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Alastair Crooke 

Alastair Crooke has been an officer in MI6.

Crooke was apparently removed from MI6 because of his apparent criticism of Israel.

"Born in Ireland in 1949, Crooke was brought up in Africa, mainly on a farm near Harare in what was then Rhodesia, where his father farmed tobacco." 

He was educated in Switzerland and at the spooky St Andrews University. [1]

The CIA's Graham Fuller, who is related to the Boston Bombers, the Tsarnaevs.

Crooke now works with the CIA's Graham Fuller at the Conflicts Forum

Reportedly, Khomeini's real father was William Richard Williamson, born in Bristol, England, in 1872 of British parents and lineage.

Crooke writes:

"The Team Trump now is filled with neocons who are unreserved Iran-haters.

" And Sheldon Adelson (a major Trump donor, a patron of Netanyahu, and the instigator for the US embassy move to Jerusalem), consequently has been able to implant his ally, John Bolton (a neocon), as Trump’s chief foreign policy advisor."

ALASTAIR CROOKE | 01.09.2018 Is a ‘Suez’ Event Being Prepared for Syria?

Crooke does NOT tell us that ISIS works for the West.

Crooke apparently worries about the Neo-Cons.

Crooke writes:

"The aim is a global, cosmopolitan society disembarrassed of religion, national culture and community, gender and social class...

"Once the Roman Empire took over Christianity as a ‘westernised’ dissident form of Judaism, neither Europe nor Christianity conformed any longer to their origins, or somehow to their own ‘natures’.

"Absolute monotheism, in its dualistic form, was profoundly foreign to the European mind."

ALASTAIR CROOKE | 20.08.2018 The Metaphysics to Our Present Global Anguish


Alastair Crooke is currently Director and Founder of Conflicts Forum based in Beirut.

He was formerly advisor on Middle East issues to Javier Solana, the EU Foreign Policy Chief.


The problem with Alastair Crooke is that he seems to hide the accounts of:

(1) ISIS being run by the Western security services

(2) Hamas being set up by Israel

(3) The recent  influence of Lord Victor Rothschild over the British security services

(4) Kim Philby's links to the Rothschilds

(5) The founding of the Wahhabi sect by British intelligence.

(6) MI6 helping to put the Ayatollah Khomeini, and Saddam Hussein, into power.

Photo of Alastair Crooke by Osama Al Eryani (

Reportedly, Alastair Crooke has worked for MI6.

Reportedly he was sacked from MI6 for not being a Zionist.

According to the Financial Times , 2 january 2009,

(Middleman in the Middle East):

"In August 2002, perhaps because Crooke was seen as too sympathetic to Palestinian groups, the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv outed him as an MI6 agent, poking fun at how slight this real-life James Bond was compared with his fictional counterpart.

"In 2003, after another ceasefire collapsed, Crooke was recalled to London. 

"In a typically English fudge, he was given a CMG in the 2004 New Year’s Honours List for services to “the advancement of the Middle East peace process” – and sacked from MI6."

Crooke talks about Hamas, Moslems and Palestine.

Crooke has been asked about al Qaeda, but seemingly he is not prepared to spill the beans about any connection it may have to MI6.

"Could he imagine negotiating with al-Qaeda, I wondered? 'Never say never,' he replied, though he couldn’t really see the point. Groups such as al-Qaeda only get a hearing, he said, because of the failure of more mainstream political Islamism to speak to the Muslim world."

(Middleman in the Middle East)

One of the many bin Laden properties in the USA. Osama worked for the CIA and was not shot dead in Abbottabad.

Crooke worked with bin Laden's men in Afghanistan.

Crooke gives us some clues about whether or not MI6 helped put the Ayatollahs into power in Iran.

"He views the 1979 Iranian revolution as progressive and enthusiastically explained obscure theological differences between its main Islamic protagonists.

"In the past two years he has visited Iran regularly – at one point he said 'our view', before correcting himself: 'the Iranian view, I mean'."

(Middleman in the Middle East)

What is Alastair Crooke doing now?

"Crooke went freelance, drawing on his intelligence and political contacts to set up Conflicts Forum, a think-tank whose aim is to help western governments understand Islamist groups and their military resistance to Israel.

"In 2005 he moved to Beirut, where he lives with his partner, Aisling Byrne, an Englishwoman who previously worked with Palestinian refugees."

Has he really left MI6?

Alastair Crooke has written (2004 Guardian) :

"The overwhelming bulk of Islamists and Muslims support elections, good governance and freedom (more so than in some European states, the polls show)...

"Muslim values do not pose a threat to the strategic values of western society. Muslims do not hate our values. They hate our policies. We need dialogue at all levels."

Is Crooke to be trusted?


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At 8 September 2018 at 19:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is about as trustworthy as the spy author who wrote Tinker Tailor Soldier never actually leave spying once you have signed's like catching an incurable disease.
The guy certainly looks like a weasel...but perhaps not up to the usual high standards of the cross dressing maths expert who ended up in a gym bag.
BUNCH OF FREAKSZ....Whose behaviour fits in perfectly with a nation in decline.

At 9 September 2018 at 03:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahem... Gareth Williams was poisoned by NSA, the problem was dumped back on MI6 in London... and they stitched the poor bastard up like a kipper! (in a bath of sodium hydroxide)… … but yeah I agree a bunch of freaks running a nation in decline!

At 16 April 2021 at 19:02 , Blogger Unknown said...

I think he genuinely thinks what he says. He isn’t typical spy material. He isn’t up to narrow interests, but serving the world. Hard to imagine? Your problem.


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