Slavery - Reconsider News

The sex cult is linked to Bronfman, who is linked to Epstein, who is linked to Trump.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo 25 Jul 2018

"To think they put the Butler Sloss in charge of the UK's Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse!"

Nigel Havers is Butler Sloss's nephew.

Nigel Havers' step-daughter faces jail for helping run sordid US sex cult ...





    1. Franklin Graham had some very "ugly scandalous" pix that Trump jumped in and help squelch. Just within the last few months. Billy Graham was allegedly very into satanic rituals

  2. We need Akamai Tree back! I can find the old entries. But the site was beyond belief incredible and informative. It was linked from this site. I kept it as an essential research site. I should have immediately copied it all. Please bring it back. Wordpress left some blather about it being suspended!





  5. Check out:

    1. Check out:

      Hollywood, underneath the movie screen. What all stars of the white screen must do in order to get a role. Eating babies hearts, sacrificing babies, eating feces, drinking urine, having sex with animals.

      See the sumarries of a series of videos, all deleted by y-tube at:

      Hollywood run by satanic kabbalah jews who govern mental worlds of people all over this globe.

    2. Check out:

      Jimmy Somerville - Small Town Boy (1983) (2015)

  6. what do statements like..."was seen as UNTOUCHABLE by the Police"...really mean - explained and murdered for exposing the mafia that runs England - complete must read book by Stephen Knight - THE BROTHERHOOD:

  7. I still like Global Dryad -

  8. Iran war tension is a new phase in politics - 1 of 2

    When Iran shot down the US drone - declining to shoot down the nearby manned US plane - world oil prices spiked 10%

    The world has finally gotten the message, after a year of Iran trying to convey it (quotes below)

    USA sanctions blockading Iran from selling oil, & threatening all world companies, are an act of war & war crime ... now threatening Iran's existence

    Iran has a right to fight back against such crimes ... & it appears Iran has been doing so (list below)

    Iran has been warning it must & will fight back, ready to block oil sales to the world, & spike oil prices to damage the world economy

    The weak EU set up a 'vehicle' to transmit funds to Iran, but made no promise to protect or compensate EU companies & executives destroyed by USA sanctions ... so the EU vehicle was worthless

    Russia & China have not stepped up to securely buy Iran's oil, meek before the USA ... Iran is in fact left to strangle

    Pro-Israel Trump may be President for 5 more years, so Iran is under existential threat by denial of income

    It seems Iran has decided to gamble all, risking total war rather than submit to economic destruction ... is this not their right?

    Millions of Iranians are ready to die as martyrs ...Iran is hinting of counter-attack on Israel & other Gulf nations ... Israeli cabinet is meeting urgently

    Iranian blockage of Gulf oil will rocket insurance costs, oil prices may become higher than ever in history ... destroying much of the world's economy & banking

    Early 2018 - "If Iran can't export oil no-one in Middle East will" Tehran warned

    Dec 2018 - Iran's President Rouhani repeated: "If one day they want to prevent the export of Iran’s oil, then no oil will be exported from the Persian Gulf"

    April 2019 - Iran's Major General Mohammed Hossein Bagheri said, "If our oil fails to go through the Strait, others’ crude will not either"

    June 2019 - "Firing one bullet towards Iran will set fire to the interests of America and its allies" - Iran armed forces spokesman General Abolfazl Shekarchi

    Suspected war conflict events, both sides:

    12 May 2019 attack on four tankers anchored near Fujairah UAE, attack suspected to be Iranian-backed

    14 May 2019 attack on Saudi oil pipeline pumping stations west of Riyadh

    5 June 2019 fire in oil products storage at Iran's largest container shipping port Shahid Rajaee

    7 June 2019 six Iranian merchant ships caught on fire at two ports, Nakhl Tagrhi & Bualhir

    12 June 2019 fire at an Iranian oil platform in South Pars gas field

    13 June 2019 two tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman, Norwegian Front Altair & Japanese Kokuka Courageous, with Iran having motivation to do so in a deniable way via proxies ... Oil prices & oil shipping insurance spike, world begins to get the message

    20 June 2019 Iran shoots down USA unmanned drone, oil prices spike, Trump's pro-Zionist advisors recommend military attack

    21 June 2019 Trump thinks about TV show saying he might destroy the global economy, & his own chances for re-election, calls off planned attack on Iran

    1. I think you'll find many more millions of Iranians are very much NOT willing to die as martyrs and look at their extremist leaders with disdain like we do at Trump. Also there have been no spikes in oil price on the dates you mention. Crude oil was $65 in April, it is $57 now. Iran has no interest in sabotaging the ships of its customers and economic allies, especially not to attempt manipulation of oil prices. Only wingnuts and misinfo merchants would draw that kind of conclusion.

  9. Iran war tension is a new phase in politics - 2 of 2

    It is reported that Trump cancelled the attack on Iran, after being influenced by the USA's now most important political TV personality, Tucker Carlson of Murdoch Fox News

    Tucker had been saying an attack on Iran would be very stupid, and Trump would not get re-elected if he did so ... This is said to have overwhelmed the demands of Trump's pro-Zionist war-monger advisors

    Tucker is a significant figure for understanding how 'left-right' is now changed, Tucker is 'populist right', with many views that were once considered 'left'

    Tucker Carlson is part of a trend of the 'populist right' becoming much like the old 'left' on economics and also anti-war, and agreeing with how most voters are moderately 'social - istic'

    The 'right wing' part is on immigration, & cultural & family issues

    Tucker is increasingly anti-war, anti-military-intervention

    Tucker talks against monopolies, against censorship, and against the lobbying power of political billionaires like the ultra-capitalist Koch Brothers

    It is somewhat impressive Tucker is still allowed on Murdoch Fox television ... he is perhaps allowed to speak against war & oligarchs, as a media safety valve?

    Tucker talks about the need to change society and economics to support families, working incomes, and keep people middle class instead of on the edge of poverty

    Tucker is 'right wing' because he is against immigration, both to protect the incomes of working classes, and because of associating immigration with crime and negative cultural change

    Tucker is 'right wing' because he questions the gay LGBT & trans-sexual ascendacy, in favour of the traditional family

    Tucker is 'right wing' because he questions what he sees as the excesses of feminism, resulting in a society of father-less homes, single-parent children getting buffeted too much by un-friendly forces

    Tucker is 'right wing' because he questions the 'political correctness' demands of today's 'leftists', who seek to ban all sorts of comments and cultural discussion, and continually label people as 'racists' 'bigots' 'misogynists' etc

    People who were pro-Trump on the web, often say now, that Tucker Carlson would be a much better USA President

    Tucker Carlson's viewpoint has parallels in Europe, where 30% of the new EU Parliament is somewhat 'populist right', so-called 'right wing' because of immigration etc, but with economic views more 'pro-worker-household' than many 'socialists'

    Tucker Carlson on Fox, 'Iran War Would Destroy Trump's Presidency', 9m10

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  10. Anonymous 23 June 2019 at 22:35

    Nice to see Brabantian ... reveal his true colours. Not sure why you're posting this authoritarian ... here though, this is a peaceful website with egalitarian goals ...

    You're not better than immigrants or women or trans people, we're all the same.

    Didn't you used to post about conspiracy theories and truth seeking?