Tuesday 1 January 2019



"Just looking ahead to 2019 a little, and wondering what fresh bullshit is on the horizon, I can see the months ahead being dominated by a few (related) things: all of it centering on the meme of ‘rising up’ against the ‘elites’."

"Hence, you get Trump: an elite 1 percenter claiming to be acting against the ‘elites’."

Read the rest of this  - Trump, Brexit & the Rigged Explosions - 

A Brazilian stamp.

Who controls Brazil?


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At 1 January 2019 at 00:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Aangirfan and to all the regular posters and the humans.

You suggest there might be some more false flags - indeed there will be. We should have a sweep stake for what {lies} ahead (although I don't gamble). Lol.

In the spirit of the Grand National I'll kick off the early running:

1. Fake Alien Invasion 33/1
2. Zombie Apocalypse 66/1
3. World War 3 9/11
4. Peasant Uprising 11/3
5. Europe Collapse 22/3
6. USA Collapse Evens
7. Financial Ccollapse 3/11
8. Migrant Crisis 2.0 33/1
9. Fake Muslim Terror Odds on
10. Virus Pandemic 66/1

Again, any other entries for the year ahead - feel free to add more entries to the Great Race.

Peace to the Humans.

At 1 January 2019 at 01:36 , Blogger Mark Jesus said...

What an honour, been blessed, thank you very much. S. Awan will doubtless most appreciate. Yeah chuffed. Anonymous 'kick off the early running...' is smart and echo; 'Peace to the Humans.' Be well in your critical journalism, looking forward to an inspiring and informative 2019.

At 1 January 2019 at 03:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did u miss that? Anon 00.18, u were so rite:


At 1 January 2019 at 05:47 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Happy New Year all

However much the 'populist revolts' and 'populist media' are being stage-managed

There yet seems to be something real, which the powers that be are not fully controlling

And things have changed, the terms of discourse have evolved and in part opened up ... as for example re the 'fake news' ... perhaps due to Trump maybe above all?

The gilets jaunes - yellow vests in France, have, notably, been more intensively targeting the French media offices ... an interesting way to jab at the oligarchy, by burning down corporate media headquarters?

Here is a twitter post with a short 84 second video, of editor-in-chief Jannick Alimi of French news source Le Parisien, live on the air while there is a fire blazing at her own office building

And on this topic of fakery in the news, here is a quite witty statement the other day, remarkable and funny for its sharply reflexive final phrase:

"Nothing is clean, nothing can be trusted, and pushing me into telling you that, is, in itself, part of their programme."
- Gordon Duff of Veterans Today

At 1 January 2019 at 09:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in Istanbul- just back (lol).

Looks like Fake Muslim Terror just took an early lead at the first hurdle.

Still, we're only on the 1st lap.

Happy New Year- same old tripe.


At 1 January 2019 at 10:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo all,
yes HAPPIER New Year to you :-)

Of course more FF on the way, attacks etc and you ppl will get excited again, will start analysing for months :
but if it is not "coming soon to the cinema near you" why became so excited :

we may left the planet due to uour karma anyway, better search for Transcendence. Om tat sat :-)

This blog above is good, but muslim anyway :
so i filter out what makes sense for me, and avoiding the propaganda haha
( In France there is very good whistleblower blogger, but arab muslim so one has to be cautious : no, this is NOT racism etc, this is common sense ).

Big russian RT news channel gives interesting views about France, Spain etc BUT : this is subtle russian propaganda...and some idiots in France are claiming : Putin will save us. Miserable.

So let us be warned ;-)

Best in New Year !


At 1 January 2019 at 10:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You Brabantian.
New French revolt is still present,
yes but New Year's 'party' on the parisian Champs Elysees were unusually calm...and we talking bout around 300 thousands souls...


But next attacks are on the way, in few west countries, and in la douce France soon more manifestations which can, but not necessarily, turn bloody and ppl get killed...

And macron will be treatened with assault, he may 'abdicate' and leave politics completely, maybe before March ;-)

But a l wa y s hope to avoid the bloodshed in France.

Peace :-)


At 3 January 2019 at 18:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

North Korea being blamed for a prelude to WW3... 33/1.

China and Russia then getting involved then we'll have an early 'Bonfire Night'.

Just a hunch.

At 3 January 2019 at 19:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gordon Duff isn’t clean. How can you promote him? I spent time there.

At 14 January 2019 at 13:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not clear, if the movement of the Gilets Jaunes is effectively a grass root movement or if the usual suspects are pulling the strings behind the curtain, as with most political demonstrations / revolutions on this planet. The French citizens obviously do have very good reasons to demonstrate. The Rothschild-stooge Macron tried to advance the Agenda 21 a bit too heavy handed on the backs of the working class. The demonstrators succeeded in having the price hike of diesel fuel reversed, this was a major victory, whatever happens next.
We have no Yellow Vests demonstrating here in the streets, but the French activists already saved the Swiss consumers a lot of money. I in our country, with a political establishment (across all political parties) inclined for appeasing to pressure from Brussels and New York / Washington, a totally unexpected thing happened in parliament. Last month, the National Council put a hefty increase of CO2-taxes on heating oil and fuel/gas ON HOLD.
I am assuming, this was due to the “war images”, which were transmitted out of Paris at the time.
The fraudulent agenda with the CO2-taxes is just a tool of the deep states, to hide the facts that the production of fossil fuels is getting more and more difficult, due to it’s imminent scarcity.


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