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Greater Israel includes many territories worldwide.


In addition to the Jews referred to in the map, there are believed to be 95 million people worldwide descended from Jews.

John Calvin was Jewish. THE BIG SECRET - THEY'RE ALL JEWS

A report, produced by Israel's Diaspora Affairs Ministry in 2016, suggests that "in addition to the roughly 14 million people who identify as Jews around the globe, there are some 95 million more people who are likely descended from Jews who assimilated or were forced to convert" – groups sometimes referred to as Crypto-Jews.

How many 'Lost Jews' are there worldwide?

There are Jews in Africa, China and many other parts of the world.

Winston Churchill's mother was Jewish. ‘Cunning, no doubt, came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother Lady Randolph Churchill , née Jenny Jacobson/Jerome.’ - Moshe Kohn, Jerusalem Post.

The governments of the USA are usually made up mainly of Jews and crypto-Jews.

Trump's government.

Hitler's government was made up mainly of Jews.


Leo Strauss was a Jewish fascist.

"Leo Strauss, in his 1962 lecture 'Why We Remain Jews,' declared himself an ardent supporter of the State of Israel but rejected the idea that Israel as a nation should be contained within borders.

"Israel, he argued, is to be everywhere." [6]

The Jewish God is not the real 'God'.

Laurent Guyénot in The Saker’s Blog

According to Isaiah's prophecy:

1. "The Law will issue from Zion."

2. Yahweh (the Jewish god) will "judge between the nations and arbitrate between many peoples." (2:3-4)

3. Israel "will feed on the wealth of nations" (61:6)."

4. Nations who do not serve Israel "will be utterly destroyed" (60:12).[11]

Laurent Guyénot in The Saker’s Blog


A 2003 'Jerusalem Summit' attended by three acting Israeli ministers including Benjamin Netanyahu and many American neoconservatives including Richard Perle, affirmed that:

"One of the objectives of Israel's divinely-inspired rebirth is to make it the center of the new unity of the nations."

Laurent Guyénot in The Saker’s Blog


"The deepest secret of Judaism: success rests on their ability to make Gentiles believe that the national god of Israel is the God of Heaven who happens to have a preference for Israel.

"It is known to biblical scholars that, in the oldest strata of the Bible, Yahweh appears as a national, ethnic god, not the supreme God of the Universe."

Laurent Guyénot in The Saker’s Blog



  1. Russia and Syria preparing to retake Golan Heights, illegally occupied in 1967, from Israel? Public Enquiry

    1. Nonsense...Putin is very likely to be a crypto jew.(Jews took over Russia in 1917....,you'll notice that almost ALL oligarchs in Russia are Jews....Putin would NOT have become president without their approval.Money equals power....Putin is yet another example of Jewish money power.More likely the Jewish fiends are going to install Russians instead of Americans to protect the criminal state...Americans are getting war fatigue.

    2. Many articles online of Putin literally kissing up to CHABAD zionist jews. Why do you think Israel is able to bomb Syria a 1000 times over 7 yrs and no consequences from Russia?

  2. "Israel, he argued, is to be everywhere."

    Sounds too scary to believe haha...
    For God's sake ( Real God, not the jewish one :-( ) pls treat us something more optimistic this summer, dear Aanir.

    Saw today jewish family on Spanish street. I can recognize Hebrew, when i hear it. Arabic as well haha.
    ( After reading this about Cyprus on your site etc, developped some 'unhealthy obsession' that jews are ALMOST everywhere :-( )

    And your post above confirms that they plan it to happen,
    but sounds TOO bad to be true ;
    so thanks for mentioning Buddha above ;-)



  3. The Goyim Defence league is very proud of you , your a site that names the jew bravo truth will out

  4. Fascinating & important statistic Aangirfan has provided, that Israeli Jews themselves count approximately 109 million Jewish descendants alive in the world, more than 7x the usual figure given for Jews

    This means 1.4% of the world is Jewish, literally the 'one per cent' ... 1 out of every 68 persons is Jewish

    With Jews having the highest verbal IQ of any peoples, it was perhaps inevitable that Jews would weave verbal & legal structures which seek to dominate others

    2/3 of the world's peoples, live nominally under Jewish-created ideologies - the 'Abrahamic chosen people' religions of Christianity & Islam, with their 'eternal hell' terrors, always 'honouring the Jews' as a cardinal principle ... and Marxism, still the official 'religion' of China, created by rabbi's grandson & Rothschild third cousin Karl Marx

    On the website of rebel Jew, Ron Keeva Unz - who along with Henry Makow exposes the darkest sides of their mutual Jewish heritage - they discuss how Jews, known for generally preferring in-group marriage, yet do allow for expanding Jewish power by marriage into prominent gentile families - such as those of the British aristocracy, the Trumps, the Clintons

    The Unz site also speaks of how leading Jews do allow 'useless Jews' to inter-marry, assimilate and move out of the Jewish orbit, but at the same time also tell 'useful' gentiles stories and fables, that they may have or do have Jewish ancestry ... inducing responses of co-operation with the agenda of Jewish leadership

    1. V E R Y good comment, thanks Brabantian for this short and almost perfect analysis :-)

    2. Since Marxism is simply secular Talmudism? Any Communist-Socialist is also following a disguised form of the creed. As for the highest intelligence stat? Methinks you've fallen for their true talent- self-aggrandisement and deceit. Most of their so-called contributions, were actually "borrowed" from the goyim like Einstein or subsidized by them. Their whole tech "genius" would be a great example. Nepotism ensures they stay on top, not talent as proven by the low caliber of most of the sectors they control like media, govt and education

    3. Jews having the highest IQ is another one of the many myths they've gotten the cattle goyim to believe. As a group they've contributed NOTHING. Plagiarized religion, Imperial Aramaic now called Hebrew etc etc. No arts, literature of any kind. Even Einstein was largely a PR invention and a FRAUD (Christopher Jon Bijerknes documents it brilliantly). Main trait of these 'geniuses'? DECEIT. Fortunately for them? They inhabit a world of the uber gullible, which makes their swindle easy.

  5. It looks like the US was hijacked by the Zionist Mega Group that was founded in 1991 by some 20 Jewish billionaires, including:
    Edgar Bronfman, chairman of the World Jewish Congress (father of Sara and Clare Bronfman);
    Charles Bronfman, Edgar's brother and top executive at Seagrams Corp.;
    Michael Steinhardt, hedge-fund manager;
    Laurence Tisch, chairman of Loews Corp.;
    Max Fisher, Detroit oil magnate and Republican Party powerhouse;
    Leslie Wexler of Limited, Inc.

    Les Wexner: is best known for Victoria's Secret.
    Wexner was also a board member of Conrad Black's Hollinger International together with Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, William F. Buckley, and Richard Perle.

    Leslie Wexner has also been credited for nurturing the career of his protégé Jeffrey Epstein; the paedophile that was friends with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.
    The sweet deal with Epstein that sent him to prison for a total of 13 months, but only locked up for the night 6 days a week) was made with Alex Acosta, who these days is Trump’s Secretary of Labor.

    1. Are you serious? 1991? The USA has always been a country founded by Jews. Judeo Masonic cabal at work.

  6. putin is a jew. There are more jews on this world than the jews want the Goyim sheeple to know. A big part are the jewish ' christians'. The spies for the rabbi's.

  7. Many Blacks, particularly in America, have some Jew ancestry.