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Michelle Obama in Morocco with Princess Lalla Salma.

Morocco's Princess Lalla Salma disappeared from view in 2017.

Morocco's King Mohammed VI with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salmen.

Princess Lalla Salma married King Mohammed VI in 2001.

King Mohammed VI and his mother Lalla Latifa

King Mohammed VI's mother, Lalla Latifa, was at one time imprisoned by King Mohammed VI.

Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Latifa.

Princess Latifa bint Mohammed al-Maktoum, of Dubai, has not been seen in public since 2018.

Princess Latifa is the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai.

Princess Latifa's older sister Shamsa has not been seen in public since she attempted to flee her family's clutches in England in 2000.


In 2018, Princess Latifa secretly fled from the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) but was captured by commandos soon after.


"Documents written by American diplomats stated that the heir to Dubai’s throne, Crown Prince Hamdan, was an out of control drug addict who’s been in and out of rehab for years, and that he’s a bisexual party boy that enjoys flying in male and female escorts to his father’s desert kingdom for weekend orgies."

Dubai's Drug Addicted, Bisexual Crown Prince – Royal Foibles

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI.

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI is very fond of  his castle in the village of Betz in Oise, France, which his father, the late King Hassan, bought in 1972.

Moroccan taxes finance a Morocco vacation for 15 children from the Betz area, whom the king invites every year to visit Morocco.

The French newspaper Le Point says the youngsters are put up in luxury hotels, enjoy sports activities such as water skiing and camel riding, and receive 500 euros in pocket money each.

Currently, we would advise families to avoid travel to Dubai and Morocco.

In 1955, Berber tribesmen descended on the village of Oed Zen and killed every Frenchman they found. 

On 20 June 1981, up to 600 people were killed in rioting in Casablanca (Le Figaro 1 July 1981, page 2).

 In 1984, up to 200 people were killed in rioting in cities such as Tetouan (Le monde 26 Jan 1984, page 4).

King Mohammed VI and his son.

King Mohammed VI is said to spend £1 million per year on pet food.

In 2015, two French journalists were arrested in Paris for allegedly blackmailing Morocco's King Mohammed VI.

The journalists, Eric Laurent and Catherine Graciet, were writing a book about the king and reportedly accepted a payment of €3 million from the Moroccan government.

The journalists may have been framed.

"A sum of money was handed over and accepted," a source said. The journalists were reportedly demanding €3 million ($3.4 million) to not publish a critical book about the king.

"Eric Dupond-Moretti, a lawyer for the Moroccan government, says: "There is reason to think ...that there may be links between this case and terrorism."

Morocco 28 August 2015

Reportedly, Moroccans are used in false flag operations.

In 2012, Laurent and Graciet wrote their book  about the life of Mohammed VI, titled Le Roi Prédateur (The Predator King).

"Morocco's gross national income per capita of $2,770 and literacy rate 56%, according to World Bank data, are particularly low.

"Libya, Iran, Jordan and Bahrain have GNI per capita ranging from $4,000 to $25,000, and all have literacy rates above 80%."

(Region's Protests Spread to Morocco)

Mohammed VI

Morocco has so far escaped the extreme suffering the turmoil faced by Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Andrey Azoulay, the King's Jewish adviser.

This is because Morocco has generally sided with the Powers-That-Be, including the USA and Israel.

Mohammed VI, in Tunisia.

Mohammed VI is gay, according to the Dutch newspaper De Gay Krant.

Most Moroccans are bisexual.

"Until the 1920's, 'boy dancers' ages 8-16, were readily available throughout Morocco".

Mohammed VI went to college in Brussels, Belgium, and regularly hung out in gay bars there, De Gay Krant said.

His homosexuality is "common knowledge" in Moroccan intellectual circles, Marrakech resident Tony Flavel told the newspaper.

Above - Mohammed VI. Morocco's former king, Hassan, was said to be worth $40 billion.

Out of the 100 richest people in Morocco, 'the top 50 are in the armed forces or police.' 

'The fortune amassed by the 20 richest army officers would be enough to pay off Morocco's foreign debt of $17bn.'

Certain members of the Western elite like to visit Morocco to meet with boys.

Allegedly, young Moroccan boys "are being sold to Italy".

"Fairly recently, police in a market town in the plains north of Marrakech, bust a network trafficking in 13-year old boys destined for brothels in Italy. Police arrested the dealer, who had - said reports - paid parents $3,000 per child."

Homosexual King of Morocco.


According to the experts, Moroccans like spending time with a single friend of the same sex.

Same sex friendships are very important for Moroccans all through their lives. There are few limits to intimacy in same sex friendships.

Moroccans 'usually marry out of a sense of duty.'

According to 'Culture Shock- Morocco' by Orin Hargraves (Kuperard), "Homosexual relations among boys and young men are common."


"Pederasty is exceedingly prevalent" wrote Edward Westermack in "Ritual and Belief in Morocco."

"The Moroccan father typically remains absent from the household through major portions of each day in his child's life," according to 'Images and Self Images' by Dwyer (Columbia University press).

"The father and the mother seldom love each other. Their marriage was one of convenience."

Homosexual King of Morocco.

Welcome to Morocco!

In Morocco, homosexual sex by ordinary tourists is heavily punished.

Tourists are not loved by the average Moroccan who sees the tourist as an alien.

The hotel, the Gazelle d'Or, in Morocco, was rather special.

Visitors allegedly included Michael Portillo, Jacques Chirac, Fergie, Rory Bremner, Mick Jagger, hosts of pop stars, statesmen, politicians, personalities, and 'the world's wealthiest closet Queens.'


According to Scallywag magazine, "As far as Westminster is concerned, the Gazelle D'or was first 'discovered' by the notorious gay MP Sir Charles Irving who died from aids in 1993.

