Wednesday 13 March 2019



Avoid Boeing aircraft?


Several Pilots repeatedly warned federal authorities of safety concerns over the Boeing 737 Max 8 for months leading up to the second deadly disaster involving the plane, according to an investigation by the Dallas Morning News.

One captain called the Max 8's flight manual "inadequate and almost criminally insufficient," according to the report.

"The fact that this airplane requires such jury-rigging to fly is a red flag. Now we know the systems employed are error-prone - even if the pilots aren't sure what those systems are, what redundancies are in place and failure modes. I am left to wonder: what else don't I know?" wrote the captain.

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At 13 March 2019 at 04:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 13 March 2019 at 06:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im 100% sure it was so:

At 13 March 2019 at 09:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 13 March 2019 at 15:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

following documentation from Boeing is showing on page 19, that the type 737, up to series 900 had a very low accident rate. Would assume, that the documentation is basically credible, even if it issued by Boeing itself. Above report from Al Jazeera is probably completely overblown.

At 14 March 2019 at 02:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

it not just 737
747 cargo door failure has caused 747 crashes killing hundreds.
with many more near accidents. Boeing new about this for a long time.

At 14 March 2019 at 02:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In line with the train of thought that this so called tragedy isn't all it seems - RT were running a broadcast when the presenter announces that there were victims from [33] countries on board.

An occultist number relating to Freemasons and their Fallen Angels/Djinn. This number appears over and over again (particularly around fake terror events) and high profile tragedies - as it were.

The crash site is full of questionable material, lack of airline related debris and doesn't stack up under basic scrutiny.

Further to that, the alleged passenger manifest would show individuals of interest on board from the UN and possibly a tenuous link the Clintons.

I don't know the time of the alleged crash, however, the date being 10 March. Had it been 11 March, that would demonstrate further evidence of occult activity. For anyone unaware the number 33 can manifest through the product, sum or factorisation. In this case 11 x 3 being 33. That said the timing of the alleged event could still have meant it WAS in fact the 11th somewhere in the world (just a thought).

Yet again a seemingly tragic event almost instantly comes under suspicion of foul play or events connected to the occult or events not fully understood.

Ethiopian Airlines were 'on the up' and have taken delivery of a fair amount of new planes. They are trying to muscle in on the 'hub' market to the far East from Europe and a gateway to Africa. They are flying the new A350 from LHR and could entice the 'stop off' traveller heading South or East.

Now the confidence of the flying public will be tested too. I was looking to fly to Joburg and fancied a look at the old Christian sites and Rock churches in Ethiopia en-route.

On a purely cynical level, I'll keep my eyes open for cut price flights and may end up in Addis anyway!

Peace to the humans

At 14 March 2019 at 08:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said... Boeing will have a financial crash soon, or
all of this will be use for some, yet unknown to us , propaganda like :

PPL STOP flying, it gets too dangerous ?

Or above is overstatement. Just Boeing days are coming to end ?

Or, such a big corpo is still 'to big to fall' ?

At 14 March 2019 at 08:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I don't know the time of the alleged crash, however, the date being 10 March. Had it been 11 March, that would demonstrate further evidence of occult activity"

Sure ! Interesting comment, thank you : but looks like, few times, t h e y did cause few catastrophes which were just close ( in terms od day ) to the occult day.

For me even 10th is suspicious enough, and 12,14 of any month ( esp march ) will be suspicious : negative energy ritual, sacrifice...

Brasilian school shotting from yesterday (or two days ago ) falls into the pattern as well.

Hopefuly, it is not lawys like this. But , most likely, it is...

Greetings Annir, thanks ! Peace.

At 14 March 2019 at 13:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot

Ethiopian 737 flight app data discrepancy. According to the FlightStats data, this aircraft completed its flight. Look at the filters, one planned, one actual. Note the flight turns south where the other app shows it end at 9k feet and 470 mph.

With #737MAX aircraft being grounded worldwide will @Boeing seek expert testimony from pilot #whistleblower @fieldmcc which MAY exonerate them in MURDERS FOR HIRE by weaponized airliner via remote hijack?

At 14 March 2019 at 14:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boeing 737 Max: An Artificial Intelligence Event?

At 14 March 2019 at 14:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

After very little investigation on my part I must say I agree with V on this crash. Many things don't add up. To me it looked like a slightly improved Shanksville hoax site.

At 15 March 2019 at 03:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

did I forget to add the link???

At 18 March 2019 at 13:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

bookmarked!!, I love your web site!


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