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The UK Child Abuse Inquiry counsel, Brian Altman QC, asked David Steel, former leader of the Liberal Party:

'What gave you confidence Lord Steel that if Cyril Smith was confessing to you in 1979 that 10 years or more before that he assaulted children that he wasn't continuing to do it on your watch?'

Ex-Liberal leader Lord Steel admits he knew

David Steel IICSA Inquiry Day 8 - BitChute 

Sir Cyril Smith was a top UK politician.

Sir Cyril Smith was the Liberal Party member of parliament for Rochdale.

Cyril held various posts in his church, including Sunday School Superintendent, and chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Sir Cyril was one of three illegitimate children of a housemaid. (mirror.co.uk/G )


A Vice Squad inspector attempted to obtain an arrest warrant for Cyril Smith, but was told to drop the case by a senior officer.

Robert Glen, a retired Met Police superintendent, has told the UK's child sex abuse inquiry that an undercover surveillance operation he led in the late 70s gathered enough evidence to arrest Smith.

When Glen, then an inspector with the Vice Squad in London's West End, tried to obtain an arrest warrant, the late Chief Supt Neil Diver told him to drop the case.

Cyril Smith, pictured with fellow Liberal Democrats Jo Grimond, David Steel and Jeremy Thorpe.

Several decades ago, when he was in trouble, Sir Cyril Smith reportedly informed the authorities about Jimmy Savile's high level pedophile ring.

Cyril Smith was friends with Sir Jimmy Savile. 'Sir Jimmy Savile's pedophile rings' were said to be protected by the security services. 'Child abusers' Cyril Smith & Jimmy Savile Were Friends For 40 Years

In 1979, Rochdale Alternative Press obtained evidence that, during the 1960's, Cyril Smith "was using his position to get teenage boys to undress in front of him in order that he could get them to bend over his knee while he spanked their bare bottoms or let him hold their testicles in a 'medical inspection’.

The police decided not to prosecute Cyril Smith.

A more recent Rochdale scandal

Cyril had freemason connections.

Reportedly, Cyril's first went to MP Jack McCann to use his masonic contacts to get certain charges dropped or reduced.

Reportedly, Cyril then met the chief Constable and provided him with details of what had been going on.

Reportedly, the boys who had been abused, by several people, were from the notorious Barnardos homes, the 'Cambridge Boys hostel' in Rochdale, and a care home in Leeds.

Leeds was home to Jimmy Savile.

Reportedly the local police files on child sex abuse listed a number of famous people who were all linked to Jimmy Savile.

Reportedly, Cyril Smith confessed that Jimmy Savile, ringleader of a pedophile group, wanted to tempt Cyril with certain boys.

Sir James Savile in naval uniform, 1990. Website for this image.

Sir Jimmy Savile was close to the leaders of the UK military, the leaders of Israel, the British and other Royal Families and top UK politicians.

According to the North Yorks Enquirer:

Savile "had different groups of friends in different places".


"They were his 'teams', he called them."

The teams included:

1. The child abuse Team/Ring in Scarborough.

2. The Satanist Team/Ring in Whitby.

3. The Satanist Team/Ring in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, in Buckinghamshire.

4. The Team/Ring in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, led by the Satanist Michael Horgan, who was closely associated with Cyril Smith.

According to The North Yorks Enquirer:

5. The UK police are investigating five Westminster (London based) paedophile rings

One of the Westminster rings was run by the London gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

Ronnie Kray was intimate with Winston Churchill's close friend Lord Boothby.

"Apparently Kray had access to many London care homes and would have boys delivered to parties at DJ Alan 'fluff' Freeman’s large flat over a music shop in East London.

"There they would meet with show biz types and DJs including Jimmy Saville, Joe Meeks and on occasion Beatles manager Brian Epstein."

Death of a Showman: Jimmy Saville 1926-2011 / JIMMY SAVILE, THE KRAY TWINS, CLIFF ...

The Krays had protection from certain top police officers.

Jimmy Savile was also involved in a second ring that used a London brothel in Battersea Bridge Road staffed by underage children.

The police discovered this in 1964 and linked Savile to it. But no action was taken.