"Irving, who chaired the Commons catering Committee, was famous for his private parties in the Pugin room in Westminster ... Many of the 100-plus gay Tory MP's ... were fellow guests........

"The REAL attraction of the Gazelle D'or is not just the exclusivity, or the fabulous luxury. 

"It is, quite simply, that they boast one of the most superlative men-only Turkish baths, Sauna and Massage Parlour in the world, manned by hand-picked and specially trained swarthy Berbers who are most willing to accommodate every whim of their customers. The whole concept of the place is designed to be a veritable paradise for gays."

Andre Azoulay, the Jew who advises the King of Morocco. 

Dutch NOS TV: King Mohammed VI of Morocco has been a frequent visitor to Amsterdam’s gay bars+ VIDEO

"According to the Dutch-based broadcaster, NOS, the flamboyant Moroccan king Mohammed VI paid an unexpected visit to Amsterdam on Sunday, 2nd of April.

"The Dutch authorities were completely unaware of the monarch’s 4-hour surprise visit to Pay-Bas and only when the salivating paparazzi uncovered the royal entourage’s secret stop to the oldest gay nightclub in downtown Amsterdam did the government try to find out what were Arab King’s plans.

"Mark van der Linden, a chief-editor at Royalty Magazine and NOS’ senior correspondent told AFP that King Muhammad VI of Morocco who inherited his family title of “Amir al-Mu’minin” —which literally means the commander of faithful–, has visited during his stay the historic landmarks of Amsterdam such as Herengracht Canal, the Leidseplein and also Spijker Bar, a top gay nightclub. Mr. Lindem added that the Moroccan king has been a frequent visitor to this very nightclub.

"Apparently, Mark Rutte, the Dutch Premier, has attempted to meet the 53-year-old King but he was later informed of his sudden departure to Monaco. There has been a lot of controversy among internet users regarding King Mohammed’s lurid outfits."




Hospitable Moroccans.



According to the Dutch newspaper De Gay Krant, the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, is gay. Mohammed went to college in Brussels and regularly hung out in ...

aangirfan: MOROCCO IS NEXT?

24 Oct 2011 - The man who runs Morocco, Andrey Azoulay, the King's adviser, is Jewish. (André Azoulay, le véritable régent au Maroc - Translate this page )


26 Aug 2011 - Morocco has greater poverty than Egypt. Why is NATO not bombingMorocco? Morocco has "widespread corruption, an appallingly low level of

aangirfan: Morocco and tourism

24 Apr 2008 - In 2007, Morocco attracted a record 7.4 million foreign tourists. "The government, which sees tourism as a growth engine, expects the number ...

aangirfan: MOROCCO BOMB

On 28 April 2011, the Morocco-U.S. Defense Consultative Committee was meeting in Rabat in Morocco. (Morocco-US Defense Consultative Committee meets in ...


1 Mar 2011 - Morocco. Website for this image. Why is Morocco not the same as Tunisia, Egypt and Libya? A. Morocco is friends with Israel. "Mossad and the ...


26 Jul 2012 - 20 February 2011, protests in Al-Hoceima, in Morocco On 30 January 2011, anti-government protests in Tangiers were brutally put down by ...


9 Feb 2014 - Morocco - recruiting ground for the CIA and MI5. MI5 had a Moroccan-born agent who 'investigated' the 7/7 London bombers and the Madrid ...

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At 13 March 2019 at 06:58 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

California's new governor Gavin Newsom, is bravely terminating the death penalty there, giving a reprieve to 737 people waiting to be put to death

That is about 25% of all those awaiting judicial execution in the USA

Seems the USA death penalty, will likely end in January 2021 as the Republicans leave the White House - the new President can do the same nationally


Iran has sentenced an age 55 female lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, to jail for 38 years, and to be flogged bloody and scarred for life with 148 lashes of a whip. Sotudeh had defended women who removed their headscarves.

Iran is estimated to have hanged 5000-6000 gay people since the Islamists took over, along with thousands of other people put to death

It is difficult to oppose overthrowing governments engaged in such barbarisms

At 13 March 2019 at 09:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We in America need to take the log out of our own eye before we take the speck from our neighbors'.

At 13 March 2019 at 13:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS Update on Latifa's situation, from today ( She was visited by ex irish president (looks like this was paid by Saudi regime visit ) :


Poor royal girl...these bloody Saudis think that they control everybody with money.

Good article from Irish press.


At 13 March 2019 at 19:27 , Blogger misterwebb said...

The West has it all wrong on punitive justice

At 13 March 2019 at 23:25 , Blogger Anon said...


13 March 2019 at 14:43

Absent from your Morocco article is the distinct possibility that like Britain,America,France etc Morocco is ruled by crypto Jews.It has been said that the Barbary Pirates were actually predominantly Jewish.(hence the Jewish musicals with pirates as a theme )
It is possible a "layer" of crypto Jews determine what happens in the country....but as the religion of Islam is still strong like Christianity used to be these Jews must remain hidden.
Many Jews expelled from.Spain ended up in Morocco and Holland....Holland is ruled by Jews today....The Dutch equivalent of the Jewish controlled East India Company....was also predominantly started up by Jews.
No wonder all these rich jewish A listers have popped up in Morocco....Portillo being one of them...Portillo is likely to have Spanish Marrano,CRYPTO Jewish ancestry.(and possibly Martian too)

At 14 March 2019 at 08:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This makes sense, jews ended up somewhere.
True bout crypto jews in Morocco, but someone, most likely Aanir, wrote about this before.

Also true that not ALL jews r bad : many decent in Israel even, many protesting against palestinian genocide, jewish IDF soldiers realised that tormenting Palestinians was BAD nad they do give testimony about this.


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