Wednesday 17 October 2018


Amma, front centre.

The guru called Amma has drawn 32 million people 'into her embrace'.

Amma is the Hindu guru Mata Amritanandamayi.

Gabreal Jones wrote:

At the moment I am visiting Amma the Hugging Mother near Barcelona.

Amma, how real is she?

Rolling Stone: The Hugging Saint - OBC Connect

A former Amma devotee writes: "Allowing people to pray to you, kneel to you, and worship you as God Incarnate is not the behavior of someone who wants people to recognize themselves as magnificent, powerful expressions of God."

Rolling Stone: The Hugging Saint - OBC Connect

Amma and the Israeli consul.

Amma is one of the 25 core leaders in the U.N.'s religion parliament.

"An email from her former joint-secretary alleged that she cooks the books, that the money she gathers for charity doesn't go to the charities she claims.

"I've read accounts by her former monks of the unexplained wealth of Amma's family, how her charity hospitals won't take the very poor because the poor don't have money enough for treatment.

"I’ve read about 'suicides' and unexplained deaths of ashram devotees.

"So many dead bodies have appeared in the waters outside the ashram that The Indian Express, New Delhi's daily newspaper, printed an account of local citizens demanding a police investigation into the matter..."

Rolling Stone: The Hugging Saint - OBC Connect


"My husband and I were with Amma from 1987 to 1993, hosted her once in our home, and held the Seattle Amma gatherings in our clinic during that time.

"We left abruptly after learning directly from Kusuma, one of her closest disciples, that Amma had used orphanage money to pay for a Mercedes, then lied to the American board of the organization about it"

Crimes of Mata Amma Amritanandamayi aka Ammachi - Cult Education Forum

"It was discovered, after a team of independent financial investigators analysed the data, that only 10% of the foreign money donated actually finds its way to real charity. That over 68% is left sitting in foreign bank accounts.

"Gail Tredwell (author of ´Holy Hell` who was 20 years personal assistant to A. till 1999) states she delivered bags of gold and cash to the relatives."


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At 17 October 2018 at 01:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

More deception

At 17 October 2018 at 06:26 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

Check out:


At 17 October 2018 at 08:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rhymes with scammer.

At 17 October 2018 at 09:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Religion = deception = lie

At 17 October 2018 at 10:46 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

Absolute Nonsense!

The following quote of Jack D. Forbes, Professor of Native American Studies of UCLA:

“Religion is, in reality, living. Our religion is not what we profess, or what we say, or what we proclaim; our religion is what we do, what we desire, what we seek, what we dream about, what we fantasize, what we think - all these things - twenty-four hours a day. One's religion, then, is ones life, not merely the ideal life but the life as it is actually lived.

Religion is not prayer, it is not a church, it is not theistic, it is not atheistic, it has little to do with what white people call "religion." It is our every act. If we tromp on a bug, that is our religion; if we experiment on living animals, that is our religion; if we cheat at cards, that is our religion; if we dream of being famous, that is our religion; if we gossip maliciously, that is our religion; if we are rude and aggressive, that is our religion. All that we do, and are, is our religion.”

― Jack D. Forbes, Columbus and Other Cannibals: The Wetiko Disease of Imperialism, Exploitation and Terrorism

Religion re-ligare meaning re-binding. Real religion is being aware from moment to moment that al life, which means your life, the life energy that you are, happenes in the everpresent Source.

Or as Eric Clapton discovered after he lost his son at a young age, he wrote a song:

I have got finally got a way to live / In the Presence of The Lord.

That is his way of saying the same.


At 17 October 2018 at 11:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harmer or hammer

At 17 October 2018 at 11:23 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

No, no, no.

In the Sansrit (elaborate) mantra´s, chants, there are always keelaka´s.

Keelaka means nail. Without a hammer the text - which in reality is a set of particular vibrations- could not hang.

Without a nail the texts of elaborate mantra´s could not exist.

I function in a mortal frame as everyone else. Nothing special.

But my function is special. Everyone elses function as well.

I know that my function is very basic to everything in all space / time.

Swayambhu. You´ll find the meaning of that word most probably ´horizontally´ via todays internet.

Numerologically I have in my birthname socalled only Universal numbers 11 22 33.

My lifepath is 1.

My birthday is 22/7.

Here at Aangirfan I found out that 22/7 is apparently the number pi, in numerolgy.

It is a hell of a job, but it is done through me. I don´t do it. I cant´t refuse it. Nor do I wish to. As individual
I, I could not do it.


Houd(t) Vorm Leegte In?

Uiteindelijk is alles gelul in en van de ruimte.

Btw last but not least: The true Hebrew or Cannaanites of 2000+ years ago were as darkskinned as A.

A. is nailing the Christ person/principle again by her show
and her real actions off stage.

And she is not the only one. Otherwise the world we live in would be quite diff.


At 17 October 2018 at 12:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad, fake religion equal deception, lie, fraud.
So this miserable woman is doing the worst thing :
cheating people in the name of religion.

