Tuesday 11 September 2018


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    UK corporate law actively encourages directors to asset-strip businesses rather than invest in them over the long term We are cutting education budgets per pupil whilst every G20 country (bar USA) is increasing them: so we have too few skills, and too many low paid jobs
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    More: The richest 10% of UK household wealth is 315 times greater than the poorest 10% of UK household wealth. In 1950 you could afford a 3 bedroom house and car in London on the equivalent household income of £25,000. Today you need £430,000.
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    We sell arms to Israel (44 years in breach of UN resolutions) and Saudi Arabia (still flog women for driving and hang homosexuals) UK tax code is 17,000 pages long, custom-made to hide every possible trick for the rich to evade and avoid tax

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    Of our last 6 Prime Ministers, only 2 got the job by winning a majority at a general election The last 4 governments won absolute power with the vote of less than 30% of voters, and less than 25% of the electorate
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    70% of new jobs since 2010 have been casual or freelance, with average earnings £16,500 below the average full-time permanent job The "minimum wage" is less than the minimum required to survive
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    90% of Northern Europe's poorest regions are in the UK More members of the cabinet attended the same private school than have used the NHS in the last decade
  4. Sudan 1998, by Tom Stoddart
    A well nourished Sudanese man steals maize from a starving child during a food distribution at a feeding center in Sudan in 1998. Photo by Tom Stoddart.

  5. Since 2010 £225bn has been cut from public spending Since 2010 the richest 1000 individuals have increased their wealth by £225bn This is supposed to be a coincidence

  6. Our electoral system is designed to prevent new parties from entering it We have the greatest inequality in Europe, costing the economy an estimated £39bn per year, or £1400 per person

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    We're the only European nation that doesn't own any of it's railways, water or power companies. Only 138 constituencies actually matter, because the other 500 are essentially rotten boroughs which never change hands no matter how you vote.

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Quote."Our electoral system is designed to prevent new parties from entering it".....
No....don't go blaming the electoral system.....get it right.It would be better to identify the REAL CULPRITS...Britain's Secret Police...MI5....who in turn serve the interests of the one percent.
The British Secret Police have infiltrated every body or group who are deemed threat to the status quo.That means The Windsors and their multitude of hangers on...INCLUDING the vitally important upper echelons of the armed forces...because like in Ancient Rome the ultimate arbiter of power lay with the palace guard (who grew increasingly powerful as Rome declined).That's why the two Princes are bedecked in medals and great play is made of their army connections.Prince Andrew was SUPPOSED to have participated in the Falklands war....infact he was kept well away from any danger....and you can pretty much assume that ginger nuts Harry in Afghanistan was pretty much the same.
So MI5 infiltrates and disrupts any new political party...illegally of course...but there is no "illegally" when it comes to the omnipresent British Secret Police.They do as they please and are assisted in their endeavours by the FAKE MEDIA....who masquerade as impartial observers.Only the internet evens up the score a little.
Britain is a highly sophisticated police state with a gullible population...far more gullible than the French....but the media likes to run down the French all the time.

The Windsors are depicted as virtually powerless when infact they are the glue which holds the whole edifice together....the gross inequality,the tax evasion,the immigrant invasion etc.
The Windsors have even gone as far as a multi cultural marriage to convey the impression they are representative of the public.This marriage is not significantly different than the arranged royal marriages of old....where some poor daughter from a European country was forced into marrying another royal.Sometimes they could not even speak the native language.
Rigging the electorate??...NO!....it's a whole lot worse than that.The Windsors were caught up in the Panama Papers.....DUH!'

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England is a Fascist state run by the mafia called freemasonry


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