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Alex Salmond, Clara Ponsatí, Aamer Anwar. Catalan nationalist Clara Ponsatí was employed at the spooky St Andrews University.

"Human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar, who last year claimed that sexual harassment in the Scottish Parliament was a 'ticking timebomb', said many in Scottish politics are 'still in denial'".

Speaking about Alex Salmond, Aamer Anwar said "the complainants need to be better treated".

Alex Salmond

Aamer Anwar

Aamer Anwar witnessed the Barcelona attack of 2017.

Aamer Anwar told the BBC: "There was all sorts of vitriolic abuse about me being part of the plot, the planner."

Scottish lawyer being Barcelona plotter

"Aamer Anwar escaped with his life, horrific mental images of the chaos around him and two brief phone videos of the first emergency vehicles arriving at the scene with their sirens wailing.

"He posted the clips to Twitter minutes after the attack.

"Broadcasters around the world, keen for pictures and information in the fog of those early moments, picked up the footage en masse, doubtless reassured by the fact that Anwar is a verifiable public figure."

After Ramblas trauma, Barcelona attack

Aamer Anwar represents the family of the POSH SCHOOLGIRL, Aqsa Mahmood, who has recruited for ISIS .

ISIS is reportedly run by Mossad, the CIA, MI6 and their friends.

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group - Global Research

Craigholme - butterfly.

Aqsa attended the posh Craigholm school, in Glasgow.


Alex Salmond has been to Barcelona.

Salmond  in Catalonia .

Aamar Anwar.

The top Scottish lawyer Aamer Anwar told the media that he witnessed the Barcelona attack of 17 August 2017.

Aamar Anwar (right)

Anwar's brother-in-law was a general in the Pakistan army, which has links to the CIA.

As a young man, Anwar planned to join the UK's Royal Air Force.

But he didn't have the 20/20 vision required to fly.

Dr Jim Swire, Ali al-Megrahi, Aamer Anwar. Anwar is involved in the Lockerbie case.

In Barcelona, "Aamer Anwar was just metres away from the van that ploughed into pedestrians."

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he said: "The emergency services ... were literally on the scene within seconds.

"Armed officers, plain clothed officers, ambulances, I stopped counting ambulances after about 30. When there was a lull I thought I hope that’s the end of it but they kept on coming."

He said he saw the van drive into people and thought five or six were seriously injured and possibly dead.

British lawyer describes Barcelona attack .

Anwar and Alex Salmond at the funeral of Paul McBride.

Aamer Anwar writes for Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper, "replacing the late Paul McBride QC."

McBride, aged 47, died while on a business trip with his friend Anwar in Pakistan in 2012.

McBride and Anwar travelled to Pakistan for the wedding of Anwar's brother-in-law who was a brigadier general.

Anonymous commented: "I read recently that McBride (and one assumes Anwar) was (were) actually on some sort of secret mission over there."


Paul McBride

On 4 March 2012, Paul McBride, a top Scottish lawyer, was found dead in his room at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore, in Pakistan.

Paul McBride QC was Roman Catholic and gay.

McBride had been in Lahore, with fellow lawyer Aamer Anwar, attending a series of business meetings...

McBride met fugitive Imran Hussain during the trip to Pakistan.

McBride attended a wedding where he met high ranking government ministers and army officials.

In April 2011, while in Glasgow, McBride was sent a parcel bomb.


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At 3 September 2018 at 18:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya! How's you? Blogging away beautifully as always I see!

The bomb (as I am sure you know) was alleged to have been targeting Paul McBride & Celtic's Neil Lennon.

Wiki says... "In April 2011, McBride, Neil Lennon and Trish Godman, public figures all connected with Celtic, were sent parcel bombs. The device sent to McBride was intercepted by Royal Mail at a depot in Kilwinning."
(OF COURSE it was Kilwinning.. Where else other than the place where the Mother Lodge is!)

Wiki has an entire segment on the "Crimes Against Lennon"

It says that in Jan 2011, THE SAME YEAR there were also packages containing bullets sent via Royal Mail & supposedly addressed to Lennon & Celtic & NI players Niall McGinn & Paddy McCourt.
In the March of THE SAME YEAR a suspect package addressed to him was discovered in a mail depot in Saltcoats!

McBride was pals wi Neil Lennon.

Lennon played for Manchester City & Crewe Alexandra. Both of which Barry Bennell was paedoing around at & the guardian reported...

"Neil Lennon 'walked in on me shortly after abuse by Barry Bennell' Ex-Celtic manager, then 19, was staying at digs when Bennell molested clubmate, court hears"

In Dec 2000, Celtic's Martin O'Neill signed Lennon from his former club Leicester City. Which, by bizarre coincidence was the same time the Celtic Doctor - Gerry McCann - left Glasgow & Celtic football club & moved to Leicester! (McCanns moved to Leicester between July & Dec of 2000)

Its almost like they just swapped places!! Lol

Celtic football club marked Maddy's 4th birthday & Lennon, who was club captain at the time appealed for info about her disappearance

Wiki says.... "McBride was a fan of football club Celtic and was considered to be one of the club's "highest profile supporters".

McBride & Lennon really were VERY good pals. So much so, Lennon helped carry his coffin

And they were all coincidentally Roman Catholics too! The McCanns we know are both devout Roman Catholics.
Kate attended All Saints R.C School. Gerry attended Holyrood R.C Secondary School & Neil Lennon to St Michael's R.C School



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