Monday 1 October 2018

Hamish Miller: Near Death Experience

Kaivey writes:

Hamish Miller had started a furniture businesses as he was good with his hands and at design, but the business grew until he had about 500 staff and then he spent all his time worrying, trying to find enough work for his staff.

He thought nothing of it, just accepting this is how life is, until he saw a beautiful sunset one day where he felt he had no time to look at it, but then he thought, hang on a minute, of course he had time.

Moments like this kept occurring and he began to realize he wasn't happy doing what he was doing.

Soon after that he had his near death experience which profoundly changed his life.

He then got rid of his business and moved to a beautiful coast to became a blacksmith. He's now very happy.

I really liked this story.

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