Sunday, 2 September 2018


"Rick Davis and Sen. John McCain (in cap) board the rented yacht of Italian con man Raffaello Follieri in August 2006 in Kotor Bay, the Rothschild fiefdom in Montenegro.

"It was during this trip that McCain met again with Oleg Deripaska and Nathan Rothschild."

Naval Collision Attack Trends / John McCain and the Zionist Crime syndicate.


The criminal state? Zionist Crime syndicate

"Nathalie Augustina is currently a prisoner in a mental hospital in Amsterdam for publishing this book."





  3. Henry Makow has posted on Nathalie Augustina today - linking it with

  4. Geff Gates providing top revealing information in above video..

  5. The most interesting story on John McCain could be that from 1981 until the early 1990s, McCain was totally in the pocket of junk bond swindler Charles Keating. From August 1984 to August 1986, the McCains made at least 9 trips at Keating's expense aboard planes of Keating's American Continental Corporation or Resorts International (of Meyer Lansky).
    In 1986, at least 45 individual contributions of $1,000 to McCain’s bid for Senate came from persons inside the Keating organisation. In April 1986, Jim Hensley and his daughter, McCain's wife Cindy, became the main owners in a Keating-run shopping center by investing $359,100.

    An interesting “conspiracy theory” is that John McCain on 29 July 1967, might have started the fire on the USS Forrestal that killed 134 sailors and seriously injured another 161.
    I’me sorry I haven’t got “hard” evidence…

    John McCain was nicknamed Johnny Wet-Start for his habit of flooding his fighter plane’s engine with fuel before pressing the igniting - a wet start – that makes a flame shoot from the exhaust.
    As usual on 29 July 1967, McCain did a wet start but this time the flame ignited one of the Zuni missiles on another plane. So the whole disaster was directly caused by McCain.

    Any other Navy pilot would have been court martialled for such a stunt. Because McCain’s father and grandfather were four star admirals he got away with it.


  7. I know the psy-clinic Metrum I Amsterdam where this Nathalie August is said to be incarcerated now.

    After the Benghazi attack in Lybia 11 sept. 2012 I was a little too loud informing a large row of visitors in front of the US consulate in Amsterdam. It resulted in police helicopters- &-cars who brought me to the Metrum after telling the officers we don´t live in the European Union but in the European Soviet Union.

    It was the first time I landed in a psy-clinic and right away in a ´isoleer cel´, solitary confinement. But for reasons clear to me and not quite clear to them they let me go after several hours.

    Landed again in the Metrum for only a few hours at the very birthday 12 december of a friend of mine I had not seen for decades. I heard that he was in this mental institution. He happened to be a photomodel.

    Too many weird things happened that morning: images appeared concretely engraved in the floor not only that, they were moving. The ´psycho experts´ that talked to me saw it too. It drove them mad. They had to show me the door.

    CIA O