6. Jimmy Savile is linked to the child abuse ring operating on the island of Jersey.


7. Jimmy Savile was a frequent visitor to Belfast, the site of the Kincora boy brothel, said to be run by MI5 and MI6.

Edward Heath and Peter Jaconelli.

According to the North Yorks Enquirer:

Jimmy Savile had close relationships with:

1. Alan Franey, General Manager at Broadmoor mental hospital.

2. Peter Jaconelli, former Mayor of Scarborough.

3. Jimmy Corrigan, a Scarborough businessman.

4. Cyril Smith MP.

Jimmy Savile,Woodlands Special School, Scarborough, 1967

Franey, Jaconelli, Corrigan and Savile frequented 'Michael's/The Penthouse Club', a night-club in Scarborough.

The owner of the property in Whitby that had Satanist paraphernalia in a room called 'the chamber', also used the 'Michael's/The Penthouse Club' and it seems to have been central to their operating.

Corrigan knew the owner of the property in Whitby containing 'the chamber', which was visited regularly by Savile and Jaconelli.

The description of 'the room' used by Savile in Stoke Mandeville hospital is strikingly similar to the description of 'the chamber' in Whitby, and the description of rape is similar to the description of rape that occurred in Rochdale.

Victim: Michael Roberts, whose devil-worshipping stepdad Michael Horgan organised abuse.

The Sunday People newspaper reported that Pervert Member of the UK Parliament Sir Cyril Smith was pals with a satanic child sex monster

According to the Sunday People:

Paedophile MP Cyril Smith was in league with a child sex abuser who organised satanic rituals and raped children as young as two.

Victim Michael Roberts says he was only six when he was sexually abused by 29-stone Sir Cyril Smith.

Michael Horgan - 'High Priest of Satan'

Michael Roberts says his devil-worshipping stepfather Michael Horgan organised this abuse.

Sir Cyril Smith was a close friend of Sir Jimmy Savile, friend of the Royal Family, the military and Israel.

Michael Horgan, who has also used the name Shaun O’Donnell, became known as the High Priest of Satan.

In 1992, Horgan was jailed after being found guilty of six sex abuse ­charges.

Horgan organised "satanic-themed orgies" at which children were raped.

Horgan hung up his stepson and a girl on hooks.

He also tied them to a cross next to a black magic altar so that his 'disciples' could use them for sex.

The abuses were often filmed.

Horgan organised events on Saddleworth Moor, where child killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley had buried their victims.

Youngsters from two to 13 were drugged, tortured and sexually abused during the satanic 'ceremonies'.

Sir Cyril Smith.

Horgan was friends with Raymond Hewlett, the child rapist questioned about Madeleine McCann.

Continued here: Pervert Member of the UK Parliament Sir Cyril Smith was pals with a satanic child sex monster


Jimmy Savile

"North Yorkshire Police did not disrupt the longest running and most successful paedophile-ring in British history that was operating openly for over fifty years in small seaside towns (Scarborough and Whitby) where they were well known locally for their activities."

The Express

Savile had regular Friday morning meetings with nine police officers in his flat in Leeds.

Savile is alleged to have routinely bribed Police Officers.

One serving Police officer acted as his driver and bodyguard.

Another officer 'Inspector 5', who was the West Yorkshire Police Force Incident Manager based in their control room, acted as Savile’s PA when Surrey Police asked to interview Savile under caution as part of a criminal investigation.

Reportedly, Cyril Smith MP was protected by MI5 and by the police.

Yorkshire / enough evidence to arrest Smith / investigation

Reportedly, Jeremy Thorpe was protected by MI5 and the Police Special Branch.


Sir Peter Hayman, Deputy Director of MI6, has been revealed as a child abuser.

Leon Brittan (right) a top Jew.

The homes of former Whitby MP Leon Brittan were searched by the police.


"As a member of Scarborough and Whitby Conservative Association in the 1970’s, and then its MP, Lord Brittan would certainly have known Peter Jaconelli, who was a Conservative Scarborough Borough Councillor, a North Yorkshire County Councillor, Mayor of Scarborough and a local wealthy businessman."

Mr Brittan went on to be Home Secretary and in this capacity, to have operational control over MI5.

The home of the former MP Harvey Proctor was searched  by the police.


