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Jeremy Thorpe who was offered the job of Home secretary, the cabinet minister responsible for the security service MI5.

Jeremy Thorpe (1929 – 2014) was once the leader of the UK's Liberal Party.

"Jeremy Thorpe had a taste for young street boys and runaway teenagers were often brought to him...

"At his trial for the attempted murder of male prostitute Norman Scott, Thorpe threatened to expose the perversions of many members of government. 

"Thorpe's threats worked; he was found not guilty and he got off as it was said 'Scott free'."

Thorpe and Smith

The Liberal Party has often been seen as being the party of spooky people who are secretly gay and secretly conservative.

Jeremy Thorpe's father and grandfather were Conservative members of parliament.

The Liberal Party's Sir Cyril Smith has been linked to the giant pedophile ring that reportedly works within the UK government.

Jack Straw (right) UK Foreign Minister at the time of 9 11.

The Labour Party's Jack Straw has been linked to the trial of the leader of the Liberal Party, Jeremy Thorpe, who was accused of trying to murder 'his boyfriend'.

In 2002, a tape-recording surfaced of Harold Wilson discussing the scandal and saying: 

"Look, I saw Jack Straw, he's very worried if he were mentioned in this context, he thinks he'll be finished." [5] 

Jack Straw had been a school prefect at his boarding school called Brentwood (above).

At Brentwood, a fifteen years old boy was found dead in his study, gassed.

According to Jack straw: "He believed that he was gay - ‘queer’ in the brutal parlance of the time. He could not discuss this with his parents or anyone at the school...

"The year before, two boys had been expelled for homosexual activities..."


In 1974, Edward Heath, the leader of the Conservative party, tried to form a coalition government with the Liberals, and he offered Jeremy Thorpe the post of Home Secretary.

The Home Secretary is responsible for the police and MI5.

The coalition talks failed and in the end a minority government was formed by Labour's Harold Wilson.

Norman Scott

In 1979, Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe was charged with hiring a hitman to murder male prostitute Norman Scott.

Andrew Newton

It was reported that a former airline pilot, Andrew Newton, was paid money from Liberal Party funds to shoot Norman Scott.

During Thorpe's trial, prosecutors said that Andrew Newton drove Scott into the countryside, tried to shoot Scott, but the gun jammed.

Newton claimed he had in fact been hired to kill Norman Scott.

Peter Bessel, a former Liberal MP, claimed to have been present while the murder plot was discussed.


The trial judge, Mr Justice Cantley, in summing up the case, described Norman Scott as 'a crook, an accomplished liar... a fraud'.

Thorpe was found not guilty.

Thorpe's first wife Caroline was killed in 1970 in a car crash with a lorry.

Thorpe then married Marion, who had been married to the Queen's first cousin the late 7th Earl of Harewood.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.


Jeremy Thorpe by Michael Bloch - to be published by Little, Brown on 16 December 2014

Are all the top politicians secretly boy-loving murderers?

MICHAEL BLOCH has written about the double life of Jeremy Thorpe, the former leader of the UK Liberal Party.


According to Bloch:

1. Thorpe was a childhood friend of the former UK Prime Minister Lloyd George.

2. Thorpe was educated at Eton.

He had sexual relationships with other boys.

On one occasion he tried to 'force his attentions' on a younger boy, Michael Haslam, in the toilets.

King's road - Howard Grey - Photographer.

3. Eventually, Thorpe entered politics.

Thorpe admitted to a political colleague that he had picked up Bill Shannon, a rent boy, in the King's Road in London.

4. Thorpe picked up a number of young lads, including the sons of Lords, in various locations.

5. On visits to Africa, as is the case with so many Members of Parliament, he liked to screw young Blacks.

San Francisco - Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino

6. On trips overseas, Thorpe liked to pick up hotel barmen.

7. In the USA, Thorpe enjoyed the gay life of San Francisco.

8. Thorpe once took a handsome young working-class lad with him when he visited Lloyd George's daughter Lady Olwen Jones.

