Sunday, 24 June 2018

Quantum jumps - Healing - Cynthia Sue Larson

"You are not your body or your situation, but instead are pure energy, pure consciousness. 

"You exist in an interconnected holographic multiverse in which you are literally jumping from one parallel universe to another with every choice you make."


"The idea behind making quantum jumps is that in order to live a different life, all you need do is first imagine it, then meditate silently and quietly until you attain a state of being detached from all thoughts and feelings.

"When you sense a new connection to another possible you living the life you'd prefer, immerse yourself naturally into that new state of being. 

"And voila! You've made a quantum jump.

"Life will likely feel pretty much exactly the same, with similar daily activities, and any time you doubt or worry a change has occurred, return to a meditative state of quiet and reconnect with new reality you are selecting for yourself."

Quantum Jumps


  1. I have serious doubts, that humans really can radically influence their life only with „positive thinking“ and „day-dreaming/meditating“. Cynthia Larsen not only believes in teleportation, but also in nuclear bombs!!!
    Evidently, people who believe in these theories, are not going to speak out or act against the machinations and crimes of the number one crime syndicate, operating mainly under the name “US-government” and their worldwide lackeys. These “day-dreamers” will hide behind “we live in a holographic world, nothing to worry”.
    This is a theory, which is obviously very welcome by the criminal cabal, which is getting more visible by the day.

    1. Very good point. I just wonder if Cynthia is a Jewish Hippie. Maybe Cynthia's mom and dad are sitting on some billion dollars assets so she can day dream as much as she wants. No need to worry.

    2. I wonder why the people in Gaza haven't tried that.
      Clearly this is just delusional first world escapism.
      Shaman? Really? like the Mongols used while they raped and looted their way across Asia?
      the minute she said UCLA, it was clear she is part of some intelligence project. She has no clue about real physics. What a pathetic joke.

  2. "that humans really can radically influence their life only with „positive thinking“ and „day-dreaming/meditating“."

    Hahaha...second comment also cool !
    The thing is , NOT , definetely not everybody, sadly, gonna be succesful, fulfilled in life, and books like "Success" and this whole 'industry' connected wit such ideas are LACKING very major factor :
    NOT everybody's goona make it...because THERE IS karma from past lives, which is acting like a 'brakes' in this life, around 35% of natal karma can be change ( Which, anyway, isn't small amount ).
    So...IT IS NOT that easy like these books says : it is not enough to only desire this or that, to get it :
    Universe isn't a 'mega waiter' in luxury hotel, waiting for our every desire to be expressed...

    However, positive thinking ( And knowledge HOW to act ) can get you what you want, but for most of us it is not gonna be 100% of what you desire...
    Worth trying, anyway, huh ? ;-)