Monday, 24 September 2018

Secret Societies & Child Abuse



  1. "The Freemasons set fire to his barn"

    This is what they just did to me and then I was attacked by their CULT cops; here they're Italians and Jews and NO ONE has the balls to interview me on this! Lawyers never call back; we've devolved into a country of cowards.

    Jewish Lightning Strikes

  2. My fire was caused by a Masonic witch who actually admitted being such like. The matzo balls hit the fan due to my having distributed leaflets!

    Search "ANTISEMITIC BART FLYERS"; the Jewish press lied through their teeth about what happened and smeared me on TV in the SF Bay Area.(KK KRON's lying Jewish b*tch who levered a lying Jewish bastards false police report claiming I 'threatened his life'!
    or click here!

    Who are the Freemasons?
    Straight to the point!

    One cannot understand what they do and why without eastern philosophy and the human energetic system.

    They do not really 'worship' those creatures, but are in a quid pro quo relationship.

    An attempt to get this channel to interview me was blocked; she may not have even received the comment. Any help from that side of the pond?

    Their entire system of layered attacks by mobile sayanim has been documented, but I'm a C programmer with terrible grammar and literal neuro-damage from the constant targeting. This has made my already bad English writing skills, worse.

  3. some first

  4. BS, she was offed because she knew the truth, she saw the whole fakery

    1. She was likely off'ed by someone she knew; they did this to the Jewish MIT kid who stumbled into the pedo cult that controls...pretty much everything! "Schwartz" if memory serves.

      Forget all the bs narrative in this article.


  6. Check out:

    New York Times: Israel Blackmails Pedophile Congressmen

    (…) The New York Times article from 1982 proves that this situation is nothing new. It has been going on for decades. The difference is that now the mainstream media won’t dare report on it (…)

    The blackmailing of these con congressmen is like HAARP steering the political weather & US taxpayers money will flow to the war-of-terror-machine of Tel Aviv.

    CIA O

  7. Neil Bush of the cryptojew Bush clan brother of Bush II & son of ´poppy´* Bush ´is one other tainted Satanist running essentially the most attention-grabbing pedophile community within the United States´:


    Insider & survivor Jay Parker: How 34 million Satanic/Illuminati Americans keep Earth in turmoil:

    *Funny, found out today that Bush I was nicknamed ´Poppy´ - till now had the idea it was ´pappy´. He is said to be a heroin addict & made quite some cash in smuggling cocaine for the CIA : 350 billion usd, the Iran contra affair. The media focused on illegal weapons for hostages deals and ignored – how convenient- Poppy´s coca smuggling.

    CIA O


    Here are 50 'secretive' societies and other entities that should be investigated for links to organised abuse and child trafficking and associated cover-ups; the entrapment, grooming and blackmailing of politicians, police, and members of the judiciary; Zionist propaganda campaigns; receiving and laundering dirty money; and other mafia activities:

    1. The Order of the Garter
    2. The Privy Council
    3. The Lords-Lieutenant and Deputies Lieutenant
    4. Tony Blair Associates
    5. The Tony Blair Faith Foundation
    6. The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
    7. Progress
    8. The Conservative Monday Club
    9. The Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation
    10. The Dolphin Square Trust
    11. The Prince’s Trust
    12. The World Wide Fund for Nature
    13. The Scout Association
    14. The Freemasons
    15. The Athenaeum Club
    16. The Carlton Club
    17. The Royal Overseas League
    18. The Magic Circle
    19. Silver Star
    20. The Madeleine McCann Fund
    21. Butlins
    22. Pilkington Group Limited
    23. Champneys
    24. Stemcor
    25. Stanhope Capital LLP
    26. Mishcon de Reya LLP
    27. Carter-Ruck solicitors
    28. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
    29. The City of London Corporation
    30. The London School of Economics
    31. Westminster City Council
    32. Queen Elizabeth II Barracks, Strensall
    33. Labour Friends of Israel
    34. Conservative Friends of Israel
    35. Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel
    36. The Embassy of Israel in London
    37. The Friends of Israel Educational Trust
    38. The Holocaust Education Trust
    39. The Jewish Leadership Council
    40. The Board of Deputies of British Jews
    41. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
    42. Childline
    43. Crimewatch
    44. Syco
    45. News Corp UK and Ireland Limited
    46. Daily Mail and General Trust
    47. Louis Theroux television productions
    48. MI5
    49. MI6
    50. SO15

    And there are scores more...

    1. Butlins? Expand please

    2. 51. The RAOB. Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalos.

      You need to be a pre-flood entity to become a member. The word Antediluvian means prefloood. I use the word entity meaningfully!

      52. Royal Archers. They do not have bow and arrows as the name suggests. They have Royal Arch credentials and are defacto the Queens bodyguards (at least in Scotland). Besides other stuff.

      53. Royal Black Preceptory. (The Blacks). Templars. Templars stayed in Preceptories.

      54. Knights of St Columba (Catholic Templars)

      55. The ABOD The Apprentice Boys

      56. The Royal Society in Edinburgh (no less).

      57. The Police

      58. NHS. A shiny veneer with some truly awful and gruesome characters. A great way to dispose of all the corpses. Just ask Savile. Not to mention the freak balls that work there. They ain't all nice.

      Let's save the best till last.

      59. The Waffen SS.

      Social Services. A bunch of kiddy fiddling horrible bastards. Truly nasty little cnuts. Got access to the elderly and kids.

      No introduction required for there childrens care homes. I think you've covered all bases there Aang.

      Be assured the same goes unchecked at the other end of the spectrum with the elderly.

