Friday 12 October 2018


2,024 QI Facts To Stop You In Your Tracks by John Lloyd, James Harkin and Anne Miller, published by Faber on October 18

Valium is present in potatoes.

Dogs see in blue and yellow.

The dome of the Taj Mahal is held together with sugar, fruit juice and egg whites.

Eighty-five per cent of bikinis never get wet.

Chickens communicate using over 200 distinct noises.

Twenty-five per cent of the world's prisoners are in the U.S.

Half of all the plastic that has ever existed was made in the past 13 years.

Emmanuel Macron, president of France, spends £24,000-a-year on make-up.

Mosquitoes are responsible for half the deaths in human history.

Babies have half as much chance of developing asthma if there's a cat in the house.

2,024 QI Facts To Stop You In Your Tracks by John Lloyd, James Harkin and Anne Miller, published by Faber on October 18

Jamie Lockerbie

"Bagpipes have been played for a millennium or more throughout large parts of Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia, including Turkey, the Caucasus, and around the Persian Gulf."
QI: more amazing facts

Jimmy Carter once sent a jacket to the cleaners with the nuclear detonation codes still in the pocket.

In 1881, there were only six men in Britain called Derek.

China is the world's largest supplier of Bibles.

In 2009, a retired policeman called Geraint Woolford was admitted to Abergale Hospital in north Wales and ended up next to another retired policeman called Geraint Woolford. The men weren’t related, had never met and were the only two people in the UK called Geraint Woolford.




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At 12 October 2018 at 11:56 , Blogger Tony Ryals said...
Maya Holocaust:Trump's Israeli Nazis Name Guatemala Streets 'Jerusalem Capital Of Israel'

At 12 October 2018 at 12:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the timing of the Westminster Hoax vid. The narrator is calm and methodical and the material very well presented. Thank you for that.

On the topic of facts. How about another fact.

Fact 2025

The world has been taken over by lying satanic paedos.

Peace to the humans.

At 12 October 2018 at 13:51 , Anonymous HPrice said...

I love stories like the Geraint Woolford one. It shows that sometimes the universe does have a sense of humour no matter how grim it seems sometimes.

Plus ... I'll be eating more potatoes from now on. A lot more!!!!

At 12 October 2018 at 14:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking of facts.....

Independent Audit Exposes the Fraud in Global Warming Data

"An independent audit of the key temperature dataset that is being used by climate models has exposed more than 70 problems with the data which render it “unfit for global studies.”"

At 13 October 2018 at 11:13 , Blogger Kaivey said...

Is There Life After Death? moderated by John Cleese - 2018 Tom Tom Founders Festival

The University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies research portfolio includes investigating children who have memories of past lives; the nature of consciousness and the mind-body relationship; neuro-imaging studies of psi events; and individuals who report experiencing near-death experiences(NDEs). In this panel, the legendary actor, writer and comedian John Cleese, convenes DOPS research faculty to present an overview of the research to which they have dedicated their academic careers.

At 13 October 2018 at 11:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, for one, can read medication labels just fine, thank you very much. And I, too, believe that God created the world thousands but certainly not millions of years ago. This does not make me a nincompoop as the book's authors ever so 'subtly' imply. Cutting-edge science is also starting to point out that the origin of all species dates back to about the same time, and that time was not more than 100,000 years ago.


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