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Voters For Trump ; JFK; Ali G; 9 11; Israel, Novichok;

Miami Jury: CIA Involved in JFK Assassination


Rees-Mogg has been seen as a future UK prime Minister.




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At 4 September 2018 at 17:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


PART 1 - #JimmySavile #WilfredKrichefski

Question: What links Zionist politicians and VIPs to organised child sexual abuse and child trafficking in the British Isles?

The Zionist lobby have this week had their pound of flesh from the anti-Zionist wing of the Labour party. Zionists within Labour and their counterparts in other political parties and the media have successfully forced through a Zionist (re) definition of antisemitism designed to muddy the waters between racism (which every civilised person agrees is loathsome and intolerable) and legitimate non-racist criticism of Zionist ideology, Israeli governments and the Israeli apartheid state.

The (re) definition of antisemitism now adopted by Labour will inevitably deter legitimate criticism of Zionism and indeed criminalise it: making it that much easier to topple Jeremy Corbyn and replace him as Labour’s leader with a more amenable “Friend of Israel” on the pretext of removing an “anti-Semite”.

What those ultimately responsible for this prohibition of justified criticism don’t want the public to discover is that the Zionist modus operandi for shaping UK politics, foreign policy, and public opinion includes the use of Organised Child Sexual Abuse and Child Trafficking (and the professional covering up thereof) as a tool for rewarding, entrapping, removing or blackmailing parliamentarians and other prominent public office holders and VIPs. The organised and widespread trafficking and sexual abuse of children is employed throughout the world, including in the British Isles for many decades, as an effective tool for advancing the cause and agenda of Greater Israel.

An under-appreciated fact is that supreme paedophile “fixer” SIR JIMMY SAVILE OBE was a committed Zionist; indeed he once described himself as “the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet”. Savile lived in the heart of Roundhay, the Jewish community in Leeds, where he was extremely active in the many local Jewish organisations. Savile was a "high-up" in the British Westminster-VIP child sexual abuse and trafficking operation that Zionists (among others) judged as benefiting and advancing their agenda and cause. As a mark of Sir James’ importance to the Zionist elite, their man in Roundhay was afforded the rare and astonishing opportunity to advise Israel’s then- president, Ephraim Katzir, and address the Knesset during his 10-day “state visit” to Israel in 1975 organised by Zionist John Levy of the Friends of Israel Educational Trust.

Jersey in the Channel Islands was, of course, a key locale in the Westminster-VIP child trafficking and abuse circuit headed up by Savile and his Zionist “bosses”. None other than the President of Jersey’s Jewish community, the late Jersey senator WILFRED KRICHEFSKI, reportedly raped boys at Haut de la Garenne, the care home where Savile himself also regularly abused boys (that is, when Savile wasn’t busy delivering Haut de la Garenne kids to blackmailed prime minister Edward Heath aboard his Morning Star yacht, where Heath would reportedly rape and murder them before throwing their bodies into the open sea, never to be recovered).

At 4 September 2018 at 17:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part 2 - #EdwinaCurrie #EstherRantzen #LouisMinster

Recall that EDWINA CURRIE (Zionist – Conservative Friends of Israel) was the minister responsible for appointing SAVILE to a task force to run the Broadmoor psychiatric hospital: ensuring that the Zionist monster could abuse scores of vulnerable children, adults and corpses. Moreover, sweet Ms Currie kept quiet about her colleague Sir Peter Morrison’s paedophilia while he was abusing - only revealing it in her political memoirs after Morrison’s death. Separately, survivor Andrew Ash has accused Currie of herself belonging to the clique of politicians who sexually assaulted him during the 1990s. During this period, we know that Ms Currie engineered a clandestine affair with then- prime minister John Major, which made her, at one time, the most knowledgeable and powerful woman in British politics.

Ms Currie held the paedophilic secrets of the Tories in one hand and the electoral fate of John Major and his child raping ministers and backbenchers in the other. Thus Currie was, at one time, quite possibly, a vital cog in the Zionist-sponsored spreading of paedophilia and child trafficking throughout Westminster, London local government and the British Isles.

When Currie’s mate Savile wasn’t abusing in Jersey or Broadmoor, he might be found enjoying a cosy photo-op with Childline founder DAME ESTHER RANTZEN at a BBC party. Dame Esther, whom child abuse survivor Shy Keenan had warned about Savile’s paedophilia, not only failed to act on those warnings, but appeared to relish Savile’s company on a personal level. Moreover, child abuse survivor Ben Fellows alleges that Rantzen held a sexualised “party” at her New Forest home to which she brought him and other child actors. Fellows alleges that this sexualised party involved the consumption of drugs and alcohol in the presence of many minors (himself included, since he was a kid at the time). In 1991 Rantzen was accused by the Mirror newspaper group of keeping quiet about an alleged child abuser because she owed him a favour. And it was reported in 1994 that a child was sexually assaulted at Esther Rantzen’s home in the New Forest.