Harvey Proctor is a former pupil of Scarborough High School for Boys.

Jaconelli was a Governor of a number of schools in the area.

Proctor was a member of the Scarborough Young Conservatives eventually becoming its Leader.

"He will no doubt have known Peter Jaconelli, who was a prominent member of Scarborough Conservatives."

Proctor admitted having sex with males 'who were under the age of consent'.

Sir Cyril Smith's Parliamentary agent Alan Taylor (left) with Smith.

The late Postman Patel reported (Cyril Smith 1979 ):

"Lancashire Police had investigated claims about Smith's activities 3 years before he became an MP for 6 months.

"The original complaint concerned a resident of Cambridge Boys Hostel, Castlemere Street, Rochdale (it closed in 1965) .

Big Cyril, who smacked boys' bottoms. (Website for this imageCyril Smith, who died in 2010, was a typical populist politician in the UK.

"Eventually 7 people made complaints.

"... He took me into the quiet Room. He told me to take my trousers down and bend over his knee..."


Another one ..." Cyril Smith found out I had taken some money . He asked me if I would accept his punishment or be dealt with by the authorities..."

Another " He told me to take my trousers and pants down. He held my testicles and told me to cough"

"At the end of the Lancashire Police review a File was drawn up by the Officer in charge of the Task Force team for submission to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Smith with Edward Heath.

"But the DPP said: 'The DPP cannot trace such a case being referred to us, but cannot confirm or deny receiving it'.

"It appears that at the time existence of the review into Smith's conduct and the File were common knowledge amongst many local politicians and Police.But the file did exist and was handled by Special Branch when prospects of a Conservative / Liberal pact were being considered."

Liberals - Cyril Smith (right), Clement Freud (centre) linked to Madeleine McMann, and David Steel (left), linked to Dolphin Square. 'Paedophile' Sir Clement Freud shared an office in Parliament with Smith

In 1988, a young policeman called at a house in Stockport (Manchester area) after a complaint that the occupier had been committing a sex act in his window in front of a newspaper boy.

Inside the house, the young policeman found Member of Parliament Sir Cyril Smith, a police officer in civilian clothes, a known dangerous child abuser and two teenage boys - one a runaway from a children's home.

Smith and the 'Queen Mother'.

According to the young policeman: "There seemed to be a party going on, with two young lads there...The boys, aged about 14 to 15, were drunk.

"One was missing from a children's home."

The young policeman was "ordered by top officers at Greater Manchester Police to keep quiet about the incident.

"The young policeman was threatened with the Official Secrets Act."

The young policeman received an anonymous call from an unnamed man who said to him: "keep your mouth shut."

Sir Cyril Smith was not investigated. The dangerous 'known child abuser' was given a caution.

Cop who 'found Cyril Smith in sex beast's home with teen boys told to forget what he saw'

Don Mackintosh, who died in mysterious circumstances in 2014.

The young policeman's 'mentoring officer' was Don Mackintosh, who was in charge of all the young police officers.

Don Mackintosh sexually abused young boys over more than ten years.

Don Mackintosh 'assaulted two police cadets.'

There is a belief that MI5 and its friends run the top child abuse rings.

MI5 child abuse cover-up allegations.

Wales and Ireland.

In 1990 there was a huge child abuse case in Rochdale.

A boy, aged 4 at the time, described being present at ritual sacrifices of infants and seeing cult members robbing graves in a local cemetery.

Around twenty children were removed from their homes by social services who alleged the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  [40]

16 children were taken from their parents and became boarders at Knowl View School, the 'boy brothel'.

Knowl View School, in the town of Rochdale, was founded in the 1960s by Sir Cyril Smith.

In 1988 Dr Alison Frazer told Rochdale council about possible child abuse at Knowl View School.

In 1991, Phil Shepherd, of the Rochdale Health Authority Aids Unit, reported: "One boy who is homosexual has contact with an adult outside the school.

"Several of the senior boys indulge in oral sex with one another.

"Reputedly five of the junior boys have been or are involved in 'cottaging' (sex) in and around public toilets.

"Men as far away as Sheffield are believed to be aware of this activity and travel to Rochdale to take part."