      Feeding them anti psychotics like Seroquel for example. A truly horrifying drug to give to anyone. Ever wonder why the elderly 'go right down hill'. It's the drugs.

      Of course let's not forget the secretive family courts in all this.

      We live in a stinking paedo infested satanic swamp.

      Nearly forgot. I was having an interesting conversation with an anonymous and slightly bitter source. She advised that the Diplomatic community are essentially Templars. Her ex husband was one. Apparently left her for a Diplomat from a well known Middle Eastern country.

      She was shouting stuff from the roof tops. (Am a bit careful about that one). Sorry.

      Peace to the humans

    3. 60. Common Purpose
      61. The Fabian Society
      62. YouGov
      63. The National Council for Civil Liberties/"Liberty"
      64. Le Cercle
      65. The Royal Institute of International Affairs
      66. The Open Society Foundation-London

    4. To Anonymous who requested more information about the Butlins company:

      1. Sir William Butlin was great friends with Sir James Savile and Lord Louis Mountbatten (see photos and descriptions on-line of the social gatherings attended).

      Moreover, Jersey, where the buddies are known to have connected, was a key locale in the child trafficking network of which Savile and Mountbatten were linchpins [Belfast, North Wales, London, Jersey].

      Butlin was a permanent resident of Jersey from his retirement in 1968 until his death in 1980.

      (Earlier, Butlin lived for several years in spooky Hampstead, from 1947-1951.)

      Not a few of the children trafficked to Haut de la Garenne from the UK mainland were subsequently sexually abused there, or on Edward Heath's Morning Star yacht, courtesy of Savile, the prime minister, or other abusers.

      2. "the Butlins empire flourished on a mixture of sex and violence ... each Friday a ram's head [Baphomet?] would be awarded to the Redcoat of the Week ... The Ministry of Defence used his holiday camps to train soldiers ... He befriended members of the Royal Family [e.g. Lord Mountbatten] ... Ex-Redcoats include Cliff Richard"

      3. My understanding is that Elm Guest House paedophile Cliff 'Kitty' Richard launched his career at Butlins, while Lord Mountbatten, since he was friends with Sir Billy, visited Butlin camps regularly.

      How many children were sexually abused by the redcoats at Butlins? How many paedophiles became redcoats in order to access children whose parents were taking part in the evening entertainments?

      What was it that so endeared Sir Billy to Britain's linchpin paedophiles and child traffickers?

    5. 67. No Turning Back group
      68. N M Rothschild & Sons Limited
      69. Westminster and Inner West London Coroner's Court
      70. Gordonstoun

    6. 71. Unilever UK & Ireland
      72. King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes
      73. Eton College
      74. Community Security Trust
      75. Policy Exchange
      76. 30 St Mary Axe
      77. The Althrop estate
      78. The Beaulieu estate
      79. The Bullingdon Club
      80. The British False Memory Society

    7. 81. The Travellers Club
      82. The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle
      83. Wessex Healthy Living Centre
      84. The Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science
      85. Biteback Publishing/Iain Dale Limited
      86. The Belvoir estate
      87. Cunard

    8. 88. More in Common
      89. The Jo Cox Foundation
      90. New City Initiative
      91. The Jewish Chronicle
      92. The Duchy of Lancaster
      93. Fettes College
      94. Government Communications Headquarters

    9. 95. The National Liberal Club
      96. Queen Victoria School
      97. Mark Warner Limited
      98. The Speculative Society
      99. The Bow Group
      100. The Rothschild Foundation


      --- And there are many, many, more seemingly solid British institutions and organisations that, in actuality, provide cover and opportunity for globalist, plutocratic misanthropes who fall on the spectrum of psychopathy.

      Indeed, many of the above entities cover for, or contribute to, one of more of the following objectives:

      (a) The propagation of lies with the spreading of disinformation, fear and hatred -- promoting national/racial/ethnic/religious/political/social/cultural/generational/gender/economic divisions and warfare; and mental, physical and spiritual sickness, confusion and demoralisation;

      (b) The facilitation of national and international organised crime networks. Paedophilia, prostitution, abusive pornography, sex trafficking and child trafficking; the narcotics trade and money laundering; the debt creation racket and debt slavery/poverty maintenance.

      (c) The fattening of the military industrial complex; the penal-corrections industry; the banking elite and the 0.01% through corruption and privatizations, the institutionalized worship of extreme wealth, violent power, and other false idols (hyper materialism and occult deities);

      (d) Environmental degradation and depopulation; the promotion of abortion, suicide and assisted suicide, the death penalty, euthanasia, animal hunting, and other population reduction and species extinction methods; the globalist agenda for a one world government by plutocrats; the dumbing down of the population; and the ascendancy of a Greater Israel to the great detriment of ordinary Jews and non-Jews alike.


      Please feel free to add to the list of 100 deceptive societies, organisations and other entities listed above.

    10. From the Butlins article:
      "Lt Col Basil Brown, Director of Entertainment".
      Lt Col = intelligence.
      No wonder a week's vacation during high season could be had for £3... This was a social control experiment; nothing to do with profitability.

  9. WaterGate WAS PedoGate

    check out:

    CIA O

  10. Check out:

    CIA O

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  12. No one has listed the BBC? That's very hard to credit.

    I'm pretty sure they employ no one but programmed-multiple types, just like the Daily Mail reports on no one else.

    1. Lol. Indeed you sharp eyed assassin. It should have been No1 on the list. Everyone racking their brains for the clandestine operatives.

      Peace to you.

  13. Check out:

    David Icke 2 hr special Royal Pedophilia and how all the global pieces fit.

    CIA O

  14. anyone got anymore links to butlins? i believe there was a ring too and trying to find links to back up what i believe to be true. thanks