National Liberal Club

9. Thorpe was active in the National Liberal Club and the Reform Club.

At the National Liberal Club, some young male staff were available for gay sex.

At the Reform Club, Thorpe mixed with the gay members who included top lawyers and civil servants.

10. Thorpe was a visitor to the Standard, a pub on Piccadilly Circus which had young soldiers who acted as rent boys.

11. Thorpe was member of parliament for North Devon.

In North Devon, Thorpe had sex with young male farmers.

Henry Upton

12. Thorpe had an affair with the gay Henry Upton, heir of Viscount Templetown.

When they first met, Upton was 31 and Thorpe was 19.

Thorpe spoke to Upton of  his ambitions to become Prime Minister and marry Princess Margaret.

Upton's philosophy was that "one should surrender to one's inmost desires, and that the normal rules did not apply to the great ones of this world."

In India, Upton lusted after the boys of a school where he became the gym teacher.

In Australia, Upton molested young boys and was briefly sent to prison.

Thorpe accompanied Upton to Poona (Pune) in India.

In Poona, Upton had a 'harem' of Anglo-Indian boys.

Upton also had a large collection of whips and claimed to be a member of the murderous 'Thugee' cult.

Back in England, Upton got a job at a prep school, 'where he soon got into the usual trouble'.

Thorpe decided to end his friendship with Upton.


Upton chartered a motor cruiser on the Sussex coast.

The boat was found run-aground near Chichester.

There was no sign of Upton and he was never seen again.

The art expert David Carritt suspects that Thorpe may have organised Upton's murder.

Thorpe was in control of Upton's affairs between 1952 and 1954.

Carritt believes that Thorpe stole some of Upton's money.

According to Carrit, Upton discovered this theft and was threatening to blackmail Thorpe.

According to Carrit, Thorpe "arranged for a couple of handsome toughs to join Upton on his boat and dispose of him at sea."

Carritt began an affair with Thorpe around the time of Upton's disappearance.

Read more: dailymail

Jeremy Thorpe links to Sir Cyril Smith and Sir Jimmy Savile, who allegedly links to child abuse rings run by Mossad and its friends.

Smith was a friend of Jimmy Savile.

Like Savile and Jaconelli, and the others in the Scarborough ring, it has also been revealed that he was protected by the Police.

Smith was also protected by MI5

North Yorks Enquirer | JEREMY THORPE: NYE Requests Attempted

Smith and Thorpe visited Scarborough, home to Jimmy Savile.


Jeremy Thorpe was bi-sexual, ruthless, a fraudster and a child abuser.

He used rent boys 'and was protected by the Police.'


Thorpe and two other men were acquitted of conspiring to murder Norman Scott at the Old Bailey. Private Eye ran this cover to mark his acquittal:

There was a previous attempt to murder Scott.

London criminal Dennis Meighan said that he was approached to kill  Scott in return for £13,500.

North Yorks Enquirer | Jeremy, Cyril, Jimmy, Ray and Peter .

Meighan and another man (with a gun) drove from London to the pub in North Devon where Scott lived.

"However, his London accent caused attention in the pub.

"Realising that they stood out, they abandoned the mission and returned to London."

North Yorks Enquirer | Jeremy, Cyril, Jimmy, Ray and Peter

Meighan confessed to the Police that he had been hired to kill Scott on behalf of a senior figure in the Liberal Party and that subsequently he provided the gun to Newton that was used in the second assassination attempt.

He gave a written statement to this effect to Scotland Yard detectives.

He was told to go to Brentwood Police Station in Essex. When he arrived, he was shown a statement with all the evidence incriminating Thorpe removed. He was assured that if he signed it, he would be free to go and that would be the end of the matter.

Full story from the Daily Mail here.

Neither of the contract killers were arrested.

Neither was Thorpe, or the Police Officers who perverted the course of an investigation into a serious crime.

Thorpe was a close friend of Princess Margaret and of Anthony Armstrong-Jones. Thorpe was at one time under consideration to be Armstrong-Jones’s best man when he married Princess Margaret.