"One eight year old is thought to have been involved .  .  . some boys have been 'forced' to have sex with each other."

One former pupil, Chris Marshall, aged seven when at the school, told the Mail on Sunday:

"Teachers would take pupils to a public toilet in Manchester where the boys would have sex with men who had travelled from all over the North.

"Men would come to the school and we were made to have sex with them.

"I was forced to perform a sex act on the late MP Cyril Smith who we called the Fat Man.

"It had such an effect on us that some of the boys have either committed suicide or are in prison."

Paul Flowers (centre) in dressing gown. Paul Flowers was the Chairman of a UK bank which had to be bailed out. Co-op Bank 

Beginning in the early 1980s, Methodist minister Paul Flowers was vice-chairman of the committee which oversaw Knowl View School.

Knowl View School was a 'boy brothel' or 'sweet shop for paedophiles'.


The Mail on Sunday uncovered text messages that Flowers sent to a boy prostitute:


Sir Cyril Smith

Flowers, like a number of UK politicians, has reportedly taken an interest in holidays in Amsterdam with boy prostitutes.

Flowers took coke, crack and weed before leading a Remembrance Day service.


Flowers, the 'typical politician'.

In 1981, while he was a church minister in Southampton, Flowers was fined for 'gross indecency' with a male in a public toilet.

Flowers then moved to Rochdale and became a key member of its education and social services committees.

The UK Liberal Party (now called the Liberal-Democrats) is notorious for its sex scandals.

Anna Arrowsmith was the Liberal Democrat party candidate for Gravesham in Kent in the UK.

Anna Arrowsmith has made hundreds of hardcore porn films.

She is the managing director of Easy on the Eye Productions.

'Be My Toyboy' was 'shot in the front room'.

Other productions include "Eat Me - Keep Me", "Where's the Rent, Boys", "Their Pants Down!" and "The Scottish Gigolo". (THEIR PANTS DOWN)

Mark Oaten

By 2003, Mark Oaten had become the UK Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman and he was tipped as a future party leader.

In 2004, the married Oaten began seeing a rent boy.

In 2006, Oaten attempted to become the leader of the the Liberal Democrat Party.

The News of the World told Oaten they knew about his rent boy, his three-in-a-bed romps and a ‘bizarre sex act too revolting to describe’.

(Coprophilia is "an abnormal, often obsessive interest in excrement, especially the use of feces for sexual excitement.") (aangirfan: Sex Scandals)

Jimi Hendrix, with Jeremy Thorpe, a former leader of the Liberal Party

Jeremy Thorpe became leader of the UK Liberal party in 1967.

In 1961 Thorpe had met Norman Scott.

Scott claimed that Thorpe had sex with him, an act that was illegal at that time.

Allegedly, in 1975, an 'assassin' was hired to kill Scott.

The assassin killed Scott’s dog and was found guilty of firearms offences.

Thorpe was put on trial for conspiracy to murder but was found not guilty.

Sir William Armstrong.

"Britain's top civil servant ‘cracked up’ and lay on a floor at 10 Downing Street talking incoherently in the final days of Ted Heath’s Conservative Government.

"According to a new book about No10, Sir William Armstrong, Heath’s Permanent Secretary of the Civil Service Department and his most senior mandarin, was taken to hospital after telling colleagues the world was coming to an end.

"Last night, Whitehall insiders revealed Armstrong had, in fact, been naked while lying on the floor at No10, and that after hospital treatment he was sent by the then Lord Rothschild - a fellow senior civil servant - to recover at Lord Rothschild’s villa in Barbados for a month.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

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´´Michael Jackson's Former Friend Corey Feldman Can 'No Longer Defend' Singer Following Leaving Neverland Broadcast ´´

“I cannot in good consciousness defend anyone who’s being accused of such horrendous crimes."


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Onle because he was in trouble himself, compassion was not the reason, there is NO 'right things' about such people.

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Mark Oaten is named in the RAINS list. https://spidercatweb.blog/joan-colemans-r-a-i-n-s-list

And the late former Lib Dem deputy leader Sir Russell Johnston also used to live in Dolphin Square. https://www.google.com/amp/s/spidercatweb.wordpress.com/2016/01/03/sir-russell/amp/
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