Thursday 26 July 2018


Sarah Ruth Ashcraft says that she was subjected to CIA brainwashing techniques and child sex trafficked to Hollywood at age 13 years.

Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open


    Henry Makow‏ @HenryMakow
"Tom Hanks- soul scalping. Oprah Winfrey in the rear."

"The Dr Mengele figure in her story ties his victims down, injects them against their will and pumps them full of high-dose drugs, including a 'truth serum' used on soldiers during wartime, all the time telling them that he is doing so to correct their 'deviant' behaviour.

"Some are sexually abused. All are terrified and stupefied, in equal measure. Electric shock treatment is a permanent threat. There are wild rumours of some children being killed when their 'treatments' go wrong."

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At 26 July 2018 at 01:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take things with a grain of salt - Exposing Survivors Voice Australia - The truth behind the lies of Fiona Barnett

At 26 July 2018 at 02:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 July 2018 at 03:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

now this is some real crime, not Fiona Barnett's stories

At 26 July 2018 at 04:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 July 2018 at 04:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jones was a troubled guy himself, most likely sexually abused as a kid

He and his brother spent their lives there for some time, go figure

At 26 July 2018 at 04:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 July 2018 at 07:56 , Anonymous Firestarter said...

I’ve posted on 29 January 2018 on Fiona Barnett gone missing, while Amanda Gabriel (Prosser) last posted on her “friend” Fiona (a reported of Fiona) on in November 2015:

Then on 2 May 2018, “Fiona” returns to bring us some “fake” stories and explains being away since September 2017:

"I’m alive. My ‘family’ and ‘friends’ tried to take me down, but unfortunately for them, I am a modern day Baruch. God has decided, against my better judgment, that my “life will I give unto thee for a prey in all places whither thou goest.” So, no matter what the child trafficking network throw at me – it is God who determines who lives and who dies."

Why would “Fiona Barnett” suddenly disappear and then return 8 months later with “fake news”?

At 26 July 2018 at 09:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spent time with her master/s maybe?

At 26 July 2018 at 16:38 , Anonymous HPrice (still resolutely not anonymous) said...

There is something dark behind Hollywood. No doubt about it, but what is in the cathyfox blog is just stories. We need evidence. There are too many stories.

We need actual proof of what may be going on. Without that, we have the ramblings of people who may or may not be abused victims, or just nutjobs like Cathy O'Brien.

And don't get me started on Pizzagate and Mike Cernovich. That's a psyop. No evidence there either, just hearsay, and nonsense from alt-right Trumpsters.

At 27 July 2018 at 01:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

O'Brien is not a nutjob, no matter how much ud like to believe it. Maybe not all she says is true, but a really good part is. And Pizzagate is real. It takes 2 functional neurons to make the rite connections, u know?

At 27 July 2018 at 06:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cults and clubs using sexual abuse for control purposes are real. Many people coming forward with abuse stories are courageous victims who need our support.
Naturally the slimy evil pigs who run these clubs (and our media and governments) will fight back with every trick in the book.
One trick is using fake victims who are later outed. These fake victims normally get huge media coverage so their takedown can tar the image of all future genuine victims.
And of course, the use of filthy vile little trolls to slander all victims is in the playbook too.

Too soon to tell if this Hanks accuser is real or fake. But slime like halfprice are busy on blogs everywhere spewing their hatred to intimidate silent victims into staying silent.

At 27 July 2018 at 09:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 27 July 2018 at 18:02 , Anonymous Hprice (full price not half :D) said...

Great ... just lost a long reply ... oh well ... try again.

I've not been called halfprice for years. Quite funny, that :D.

Anyway, I am not half baked, believe me. I am very much someone who believes in the truth no matter how hard that truth may be.

I followed the Pizzagate story for some time. I have always been interested in the stories that some people say about the elites. However, the longer I followed the story, the more I saw that there was nothing in it. Just stories. No evidence. Just people's buttons being pushed. People's hatred of the Clintons and the Democrats were being used against them. There was no shred of evidence to show for what was, supposedly going on. The whole story looks good on the surface, but that's all it is. It's surface level mud-slinging.

I would be ok with it if there was ACTUAL evidence, but there just wasn't. Not that I saw anyway. Just half-truths, and nonsense for the most part. I always have my mind open to the possibilty that such things happen ... but we need evidence. Not just stories ...

Oh, and I've been around the block a bit when it comes to conspiracy theories. I was the first person to link Alex Jones to the Bronfmans of Canada. One of their clan was involved with that cult in California, recently. So I tend to know my stuff a bit, and have a very well honed BS detector after years reading about stuff like this, and watching people.

I apologise for calling O'Brien a nutjob. I think that she may have mental health problems, and may have been handled by that guy who co-wrote her book. I however, do not believe her stories. They are too ridiculous and outlandish. I'm not saying that stuff like this happens ... but not in the way that O'Brien says.

The world is a very strange place. People are very strange too. Just look at Trump and his lot. If you don't see this, then I can't do anything about it. But it seems that things are getting stranger all the time. Strange things do happen ... but somethings are just stories. You have to try to filter things, and if something seems a bit too silly ... it probably is.



At 28 July 2018 at 12:51 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

Check out:

Actor Tarantino is on this list.

This site shows T. caught in action (foreplay most probably):


At 29 July 2018 at 03:03 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

That injured black left eye - 'face scalp' wounding - is indeed showing up everywhere

From this past week, US Secretary of Defence, General James Mattis, when he was denouncing the Australian story of imminent attack on Iran as mere unfounded rumour ... Very clear face scalp wounding around Mattis' left eye, Fox News - LA Times photo

Oligarch cabal servant initiation ritual? Or, as Henry Makow suggests, a way for demonic or alien forces to reach inside the body to seize or corrupt the mind or soul?

At 18 March 2023 at 11:55 , Blogger idea exchange zone said...



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