Rantzen has further ties to paedophilia - this time in the London Borough of Brent - through her sister, social worker Priscilla Taylor, and Valerie Howarth. And, perhaps most astonishingly, Rantzen was previously in a relationship with alleged Elm Guest House abuser Sir Nicholas Fairbairn MP.

Today, Rantzen’s role as the all-powerful founder of Childline troubles some anti-child abuse campaigners greatly, for it is a widely held belief that Childline has acted as a monitoring, filtering and “red light warning system” that provides the Establishment with advance warning of claims of abuse being made against its members, and the nature of the allegations being levelled, so that such accusations can be successfully contained and the complainants discredited and silenced.

Indefatigable “campaigner” Dame Esther is quite possibly another important cog in the Israeli-sponsored Westminster-VIP child abuse and trafficking operation that has been operating throughout the UK for some decades.

During the period when it’s alleged that boys from Grafton Close children’s home were taken to Elm Guest House and sexually abused by Rantzen’s partner Nicholas Fairbairn MP and others, LOUIS MINSTER was in charge of the council’s social services. Indeed, Mr Minster was the boss of the late John Stingemore, the former head of Grafton Close, who was arrested as part of Operation Fernbridge for the sexual abuse of children in his care as young as 9. In addition, Mr Minster reportedly abused boys at the Elm Guest House himself, for his name appears on the infamous Elm Guest House List.

At 4 September 2018 at 17:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part 3 - #LeonBrittan #DianaBrittan #VictorMishcon #MaxClifford #ShirleyPorter #RobertDavis #SimonMilton #JulianLewis

Another of the right-wing VIPs who allegedly raped boys at Elm Guest House is the late LORD LEON BRITTAN, the Tory former home secretary. If that weren't bad enough, Brittan has also been credibly accused of attempting to smuggle pornography through UK Customs, raping a 19-year student, and burying a dossier of evidence supplied to him by Geoffrey Dickens MP that detailed parliamentarians and members of the royal household who sexually abused children. (Members of the royal household have been named among those who raped boys at the Elm Guest House during the period when Brittan himself allegedly preyed on boys there. Cliff Richard, close friend of the Zionist monster Tony Blair, was of course also identified as an alleged EGH predator).

LADY BRITTAN, like her late husband Leon, retains the services of sinister law firm Mishcon de Reya, which was founded by the late Zionist peer VICTOR MISHCON.

Mishcon de Reya’s other clients have included paedophile MAX CLIFFORD. Following Clifford’s imprisonment, the parliamentarians and VIPs whose paedophile secrets Clifford knew all about deemed the washed-up PR man to have become a dangerous liability. Mr Clifford wasn’t alive for much longer to tell any "tales".

Elm Guest House boys were often abused elsewhere in London, including at the Dolphin Square apartment complex. In that period, the ultimate owner of Dolphin Square was the Conservative-controlled Westminster City Council, led by sociopathic criminal and Israeli dual national DAME SHIRLEY PORTER. Scallywag magazine found evidence that Porter’s Tory councillors were among the parliamentarians who, inside the Dolphin Square flats let to MPs, sexually assaulted boys brought to Pimlico from locales including Grafton Close/Elm Guest House, other Richmond on Thames and Islington care homes and institutions, boys' homes in North Wales (Bryn Alyn and Bryn Estyn), and Northern Ireland (Kincora).

Undoubtedly, Dame Shirley would have known all about the activities of her loyal Thatcherite councillors.

Two of the councillors whose names come up in relation to the child rapes at Dolphin Square are ROBERT DAVIS and Davis’ then partner, the late SIR SIMON MILTON. Another of the prominent right-wing Tories who allegedly assaulted boys at Dolphin Square is Zionist DR JULIAN LEWIS MP, the man credited with destroying Scallywag magazine, preventing its journalists from continuing their investigations into him and his allegedly paedophilic Zionist/right-wing clique (whose members also allegedly included Sir Edward Leigh, Peter Lilley and Michael Portillo, among others).

At 4 September 2018 at 17:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

PART 4 - #MargaretHodge #ClementFreud #HenryHodge #PeterMandelson #MalcolmRifkind

Mishcon de Reya’s other famous political clients include the obsessive Zionist DAME MARGARET HODGE MP, who was at the very heart of the Islington Child Abuse scandal, which in turn linked to organised child sexual abuse by parliamentarians and VIPS in both Jersey (Haut de la Garenne) and various other London boroughs including Richmond on Thames (Grafton Close).

