Wednesday 10 October 2018

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Kaivey10 October 

Why The UK Lost Its Oil Wealth (And Why Norway Didn't)

An awesome video, the Norwegians had a Labour government which kept its high taxes while investing its oil wealth, but Britain spent all its oil wealth on tax cuts (and it doesn't say here, but also on large dole queues as Thatcher destroyed British industry putting millions out of work).

Britain's GDP did grow for a while, but tanked when the oil money run out, while Norway's economy prospered under socialism and grew steadily rich. Today, Norway is one of the richest counties in the world, while most of Britain, except for London and the South, is one of the poorest countries in Northern Europe.

Anonymous on 10/9/18


Ahed Tamimi's Occupied Childhood .


“He Actually Believes He Is Prince Khalid”: The Amazing 30-Year Odyssey


How the tentacles of the US military are strangling the planet



Mk Survivor  - How Did You Escape and how Do You Avoid Capture? - Katy Groves


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