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RAF Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard

In 1935, RAF Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard believed he experienced a 'time slip', or parallel universe.

Drem airfield.

As he was flying over a disused and overgrown air force base in the village of Drem, near Edinburgh in Scotland, he saw the things  on the ground suddenly change.

"When he looked down he saw the airfield was suddenly renovated and in use. 

"There were mechanics in blue overalls walking around and four yellow planes parked on the runway.

"One of these was a model which he failed to recognise."

Image: Birmingham Mail

The RAF did not paint their training aircraft yellow until around 1939 - four years after Goddard claims to have seen them

It was only some years after 1935 that the air force changed their mechanic overalls from tan to blue.

The airfield at Drem was not resurfaced until 1939.

Fascinating story of time-travel in Scotland - Daily Record

The day before Goddard's 'time slip' experience, Goddard had seen that at the Drem airfield "the tarmac and four hangars were in disrepair, barbed wire divided the field into numerous pastures, and cattle grazed everywhere. It was now a farm, and completely useless as an airfield."

Sir Victor Goddard: A Flight through Time

On the day of Goddard's 'time slip', just before he reached Drem airfield, "Goddard lost control of his plane. 

"It began to spiral downward. He struggled with the controls.The sky became darker, the clouds turning a strange yellowish-brown. 

"Goddard emerged from the clouds over the Firth of Forth. 

"Suddenly, he saw directly before him a stone sea wall with a path, a road, and railings on top of it. 

"The road seemed to be slowly rotating from left to right. 

"A young girl with a baby carriage ran through the pouring rain. She ducked her head just in time.

"Goddard succeeded in leveling out his plane after that.

"He identified the road to Edinburgh and soon was able to discern, through the gloom, the black silhouettes of the Drem Airfield hangars ahead of him, the same airfield he had visited the day before. 

"The rain became a deluge, the sky grew even darker, and Goddard’s plane was shaken violently by the turbulent weather as it sped toward the Drem hangars.

"Suddenly, the sky turned bright with golden sunlight. 

"The rain and the farm had vanished. 

"The hangars and the tarmac appeared to have somehow been rebuilt in a brand-new condition. 

"There were four planes lined at the end of the tarmac. Three were standard Avro 504N trainer biplanes; the fourth was a monoplane of an unknown type. 

"All four airplanes were bright yellow. No RAF airplanes were painted yellow in 1935. The airplane mechanics were wearing blue overalls. RAF mechanics never wore anything but brown overalls when working in hangars in 1935."

Sir Victor Goddard: A Flight through Time

"Apparently none of the mechanics saw him or  heard his plane. 

"He managed to return to his home base safely.

"In 1939, Goddard watched as RAF trainers began to be painted yellow and the mechanics switched to blue coveralls. The RAF introduced a new training monoplane exactly like the one he had seen in his flight over Drem. It was called the Magister. He learned that the airfield at Drem had been refurbished.

"It was not until 1966 that he wrote of this experience. 

"Goddard finally concluded that he must have glimpsed the future-or even traveled into it-for a brief moment in time." 


"Goddard was posted to India in 1943, to take charge of administration for the air command of South East Asia Command (SEAC). He remained in the role until 1946 when he became the RAF's representative in Washington.

"He claimed to have witnessed the clairvoyant experience of another officer, in China during January 1946.

"According to Goddard, he was at a party in Shanghai and scheduled to fly to Tokyo that same night, when he heard of another officer having a dream in which Goddard was killed in a plane crash. 

"In the dream an aircraft was carrying Goddard, two other men and a woman, when it experienced difficulties with atmospheric icing, and crashed on a pebbled beach near mountains. 

"That night Goddard was persuaded to take two men and a woman on the Douglas Dakota transport flying to Tokyo.

"As in the other's officer's dream, the Dakota plane iced over and was forced to make a crash-landing on the Japanese island of Sado; the crash scene, a pebbled beach near mountains, resembled that described in the dream.

"Unlike the dream, however, no-one was injured.

"The 1955 film The Night My Number Came Up was based on this incident."


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At 6 March 2019 at 11:13 , Blogger RAYESTE said...

Thank you for recalling this so interesting story...

But, of course, there are many more on these subjects, no doubt. These phenomenons are manifesting from ancient times, i remember reading once even some story from ancient Greek times, or Persian maybe ( With Xerxes, most likely ?).

Greetings, and best luck in your research :-)

At 7 March 2019 at 11:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And YT clip and Time slips is also amazing...with nice Brit accent :-)

Anybody knows an article about this French auberge time travel ? Would love to find a link to article, must be somewhere. Good story. Thank you,

At 10 March 2019 at 05:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Aangirfan,

There are two obvious possible explanations for Air Marshall Goddard's incident.

One. He just made it all up. And the dream was made up. Nonetheless Air Marshall's tend more to be pragmatists and reality-based. Not fantasists given to flights of fancy.

Two. Through some insanely improbable confluence of circumstances, an as-yet-unknown physical principle permitted him to travel through time in a manner with no obvious discontinuity. Ask a physicist how likely they think this option is.

Physicists by definition deal in cold hard physicalism. That is, that the nature of the world is merely as physical machinery, an impersonal clockwork universe --- though nowadays of a ghostly and indeterminate nature.

Physicalism is not the only worldview that explains the external reality we experience --- even though many, maybe most, hard scientists assume it with a religious fervour.

There are other views of the world in which mind, not matter, has primacy. For example, Spiritual Naturalism.

In the physicalist view, the world is devoid of omen, portent and prefiguration. In the spiritualist view, the world is like a dream, replete with them --- signs and wonders. And such a world should hence be interpreted like a dream.

This suggests a third option, intimately tied to the notions of time and consciousness.

Three. The world as a dream. That we are exhibits in a simulation. One of many. Uncountably many even.

If we assume that causation is a more fundamental principle than time, and that subjective conscious experience, and the perception of time, arise inherently through dynamic waves of causation in complex informational systems, then simulated consciousness in a dream world can run as fast or as slow as we want it to --- like clocking a Z80 by hand. The human brain is surprisingly digital --- simulable by asynchronous spiking neural networks, consciousness apparently correlate with integrated information density and causal density. And that's just what we know at our primitive state of human knowledge.

Hmm... That sounded more technical than I wanted.

In short, if we're living in a dream, our lives could be a mere blink of an eye to the One who made us. And patching the future into the now, for whatever reason, also presents no problem.

Your perceived time can be twisted and sculpted.

To God, time is like Play Dough.

Sometimes I think he's in the trees, deciding when to come out and surprise me.
  I used to think that when I was a little girl, that he was always here even when he wasn't.

At 10 March 2019 at 09:37 , Blogger Anon said...

Very many thanks for this comment.

- Aangirfan

At 12 March 2019 at 09:59 , Blogger Spike1138 said...

One of the first on-The-ground eyewitnesses reports of the first plane on 9/11 said it looked like a Dakota.

At 12 March 2019 at 10:04 , Blogger Spike1138 said...

“The Second Plane was an old prop-plane like a Dakota.”


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