Monday, 11 March 2019

Vaccines - Spanish Flu - 1918


Tony Gosling   @TonyGosling

Why vaccine criticism? 

WWI killed around 17 million between 1914 and 1918. 

Then Spanish flu set in for 3 years, killing at least 50 million! 

New evidence suggests the epidemic may have been caused by vaccine given to US soldiers travelling to fight in Europe 

9 Nov 2018 - Newly analyzed documents reveal that the “Spanish Flu” may have been a military vaccine experiment gone awry. In looking back on the 100th ..

The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 was caused by an experimental ...



    1. Thank you for posting this link.

      So Haim Schwarczenberg is one of decent jewish people, anti - zionist !

      It must be so hard for good jewish people to live in a country which gives so much suffering for palestinians...

      OMMM, peace, justice for all.

  2. Morning Aang. Have thought this for years. Bio weapon written all over it. See Bubonic plague and medieval Europe.

    The half breeds have been taking us apart at the seems for generations. The problem many people face is dealing with the idea that this possibility exists.

    What I personally don't believe, however, is that GIs innocuously brought the wretched disease by mistake.

    Sorry, my assertions are that it was 100% deliberate and planned.

    I stopped giving the benefit of the doubt on any event when I factored in Satanic Paedos.

    One last thought of the day........had the tell-lies-vision on this morning. Background only. The Ethiopian Airline crash was being shown.

    The incident and crash site was shown. They showed a piece with a cordon using bog standard Police tape. The tape, written in English said "Police Do Not Cross", and, "Crimestoppers" with a phone number.

    Crimestoppers?? Sorry, just being cynical. Another seen showed police tape written in French - WTF?

    It's a conspiracy...........

    Peace to the humans

    1. Although the date of the plane crash could be attributed to occult day, to generate more negative psychic energy etc,
      i would say the police tape in eng and french is not necessarily smth unusual : maybe french and brit police arrived there, or they got these tapes from the past, huh ?

      But you could be right.

    2. Re: Ethiopian crash. Instinctively agreed without even looking at any'alternative' sites. Who was on board? 21 UN members? Who chastised whom about Gaza? etc. Chinese targets again, BOEING as in MH370, MH17, Asian 777, WTCs Flight 11 & 175 (ALL flight paths interferred with electronically ignoring pilot) - Btw # 11 & # 175 - made it in RECORD time ie 47 & 49 minutes from Boston to NYC. Normal flight time is 1 hour 20 minutes minus 7 minutes landing plus 15 minutes for different direction to start with. MH370 went to Pine Gap.

    3. 22 UN members dead. Almost immediately as they launch an international investigation into the number of kiddies killed in Gaza. Really. Bibi under investigation too?

    4. Also note the date 11 March the report appeared about Gaza kids, 11 March 2011 (the Dimona Dozen) Fukushima and now 11 March Ethiopian plane with 22 UN officials - Really? It is as plane as the nose on their faces.

    5. It's usually about who is on board - At the time this happened I felt something was wrong. Google showed nothing then this came out. Compass executive and entire family dead. He had a connection to the investigation into Hillary Clinton. Compass , CEO - Richard Cousins, killed with his familiy in small plane disaster on the Hawkesbury. His company built the Arkansaw library for the Clintons. He had to read alot of the information for the library. He would have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement. However that would not be valid under a full criminal investigation.

    6. I don't have TV but saw a short clip ( news) on catch up-looked not right as you say. My wife got up, rolled her eyes, thought I must be seeing too much everywhere! When i read the delegates on board, thought must needs further look. Also the girl stabbed by random person in Pro-the rotes of hundreds and the parents interview...???



  5. fun time

  6. before Steve Short rent a flat at White House Gardens,