Sunday 20 January 2019


Brazil brought in strict gun control laws in 2003.

There was a 12.6 per cent decline in homicides between 2003 and 2013 in Brazil.

Brazil's firearms laws | Financial Times

Now, in 2019, Brazil's Bolsonaro has signed a decree loosening gun ownership rules

Washington and Rhode Island have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the U.S., they fall on the lower end of firearm death rates in the country.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas currently fall within the top 10 for firearm deaths. One legislative similarity that all of these states share is that none of them require license, registration or permit to buy a gun.



"There are more domestic homicides and suicides with a firearm in Switzerland than pretty much anywhere else in Europe except Finland...

"Over the last 20 years, now that the majority of soldiers don't have ammunition at home, we have seen a decrease in gun violence and a dramatic decrease in gun-related suicides. Today we see maybe 200 gun suicides per year and it used to be 400, 20 years ago. "

In Switzerland:

Heavy machine guns and automatic weapons are banned, as are silencers.

In most cases the buyer needs a weapon acquisition permit, issued by the cantonal police.

This will be refused if the applicant has a criminal record, an addiction or a psychiatric problem.

A special permit is needed to carry a gun in public - and is usually issued only to people who work in security, once they have passed theoretical and practical exams.

Guns are more tightly regulated than many assume.

Switzerland guns: Living with firearms the Swiss way - BBC News

Firearm-related death rate per 100,000 population per year

Rank - Country - Total gun-related Homicide per 100,000 population

24  Switzerland  3.01 

10  United States 11.96 

65  United Kingdom  0.23


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At 20 January 2019 at 03:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Case in point: Switzerland. Switzerland gives every citizen a gun. Switzerland trains every citizen how to use their gun. It also has the lowest gun violence rates.

At 20 January 2019 at 03:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 20 January 2019 at 04:32 , Blogger Anon said...

Source for your faulty info?

At 20 January 2019 at 13:23 , Anonymous HPrice said...

Most of these countries are either South American places with huge amounts of gang violence, or third world countries, or war zones. Comparing them to the US is nonsensical. These places are like the wild west. The US is not the wild west now, and still it has an abnormally high rate of deaths from guns.

Gun control is not a bad thing. The NRA has brainwashed people into thinking that gun control is evil in some way. It isn't. It is NORMAL.

Anyway, gun control will happen in the US at some point, and soon the NRA will, hopefully, be gone. With all their Russian connections etc its only a matter of time ...

At 20 January 2019 at 14:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

But the WHOLE point of legal gun ownership is to do with political freedom....up until now this fact has not been tested in the USA....but it WILL be,hence the constant attempts by the elite to disarm to populace.
If the elite can disarm citizens...THEY WILL....and the elite in America have become hugely rich in comparison to ordinary citizens.
HOW do you change this?.History has proven that the ELITES do NOT respond to polite requests for change.
The most recent example being Macron...ONLY with disorder threatening did he suddenly make a number of concessions!!'
The British media is either playing down the "yellow jackets" riots in France....OR NOT REPORTING IT AT ALL.But they've got plenty of crap about Prince Phillips accident..
They are playing the British public for fools....

At 20 January 2019 at 15:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Switzerland has a high suicide rate indeed. Somebody from the national railway, who should know, told me, that up to 400 people p.a. are jumping in front of a moving train, in order to finish their lives. The media is instructed not report these incidences whenever possible, in order to prevent people from “imitating” the suicides.
Members of the army reserve have easy access to ammunition when going to the official shooting ranges. Reports that the non-distribution of ammunition to reserve soldiers has lowered the suicide rates, is obviously silly propaganda from folks related to Dianne Feinstein and cohorts.
Anon, no worries, the disarmament of the Swiss is in full swing. I am absolutely positive, that the Federal Chancellery in Berne knows already on this very day, how much voters will vote in favor of the new Schengen induced gun-regulations, coming up in May. The deep state is well prepared, the ballot papers sent by mail are not handled and re-dispatched at the local post offices, the envelopes have all to be processed in large central mail centers. There must be a reason for this!!!!!
BTW, understand London has up to 180 murders per year (2.056/100,000) and this with a total ban on guns!

At 20 January 2019 at 22:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gun-control advocates deceptively include suicides to inflate "death by gun" statistics to make guns sound scary, instead of comparing murder rates.


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