Friday 17 August 2018



The Kosher Nostra can rig elections, to get people like Trump into power.

"In reality, about 21.5% of British workers are either officially unemployed, inactive, or employed part time even though they really want full-time work."

"People still feel poor, their wages are not rising, and one in seven workers is out of work."

Unemployment in the UK is not low

The Deep State needs false flag terror events, and lots of immigration, to get people to vote for the Conservatives, who promise to be tough on terrorists and immigrants.


The Kosher Nostra runs the USA?

On the right, we see her Serene Highness Princess Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes of Teck. Mary was married to King George V.

Also in the photo we see Mary's mother and Mary's brothers:

Top left Prince Francis of Teck (1870 – 1910), unmarried.

To the right of Prince Francis, Prince Alexander of Teck (Alge) (1874 – 1957)

Seated on chair, Prince Adolphus of Teck (Dolly) (1868 – 1927).

Princess Mary, who became Queen Mary.

"Cynthia Colville, a long-serving lady-in-waiting, tells him Queen Mary’s father, the Duke of Teck, died ‘insane’

"And that Queen Mary was never in love with the Duke of Clarence, to whom she was briefly engaged, nor with his younger brother, Prince George, whom she later married.

"Later, we learn that the real love of Mary’s life was the 7th Earl of Hopetoun, a distinguished statesman: ‘She loved him in such a way that she had no love left after that.’"

The Queen so mean


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At 24 August 2018 at 13:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary of Teck was an abusive mother and, famously, a kleptomaniac and outright thief. Her biggest hauls were taken form the Russian royals fleeing the Bolshevik coup.


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