Saturday 1 September 2018


NobleWorks Cards. Old people can get angry about their loss of status.

The numbers of elderly needing 24-hour care is set to double by 2035

I have known a number of old people with 'Dementia'.

Dementia can include 'Alzheimers'.

"Someone with Alzheimer’s disease may start rummaging or searching through cabinets, drawers, closets, the refrigerator, and other places where things are stored.

"He or she also may hide items around the house."

When a Person with Alzheimer's Rummages and Hides Things

"People with dementia become extremely moody, switching between emotions within a matter of seconds for no apparent reason.

"A person with dementia may become suspicious, irritable, depressed, apathetic, anxious, or agitated, especially in situations where memory problems are causing difficulties.

"The old person may gradually lose their ability to understand or use speech.

"Be incontinent.

"Show no recognition of friends and family.

"Need help with washing, bathing, using the toilet or dressing."

Symptoms - DEMENTIA

There are ways to stay sane while caring for an elderly person

"Expect their anger.

"When you start taking care of your parent, they lose the one thing they’ve always had in relationship to you: authority. 

"That’s not going to be easy for them to give up. Expect them, in one way or another, to lash out about that loss."

"Insofar as you can, offer your parent options instead of orders. 

"It’s important for them to continue to feel as if they, and not you, are running their lives. 

"Let them decide everything they can about their own care and situation.

"A great way to show your parent love and respect- and, especially, to affirm for them that they are still of true value to you - is to sincerely ask them for advice about something going on in your life."

Protect your buttons. 

"No one in this world knows your emotional buttons like your mom or dad does. 

"Surround those buttons with titanium cases and lock them away where your parent couldn’t find them with a Rorschach test. 

"Unless he or she is an extraordinarily loving and mature person, your parent is bound to at least once try to push your buttons, if only to establish their erstwhile dominance over you. 

Don’t let them do it. You might owe them your care; you don’t owe them your emotional well-being. 

"With your parent, let “No buttons for you!” be your motto."

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At 31 August 2018 at 10:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


"I will be looking for a solicitor whoever that might be. Margaret Hodge had a rather good lawyer..."

So, Frank Field MP, whose insists that "ANTISEMITISM" has prompted him to resign the Labour whip, praises MISHCON DE REYA SOLICITORS... and suggests that he too might retain this extraordinary legal firm.

But what makes Mishcon de Reya solicitors extraordinary?

Well, quite simply, Mishcon de Reya have never met a Zionist paedophile (or Zionist paedophile cover-up merchant) they didn't immediately wish to enlist as a client.


AS RETAINED BY MARGARET HODGE MP, the hugely rich and powerful Zionist reportedly linked to industrial scale child sexual abuse and child trafficking in Islington and possibly the Channel Islands, Portugal, and elsewhere, too. A key architect of New Labour, along with the equally-sinister Sir Peter Mandelson. One of Britain's richest people.


AS RETAINED BY LORD LEON BRITTAN MP, the powerful Zionist Home Secretary who raped children at The Elm Guest House; attempted to smuggle child pornography through UK Customs; and comprehensively 'covered-up' allegations of child sexual abuse involving MPs and peers at Westminster, Dolphin Square and elsewhere (the buried 'Geoffrey Dickens dossier'). At the heart of the Conservative party.


AS RETAINED BY MAX CLIFFORD, imprisoned for scores of sex attacks on girls and women over a period of decades. Allegedly this PR-fixer played a key role in protecting the secrets of many well-known British VIPs involved in paedophilia, etc. Died in prison (possibly murdered). He knew all the paedophile secrets of New Labour.


AS RETAINED BY SIR ELTON JOHN. See Aangirfan's recent post on this delightful man, an extremely close friend of Zionist New Labour architect, Tony Blair.


AS RETAINED BY PRINCESS DIANA, whose Paris assassination ("my husband is planning an accident in my car, brake failure and serious head injury") followed her discovery of the VIP paedophile network led by her husband, Lord Mountbatten and Sir Jimmy Savile; involving various London authorities and councillors; and a score of top Tory and Labour parliamentarians, including the closest friends allies of Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.


AS RETAINED BY GINA MILLER, THE POSSIBLE NEXT LEADER OF THE LIBERAL DEMORACTS. Mishcon de Reya solicitors led the (unsuccessful) High Court bid to prevent the triggering of Brexit. Mishcon de Reya will try to prevent Brexit any way it can, using Gina Miller or any other useful person to device to keep Britain politically pro-Zionist within a strong, pro-Zionist, European Union.


Mishcon de Reya... Paedophilia Networks and International Child Trafficking... Tory, Labour and Liberal 'Friends of Israel'... Masterfully Fomented Ethnic, Economic and Ideological Strife... Wars in the Middle East and apparent racist & terrorist attacks on the streets of Europe & North America... Brexit Reversal... Greater Israel.


As their slogan proudly proclaims: "It's business. But it's personal."

At 31 August 2018 at 13:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Planning for UK Embassy to Move to Jerusalem Post Brexit

"UPDATE I find people need more explanation than I realised. The UK is bound by a common position under EU common foreign policy (third pillar). So until Brexit the official line must still be always given that the UK is not considering moving its Embassy. Post Brexit that restriction is lifted. What my source is saying is that secret contingency planning for a post Brexit move to Jerusalem is underway in the FCO. What I have been pressing the FCO for is an admission that planning is taking place. Obviously this is not something they would want to be public knowledge at present"


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