Friday, 22 March 2019


Trump: Time to recognise USA as Israeli territory - BBC News



  1. Meanwhile in the UK, the Zio divide and conquer agenda is at work pretty much as always:

    1. Or could be just radicals Britons really fed up with muslims...?!?

      While i lived in uk, 95% of paki muslims were the worst, most fanatical morons i ever met.

  2. Maybe its not relevant, but dont u think theres some connection between these 2's visit and the hoax? Planning it all along?


  4. It's full of oil, that's what it's about. Stealing other country's oil is fair game according to Washington. Might is right, and crime is just business as usual.

    1. So true, Kaivey...

      But also there is hope : because in the past big, strong , evil empires finally fell down, anyway.

      USA monster cannot go on like that forever.


  5. master&servant


  7. Donald Trump declares support for a very extreme version of Greater Israel policy against Syria ... and impeachment / indictment of Trump, is officially cancelled at almost exactly the same moment

    It is almost exactly 20 years ago, February 1999, that the Bill Clinton impeachment was also cancelled by US Senate vote ... and Clinton almost immediately began the bombing of Serbia and killing of Serbian civilians

    Trump's former backers lament how most all the rest of the Trump campaign agenda - anti-immigration etc - is dormant on the shelf, if they are not Israeli lobby issues

    Youth who memed for Trump now make new memes about Trump being not MAGA but MIGA 'Make Israel Great Again'

    Now, it is less than 20 months to the new USA election ... USA youth are drawn to Taiwanese-heritage candidate Andrew Yang, and his $1000 a month income proposal for all adult USA citizens, plus an end to student debt enslavement etc

    Yang tho, was declared an 'anti-semite' after expressing support for 'intactivism', opposition to circumcision. Yang said that those opposed to child genital mutilation, 'will be proven right one day'.

    As also Yang's fellow candidate, part-Samoan heritage Tulsi Gabbard, has been declared an 'anti-semite' because she opposes Israel-linked wars in the mid-east.


    After the Trump let-down, anti-immigration forces may be doomed in the USA due to demographics, the USA now only about 62% white-European, and with USA states giving illegals the right to vote etc

    But anti-immigration forces continue to surge on the European continent

    A major new right-wing anti-immigrant party in the Netherlands, Forum for Democracy (FVD), led by Thierry Baudet, just won big victories and seems en route to being the largest party in the Netherlands Senate, tho the party was just founded recently

    This is a party separate from, but not hostile to, the Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV). Baudet and FVD are more sophisticated and less centred on anti-Islamism, with much wider electoral appeal.

    In Italy, Salvini's Lega is surging in popularity after Salvini stopped 95%+ of the migrant flows arriving in Italy

    The EU Parliamentary elections in May, may show a very different Europe

    But if British voters can be cheated out of Brexit ...