But good religion means serving God not through some artificial, sentimental, invented and crazy ways to feed ego, NO : by the yoga of devotion, bhakti yoga to the Supreme Being.

Thank you for this article, Aanir.

Dear all, pls read 'Bhagavad Gita as it is" and find the highest knowledge available for self realisation of our eternal self and the Supersoul :

Thank you.

At 18 October 2018 at 00:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theres no such thing as good religion or bad religion. Theres religion and this is a very BAD thing. Sadly well never wake up. Have a nice time deceiving urselves!

At 18 October 2018 at 05:00 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

Reading holy books has its value. But at he same time its limitations.

Reading the menu card is not the meal.

Kabir an Indian mystic had hindu & moslim disciples. He lived in the early 1400´s in Benares.

This poem is of Kabir:

Seek Truth in Meditation / Not in mouldy books / Look in the Sky to find the Moon / Not in the pond

And of course real meditation equals true devotion.

´Lahira Mahasaya the Father of Kriya Yoga´ lived in Benares and a reliable swami of this tradition has published a book with that title. It is (not free) on line.

He writes that Lahiri Mahasay who had Hindu & Muslim disciples as well and lived in Beanares was in his past life Kabir.

Why I bring this up. The RSS - they will all probably read the Bhagavad Gita and interpret it in their way - that you mentioned is a bunch of hooligan Hindu nationalists who are extremely militant followers of A. They are reported to have beaten up critics of her. Perhaps even worse. She is misusing them.

India and Pakistan went there seperate ways in quite a bloody way after kicking out the British.


At 18 October 2018 at 05:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whizzy dizzy books (suggested above) can never bring good news for the deceived.Do some research on true history and international affairs with patience (ya you need that) instead of bhakati yogas.

At 18 October 2018 at 08:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My birthday is 22/7 too.. & it's the non existant Prince George's. Lots of weird stuff happens on PI day.

At 18 October 2018 at 10:10 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

Check out:

Hindu nationalist PM Modi adores Amma. Together with the SG of the UN - she is endorsing all of the RotSchild / Rockefeller UN goals, Agenda 21- he honored A. in Dehli as the supposedly biggest contributor to a environmental clean up project of India 2 okt. this year in New Dehli.

A comment of Amma´s Crimes at Cult Education Forum:

´A. has been flushing untreated raw sewerage, hormones and heavy metals into the local water systems now since the 1980s, just upstream from all those picturesque Keralan chinese style fishing nets we see on all the postcards!

I mean if she was such a huge freaking environmentalist she would have used her millions of $$$s and installed a state of the art sewage treatment plant wouldn’t she!´

Will she clean up her backyard?


At 19 October 2018 at 04:11 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

RSS former leader: A. is part of spiritual mafia

Short vid with subtitles, here only in Spanish.

Meryl Streep - recently exposed as part of the large Hollywood pedo clique - is also mentioned by him.

Last but not least:


At 19 October 2018 at 13:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did make me smile coorie the art of cuddling and the fake hugging meesiah. This 2 stories next to each other.very close almost snuggled together. From the sublime to the ridiculous is a tiny step indeed.

At 20 October 2018 at 13:18 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

India is the cradlle of human civilisation.

Sanskrit is the root of all the Indo-european languages. All languages such as English etc. could be called dialects of it.

Also Greek & Latin are Sanskrit related.

The UN/Agenda 21 backed huggging Mamma is a ridiculous disgrace to the Wisdom of India.

Many prominent western minds recognised the value of India.

Voltaire wrote:

´I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, – astronomy, astrolgy, reincarnation, geometry...´

There would be no modern science & technology without their mathematical foundation rooted in India.

It is the Indian math. that gave birth to the Zero. Without the zero no numbers. Arabian ciphers are actually Indian ciphers.

Moors ruled Spain for 800 yrs and brought the math. they found in India with them to build the Alhambra...

And it is an open door but he is blocked up by the vrijmetselaars, the freemasons: Chris C. set sail to find another way to get to India. The Silk Road was blocked due to war roadblocks of the Ottomans.

Marco Polo saw the very dark skinned people (like the hugging A.)in South India. Chris C. thought he had made to Inia when he got to the Bahamas.

Yesterday the 19th oct. apparently was Vijayadashami.

It marks the victory of the good forces over the evil.

Vijaya = victory Das(ha)=10.

See a quadruple gj-comment which titled itself ´United in Precision part II´ on that day at :

Dane Calloway revisited and Cheddar man the first Briton shows his face to us.

And no, I don´t think these all-white scientists are backing the jew bankers orchestrated empire-strikes-back-mass-immigration agenda with it.

Then again, yes, the migrant migraine of ´original´ Britons is understandable.

London is not London anymore, but don´t forget London was build on loot of from over the waves that Britain once ruled cq its former ´inferior´ brownie colony: India.


At 5 September 2019 at 09:18 , Blogger Julien romanovsky said...


BTW The slideshare of Gail Tredwell´s book Holy Hell, who was the closest personal assistant for approximately 20 years from the moment A. began her hugging has since this comment been taken down.


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