Dame Margaret, a key architect of New Labour together with toxic Zionist SIR PETER MANDELSON, is also linked to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and child trafficking in Portugal through her nephew Philip Edmonds, the deputy chairman of Stemcor. Quite incredibly, Mr Edmonds was holidaying at the Praia da Luz resort in the Algarve at the same time Madeleine McCann was abducted - only to abruptly fly out without his family within hours of the news of Madeleine’s disappearance. Edmonds is a person of interest to those following the McCann police investigations.

Incredibly, Dame Margaret's late husband, SIR HENRY HODGE OBE, was a key member of the executive of the National Council for Civil Liberties (which later changed its name to Liberty) when it was infiltrated by the Paedophilie information Exchange (PIE). Almost unbelievably, another guest at the Praia da Luz resort at the time of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance was the late paedophile politician SIR CLEMENT FREUD.

Children were brought to Elm Guest House, as advertised in PIE publications, and Westminster City Council owned Dolphin Square from other parts of London, North Wales, and Northern Ireland to be abused by parliamentarians, in an arrangement that reportedly involved the late Tory chairman Lord McAlpine; Bryn Alyn Community owner John Allen (subsequently imprisoned for child abuse offences); senior North Wales police, peers, and local politicians; paedophile fixers Ian Greer and Derek Laud; and of course Savile (with the paedophile Lord Mountbatten and paedophilic staff from the royal household on the periphery of the network: as “service users”. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles know quite a lot about all of this).

As we've already seen, LEON BRITTAN successfully covered up evidence of the Westminster-VIP paedophile network: in later years relying on his Thatcherite protege William Hague to perpetuate and deepen the cover up. But more recently, Brittan’s COUSIN, the Zionist Tory former cabinet minister SIR MALCOLM RIFKIND QC just “happened” to be appointed Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) when allegations of a Westminster-VIP paedophile and trafficking network made national headlines, engulfing Westminster in police investigations. The ISC has oversight of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, so "coincidentally" Sir Malcolm would have been apprised by the security and intelligence services of facts and evidence previously provided in secret to his paedophilic cousin Lord Leon. This undoubtedly put Rifkind in an ideal position to bury said evidence.

At 4 September 2018 at 17:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part 5 - #MargaretThatcher #MichaelHoward #JohnBercow #SallyBercow #KeithVaz #LeoAbse #GrevilleJanner #DanielJanner #RabbiLauraJannerKlausner #DanielFinkelstein

Sir Malcolm and Lord Leon were by no means alone in covering up the evidence of child abuse while occupying some of the highest positions in the British state. After all, former UK prime minister, the late MARGARET THATCHER, appropriately lauded by Zionists as a “Friend of Israel”, saw and heard “nothing” of the activities of her ministers and backbenchers in North Wales, Kincora, Dolphin Square and Elm Guest House. And loyal Welsh Thatcherite MICHAEL HOWARD, who was Home Secretary when the Westminster-VIP paedophile and trafficking network was allegedly at running at full tilt, similarly saw and heard “nothing”. But of course he didn't.

When it became crucial to deflect the police, public, and media spotlight away from the allegations of paedophilia involving Lord McAlpine at Bryn Alyn, the wife of Zionist Tory JOHN BERCOW MP, SALLY BERCOW, provided a useful ruse at exactly the right moment. Using Twitter, Ms Bercow lit the fire on a soap opera set-piece that saw her “successfully” sued for defaming McAlpine – thereby sending a sharp warning to other social media users to refrain from naming other alleged paedophiles in Westminster.

John Bercow, who is currently being “assessed” by police over at least one allegation of misconduct in public office, is a close friend of alleged paedophile Keith Vaz MP, who apparently has multiple links to child sexual abuse.

Others to have been investigated by police for alleged paedophile offences include the late LEO ABSE MP, who entered party politics through Poale Zion (Workers of Zion), and was reportedly educated by his maternal grandfather, a Zionist.

Then there is Tony Blair’s close friend and political ally, the late Zionist LORD GREVILLE JANNER, whose surviving children, the Zionists DANIEL JANNER QC and RABBI LAURA JANNER-KLAUSNER have become the staunchest defenders of their evil father’s battered reputation, in the face of voluminous evidence that he raped and assaulted multiple children. Another of Lord Janner’s greatest self-professed admirers was the powerful Zionist journalist BARON DANIEL FINKELSTEIN OBE, the associate editor (and former executive editor) of Rupert Murdoch’s reliably Zionist ‘Times’ of London.


