Thursday 7 March 2019


But no one would speak about Jesus for fear of the Jews. -- John 7:13 How long until they ban the words of Jesus as "hate speech?"

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At 8 March 2019 at 03:21 , Blogger Mark Jesus said...

Jesus... if, for real here-now and not a debate about what this one then might have thought etc. etc. -- is about truth and justice. Love and mercy. Grace and compassion. Decent theology on Jewish identity issues puts the step-one emphasis on openness. Into the 'light' and space to struggle over social and political divides. The widest come together and be able to communicate and not shutting down civil debate. Compromise and moving forward through honesty, argument, and a desire for such progress. When Jesus 'in the day' went for the 'Jews' -- and not what/who, we speak of today -- it was all about this. Smashing hard against those -- translated 'Jews' -- tying down and putting burdens on people. A religious hierarchy in hypocrisy and sham. Antisemitism as we know and nowadays is all about evidence-showing exaggerated claims. Counter-productive for the perpetrators. Taking us, and taken by wider hateful interests into deeper and wider oppression. Stirring the UK-up on a nonsensical wind-up, on to -- got-to-be intentional -- civil unrest and wars. Main-rant: Jesus' about dynamic learning and personal to us, one on one, coaching. Challenges all. Social aims; regardless of self or otherwise labelling is 'happy the peacemakers'. As for 'enemy' activity; condemnation and deception. Jesus is anti-shut-down-debate. So doing this in the name of Semite puts God firm and clear anti-that. In this respect, against all those pushing it. Watch them divider-uppers, the Bible says, whatever way they cometh.

At 9 March 2019 at 01:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Peek into the Horrific Findings of the UN Report on Israel’s Massacre of Gaza Protesters

"Here are the most important points concluded in the report:

The commission found in the killings of 189 demonstrators between 30 March and 31 December 2018, 183 were killed with live ammunition, including 35 children, 3 health workers and 2 members of the Press. Only 29 of those killed were members of Palestinian armed groups.

Only 4 Israeli snipers were lightly injured, none were killed by demonstrators.

23,313 Palestinian demonstrators were injured during the 2018 demonstrations, 6106 with live ammunition, “contributing to the highest toll of injuries recorded in the Occupied Palestinian Territory since 2005.

On the killing of child demonstrators, the commission found “reasonable grounds to believe that Israeli snipers shot them intentionally, knowing that they were children”.

On the killing of health workers, “the commission found reasonable grounds to believe that Israeli snipers intentionally shot health workers, despite seeing that they were clearly marked as such”.

On the killings of journalists, “the commission found reasonable grounds to believe that Israeli snipers shot journalists intentionally, despite seeing that they were clearly marked as such”.

The commission found that both male and female protestors were shot in the groin. The female victims told the commission they are now “unlikely to be able to have children”.

The policy of the Israeli Minister of Defense, was to deny passage to any person injured during demonstrations, causing unnecessary deaths and life changing injuries.

According to the commission, except in two possible cases, “the use of live ammunition by Israeli security forces against demonstrators was unlawful”.

Israel used a “disproportionate use of force”.

The “demonstrators were shot in violation of their right to life or of the principle of distinction under international humanitarian law”.

The commission found “reasonable grounds to believe that the excessive use of force by Israeli security forces violated the rights” of thousands of demonstrators who were peaceful.

The commission found “reasonable grounds” to believe that Israel violated “The Convention on the Rights of the Child”.
“Violations of international law, such as those committed by Israeli security forces and set out in this report, give rise to State responsibility…”."

At 18 March 2019 at 03:31 , Anonymous Magnus Johansson said...

In the Gospel of John, chapter 8, the Jews ask Jesus if he is not an obsessed Samaritan, and Jesus only objects the obsession.


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