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Pastor Andrew Brunson knows too much about Operation Gladio?

Andrew Brunson  is an American pastor in Turkey, arrested in  2016 during the purges occurring after the 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt.

Brunson is a member of the same church as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, formerly boss of the CIA.

US Sanctions Turkey Over the arrest of CIA Pastor Brunson

A December 14, 2016 Sabah daily news story, said to be based on an informant, claimed that Brunson, while dispensing aid among Syrian refugees, tried to divide Turkey with sermons praising Gülenism and by speaking in support of the banned Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).[16]

The pro-Erdogan administration newspaper Takvim alleges that Brunson was a "high-level member of the Gülen movement" and an American spy, positioned to become CIA chief in Turkey had the 2016 coup attempt succeeded.[31]

Takvim's editor-in-chief, Ergun Diler, alleged that Brunson fended off an assassinaition attempt thanks to his intelligence agency training, further claiming that Brunson was influential all over the region.

Diler speculated that the CIA would assassinate Brunson in prison if it thought he would not be deported back to the U.S.[32]

The journalist Sibel Edmonds argues that a Deep State group within the CIA intervenes whenever there is progress in the Brunson case.

She suggests that the US Deep State planned to fatally poison Brunson while he was in jail and put the blame on Turkey.

Graham Fuller - the CIA man linked to Operation Gladio's use of Moslems.

"On April 11, 2011, Brunson was injured in an armed attack by a person named Mehmet Ali Eren while he was chatting with his friend at the churchyard.

"During the incident, the attacker shouted: 'You traitors! We will bomb the church in Manisa. And Al Qaeda will claim responsibility for this.'

"After that, the same attacker became a follower of the very church led by Brunson.

"It was even reported that this person was running errands for Brunson's wife Norine Brunson."

Facts and conspiracies in the Brunson case /  Insiders Expose Rogue Elements in CIA-State Department Blocking Release of American Pastor Andrew Brunson


Ruslan Tsarni, known as Ruslan Tsarnaev, married the daughter of former top CIA officer Graham Fuller who, in 1986, became the Vice-Chairman of the ...


28 Apr 2013 - Uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev was married to Graham Fuller's daughter, Samantha. ... The CIA's Graham Fuller, who is related to Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

aangirfan: 04/01/2013 - 05/01/2013

29 Apr 2013 - The Boston Bombers' relative, Graham Fuller of the CIA, is an associate ... The Tale of Uncle Tsarnaev, CIA Chief Graham Fuller and a Turkish .


12 Apr 2017 - The CIA's Graham E. Fuller, the uncle of the alleged Boston bombers, helped design the CIA policy of recruiting Moslems and using them to ...

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At 17 August 2018 at 14:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

PP: careful swallowing anything Sibel Edmonds says with anything less than a pinch of salt

At 17 August 2018 at 16:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for the random comment, but is anyone in touch with Coleman?

At 18 August 2018 at 03:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Jim Stone's words: "Turks are smashing their Iphones to protest Trump
They are supposedly doing it over a jailed pastor. . . . . er, CIA agent. A while ago Turkey made a smart move and jailed a probable U.S. intelligence asset fronting as a pastor. Trump imposed sanctions over it. So now, Turks are smashing their Iphones to protest Trump.
This shows how out of the loop and misguided Turks are, if they had any sense, they'd be smashing their Iphones to protest Apple. They might as well burn the Chevy while they are at it if this is over Trump . . . .
Apple's censorship SURELY does not stop at Alex Jones, Turks are better off smashing their Iphones even if they don't know it. A form of misguided Turkish "self help".

At 18 August 2018 at 04:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 18 August 2018 at 04:56 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Curiously, Erdogan's Turkey has been involved in the past in a lot of dirt with the US, apparently including supplying the ISIS revenues by means of purchasing the petroleum from regions that Islamic state controlled, Erdogan's own family said to be involved

It was reported that US fighter bomber pilots, were told specifically *not* to bomb the convoys of lorries transporting the ISIS oil toward Turkey, tho it was very easy for them to do so ... Russia did however bomb those convoys, a key step in the Syrian conflict

But Erdogan would be in a blackmail trap about this ... he cannot reveal the ugly dirt without condemning himself before his own people


Another aspect here is that an economically ravaged Turkey is said to be inclined to again point hundreds of thousands, or millions, of migrants, toward Greece and the European Union


Turkey and most other countries are blackmailed and easily undermined, by the fact that most of the foreign-currency debt held in the world - tens of trillions - is denominated in 'dollars'.

This was the intentionally-set Rothschildian debt trap of the whole world's peoples ... like buying a cottage in England and getting your salary there, but promising to pay your mortgage in Swiss francs ... The bankers can pull the strings in Switzerland and you are destroyed

Although the US is also overloaded with debt too, it has an advantage given that most other countries need to desperately scour for 'dollars' to pay their int'l debt trillions ... the US can just print its own money

This is true even for China, whose 3.5 trillion in gov 'reserves' is a mere fire extinguisher for maybe 30 trillion of foreign supplier etc. debt involving Chinese companies, desperate for 'dollars' as well, as China's trade starts to fall off, and China's debtors have trouble paying China. Everyone is vulnerable to the foreign-currency-debt monster.

So for one or two years maybe yet, the USA can ride the King Dollar warhorse ... until the day comes when there is general default on international debt altogether, and then the USA party is over too. But the USA will be the last to go down, and they can destroy much en route to that day ... and the oligarchs with cash can 'buy when there is blood in the streets', as the old Rothschild saying goes

At 18 August 2018 at 05:11 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Some new types of social manipulations are afoot these days

In one of the surprising turns, major media in the USA are encouraging minorities, to move on from critique of the white male establishment, to denounce white females as also being intrinsically part of a power-abusive class ... In the USA Democratic political party, minorities are increasingly saying that white women as well as white men need to step aside

Even the NY Times is negatively calling white women 'Beckys', the name 'Becky' firstly in the black community and now in general used for a white-woman-stereotype, apparently originating in the white girls at the start of the 1992 video hit 'Baby's Got Back' by black rapper Six-Mix-A-Lot ... the video begins with two white girls talking about a black girl's bottom, and one of the white girls is named Becky -
Sir Mix-A-Lot, 'Baby's Got Back', 4m13s

It seems that this is a new initiative to polarise the races in the USA ... a major media message is being given to white women, however 'feminist', that they cannot be a leading part of the 'progressive' coalition, they should withdraw to the background ... the media pushing white women to increasingly join the Trump side?

Poster for minority-led feminist event in the USA today, 18 Aug 2018, critiquing the negative role played by 'white-centred activism' of white women

At 19 August 2018 at 03:29 , Blogger Kaivey said...

There's something odd about Sybil Edmonds. She thinks that Eva Bartlett Venessa Beeley put out propaganda. She has also said the same about Glenn Greenwald Jereemy Scahill of the the Intercept. She has also criticised other good journalists so she seems to be some kind of spoiler.


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