Zionists of the ultra, extreme right-wing, variety, make up only a small fraction of the 0.5% of British Jews. Many, many Jews are not Zionists; and even among those who are Zionists, only a tiny and demented fraction would condone the use of organised paedophilia and child trafficking to further the cause of Greater Israel. Moreover, many Zionist “Friends of Israel” are not Jews, but instead profess to be Catholics, Protestants, or even Muslims or atheists.

The issue is not Jews at all, but a demented minority of extreme right-wing Zionists and “Friends of Israel” (not always Jewish, often Christian or atheist) who have no compunction about using paedophilia and child trafficking, and the covering-up thereof, in pursuit of their political desire to make Israel larger and more powerful (or in some cases merely to claim a paycheque from their Zionist paymasters, or exemption from exposure as criminal or sexual miscreants).

The vast majority of Jews are good people: no better or worse than the vast majority of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Atheists and Agnostics.

Only a small controlling elite within the tiny fraction of the Jewish community that is psychotically ultra, ultra, Zionist is indelibly linked to organised paedophilia and child trafficking.

At 4 September 2018 at 23:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

liecster social services have in the locked files section a whole thick was of signed childrens complaints against greville janner, even his body guard made a statement that janner was a homosexual/

At 5 September 2018 at 00:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain's replacement


At 5 September 2018 at 00:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

True, but still Jewish. Countless thank u's for ur more than valuable info.

At 5 September 2018 at 01:26 , Anonymous Firestarter said...

Porton Down is one of the Pentagon funded laboratories in 25 countries across the world, where the US Army produces and tests biological and chemical weapons in violation with the UN convention. The Pentagon has spent at least $70 million on military experiments with biological and chemical weapons at Porton Down.

Most of these tests were performed on lab animals.
Ronald George Maddison was a Royal Air Force engineer, who died as the result of experiments with sarin at Porton Down in 1953.
Porton Down scientists conducted field tests in 1956.

In 2013, scientist from Porton Down released chemical gas on thousands of unsuspecting commuters during an experiment on the London Underground. 5 PFTs, SF6 and Urea were released on the London Underground in the form of liquid aerosol droplets. These experiments were sponsored both from Britain and the DHS in the US.

Porton Down is just 13 km from where on 4 March former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found in Salisbury after an alleged Novichok nerve agent poisoning.

At 5 September 2018 at 01:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5 September 2018 at 03:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

one law for us, another for them


At 5 September 2018 at 05:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The abused boy Adam pearce from Lincolnshire led a class action against greville janner for his child abuse, almost 70 boys names from care homes in London were on the list, unfortunately Daniel Janner demanded to see the list and all the boys were sent a legal letter saying if they persisted in the accusations, they would be sued for every penny they would ever earn and their families would also be sued, as a result almost every boy backed down

At 5 September 2018 at 05:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5 September 2018 at 08:13 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

9IISRAELDIDIT!! Everyone with a bit of brains will know it by now.

That there were art students in the Twin Towers for a few years up to 9/11 is definitely real, though not very often mentioned or taken seriously in the 9/11- fact- no-fiction movement:


But this Rebekah Roth character who is referring to them has been unmasked by various reliable researchers such as Kurt Haskell. This former US attorney who blew the whistle on the young Nigerian X mas 2009 Underwear bomber did very thorough research on her:



"Observing her behavior, we came to find that she's an expert in infiltration and provocateur-type operations, getting groups of people to turn on each other and causing chaos inside the truth movement," Adams continued. "She's done it with other networks before, and she'll no doubt try to repeat the same scheme somewhere else in the alternative media." writes Mike Adams at:


Susan Lindauer wellknown former CIA asset who was incarcerated for a year ´cause she knew too much has thorough doubts about mrs. Roth too:


Around the time I got for the second time a few hours in the Mentrum mental facility end 2015 where Nathalie Augustina is said to be behind the door now I saw Tex Rubinowitz the leader of the B gelatine team in Amsterdam at the only left over joodse broodjeszaak jew sandwichshop Sal Meijer where I happened to come for the 2nd time after 35 years.

Having esp encounters with R. afterwards confirmed for me personally the role he and his team played in the wiring of the twin towers for demolition.


At 6 September 2018 at 09:28 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

Check out:




At 7 September 2018 at 09:53 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

Check out:


Patrick Little who runs for Senate to represent California is since his ´awakening´ only 1.5 years ago campaigning to ´unseat´ dual USraeli citizen Dianne Feinstein who is glued to her senate chair since 1992. He was a soldier in Afghanistan and a fanatic pro-israel Protestant.

PL is interviewed by Ryan Dawson who - after 20 years of being jew wise unfortunately enough - still has putin blinders on.


PL for POTUS in 2020 : fresh air in US politics:




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