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General Prabowo (right) was trained in the USA and is reported to have worked for the USA's Defence Intelligence Agency.

Has General Prabowo, 'friend of Donald Trump', fled from Indonesia 'in order to avoid arrest for trying to organise a coup'?

Prabowo left Indonesia on 28 May 2019 for a trip to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and Vienna, "amid speculation that his party was linked to the 22 May 2019 riot in Jakarta".

Prabowo flew with several friends on a private jet 'for a medical checkup'.

Fadli Zon and Trump.

His friends were reported to be Russian nationals, namely Mikhail Davydov and Amzhelika Butaeva, as well as German nationals and an American.

Davydov and Butaeva were invited to Jakarta by Trump's close friend Fadli Zon, 'to observe the recent election'.

Prabowo flies to Dubai, Vienna amid simmering tension after May 22 riots

Rob Allyn in Indonesia.

Has Trump been busy in Indonesia?

The result of Indonesia's presidential election was announced in May 2019.

Joko Widodo again beat General Prabowo (who is linked to the USA's Defence Intelligence Agency).

Then the Indonesia police alleged a plot to kill top officials - 28 May 2019

According to the Indonesian police, after 'Trump's friend' General Prabowo was again defeated in the presidential election, there was a failed plot to assassinate the following allies of President Widodo:

1. Top security minister General Wiranto

2. General Luhut Panjaitan, who is currently maritime minister and seen as close to President Widodo.

3. National Intelligence Agency chief General Budi Gunawan.

4. Head of the presidential special staff for intelligence and security, General Gories Mere.

Rob Allyn has been General Prabowo Subianto's American spin doctor.

Rob Allyn has worked for Donald Trump.

Allyn studied under Henry Kissinger at Georgetown and helped George W. Bush become governor of Texas in 1994.

Narco News described Allyn’s activities: "incendiary television spots, falsified public opinion polls, and ‘reports’ based on rumor and innuendo, to sow fear and loathing into the election campaign."

President Joko Widodo of Indonesia. Trump wants regime change in Indonesia? Indonesian President Joko Widodo strongly condemned Trump's decision to move his Israel embassy to Jerusalem. Indonesia is to buy US$1.14 billion of Russian Sukhoi fighters.


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At 29 May 2019 at 13:07 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Many people had hoped that Donald Trump would be impeached as a result of that two year investigation led by former USA FBI director Robert Mueller, that is now being completely closed down

Was fascinating to watch the video of Mueller's 10 minute public statement today, the only time in many months that Mueller has spoken like this, and apparently the last time as well

Mueller's voice and face showed fear and tension, as he made excuses for not going further against Trump.

Refusing to take any questions, Mueller said he is resigning, he will say no more, he will not testify to the US Congress, and people can just read the part of the report which was publicly released ... Mueller offered a weak statement that he did not find Trump clearly innocent, but vowed he would say nothing further about this

It seems that Mueller is afraid for himself, possibly facing his own 'Special Counsel investigation', with his old friend and now US Attorney General William Barr, now distancing himself from Mueller

Potential criminal charges now loom against the Democrats and anti-Trump side from Barr, new Special Counsel John Durham, another quasi-special-counsel, John Huber, and from damning reports on people including Mueller himself, from the office of US Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz

A filing against Mueller with US Dept of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz was made last October, alleging Mueller's involvement in very serious crimes including judge bribery when he was FBI Director

Shortly after that, Trump confidently tweeted a photo meme of Mueller in jail, with Trump saying that "Heroes will come of this, and it won’t be Mueller"

Trump had what he needed as Mueller's past came back to haunt him: the Mueller efforts against Trump fizzled and shut down, Mueller exiting the public stage with tremors in his voice

At 29 May 2019 at 14:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 29 May 2019 at 14:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote: Prabowo Subianto, who ran for president in a tight race against eventual winner and current President Joko Widodo last year, was Suharto’s son-in-law. Marrying into his family allowed Prabowo to become head of the 27,000-strong Army Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad) in 1998, where his subordinates were accused of torturing pro-democracy advocates. Amazingly, his close connection to Suharto and alleged involvement in human rights abuses in East Timor did not stop him from being just a few percentage points short of becoming Indonesia’s seventh president.

“This is why there is enormous corruption in Indonesia,” said Wieringa. “Power is still unchecked, corruption is still going on, and it is impossible for Indonesia to make progress on human rights or in checking corruptions if these people still remain in power.”

In fact, SBY and Prabowo are just the tip of the iceberg, as Indonesia’s political, business, and civil service ranks are dominated by Suharto supporters and those who took part in, or at least supported, the mass killings of the 1960s. They, Wieringa believes, are the ones holding back a true accounting of Indonesia’s past. Also see The Act of Killing documentary - And Wayne Madsen's - Whitehouse Murder Inc. (Middle East activities)

At 30 May 2019 at 12:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seriously think Sessions and Mueller resigned because some MAGA Pizzagater posted to 8chan in October last year yet another pro-Trump conspiracy theory accusing Hillary of child-rape? Don't quit the day job Sherlock.

At 1 June 2019 at 04:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Rob Allyn's article 'explaining himself'himself. Comment: "16 JULY 2014 AT 9:37 AM
“ the West Bank of Palestine after the peace accords in 1999, where we worked with far-sighted visionaries to help plan for a free, independent and democratic Palestinian state..”

There can’t already be a “West Bank of Palestine”, if you are working towards a Palestinian State. The West Bank is occupied territory and is occupied by Israel, with undefined status, until (if and when), a peaceful resolution is obtained. It is not
“Palestine” and never has been (British
Mandated Palestine or the West Bank is not synonymous with a nation called “Palestine”). Your own words reveal your political inclinations, that are not neutral at all, and leads to very fair questioning of your ideological status, not only in other nations, but in Indonesia as well. That you assail your detractors as “crackpots” or “conspiratorialists’, says as much as need be said, about your professionalism, and the objectivity of your work. I am wondering how you would react to my assailing advertising executives as propagandising enablers (some of whom, sell their own companies, to make a profit). You are in the business to sell people to voters, and you expect us to consider your commercial enterprise as an objective one ? Are you serious ? You mangle a non-existent nation in the Middle-East, YET to exist, and your litany of defensive postures, in and of itself, leads to questions of objectivity. Your post has, perhaps unintentionally, answered the question of why, some might view your work
with incredulity, and it is NOT because they
are “crackpots”. Your reference to George Bush and Al Gore is anachronistic, and we had thought had finally died out, about 14 years ago.

You have confirmed my belief in publicily-funded elections, and the complete and total banning of all public or private commercial political advertising. We see what it does to the electoral process. It degrades and impugns it."

At 3 June 2019 at 17:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps this site isn't predisposed to information that casts Trump in a besieged light. Many folks aren't. Something nefarious is afoot in Italy, that's for sure.

What caused former PM (and Obama bud) Renzi's sudden resignation as Party Head at an inexplicably young age last week?


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