Following the 1974 General Election, Thorpe was offered the opportunity of a Cabinet Post in a Conservative/Liberal Coalition Government (probably Home Secretary) by Prime Minister Edward Heath.

"The conclusion is inescapable that the detectives that interviewed Mr Meighan in Brentwood Police Station were from the Metropolitan Police Special Branch, operating on the orders of MI5."

cathy fox blog


Sir James Savile in naval uniform, 1990. Website for this image.

Sir Jimmy Savile was close to the leaders of the UK military, the leaders of Israel, the British and other Royal Families and top UK politicians.

According to the North Yorks Enquirer:

Savile "had different groups of friends in different places".

"They were his 'teams', he called them."

The teams included:

The child abuse Team/Ring in Scarborough.

The Satanist Team/Ring in Whitby.

The Satanist Team/Ring in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, in Buckinghamshire.

The Team/Ring in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, led by the Satanist Michael Horgan, who was closely associated with Cyril Smith.

According to The North Yorks Enquirer:

One of the Westminster rings was run by the London gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

Ronnie Kray was intimate with Winston Churchill's close friend Lord Boothby.

"Apparently Kray had access to many London care homes and would have boys delivered to parties at DJ Alan 'fluff' Freeman’s large flat over a music shop in East London.

"There they would meet with show biz types and DJs including Jimmy Saville, Joe Meeks and on occasion Beatles manager Brian Epstein."

The Krays had protection from certain top police officers.

Jimmy Savile was also involved in a second ring that used a London brothel in Battersea Bridge Road staffed by underage children.

The police discovered this in 1964 and linked Savile to it. But no action was taken.

Jimmy Savile is linked to the child abuse ring operating on the island of Jersey.

Jimmy Savile was a frequent visitor to Belfast, the site of the Kincora boy brothel, said to be run by MI5 and MI6.

Edward Heath and Peter Jaconelli.

According to the North Yorks Enquirer:
Jimmy Savile had close relationships with:

1. Alan Franey, General Manager at Broadmoor mental hospital.

2. Peter Jaconelli, former Mayor of Scarborough.

3. Jimmy Corrigan, a Scarborough businessman.

4. Cyril Smith MP.

Jimmy Savile,Woodlands Special School, Scarborough, 1967

Franey, Jaconelli, Corrigan and Savile frequented 'Michael's/The Penthouse Club', a night-club in Scarborough.

The owner of the property in Whitby that had Satanist paraphernalia in a room called 'the chamber', also used the 'Michael's/The Penthouse Club' and it seems to have been central to their operating.

Corrigan knew the owner of the property in Whitby containing 'the chamber', which was visited regularly by Savile and Jaconelli.

The description of 'the room' used by Savile in Stoke Mandeville hospital is strikingly similar to the description of 'the chamber' in Whitby, and the description of rape is similar to the description of rape that occurred in Rochdale.

Michael Horgan

According to The Mirror, Cyril Smith was connected to Michael Horgan who was also involved in the Satanic and sado-masochistic abuse of children.

The article states: "The shock revelation over the satanist and MP's friendship raises questions over any role Smith and Jimmy Savile may have played in Horgan’s paedo ring. 

"Horgan organised a series of satanic-themed orgies for like-minded paedos. 

" In one of them he raped little Michael and an even younger female child before watching on as others did the same. 

"The monster, whose youngest victim was only two, also hung up his stepson and the girl on hooks.  

"In further horrendous episodes he stripped the children naked, blindfolded them and tied them to a cross next to a black magic altar so that his 'disciples' could use them for sex. 

"Youngsters from two to 13 were drugged, tortured and sexually abused during the satanic 'ceremonies'."

Jimmy Savile

North Yorkshire Police did not disrupt the longest running and most successful paedophile-ring in British history that was operating openly for over fifty years in small seaside towns (Scarborough and Whitby) where they were well known locally for their activities.

Savile had regular Friday morning meetings with nine police officers in his flat in Leeds.

Savile is alleged to have routinely bribed Police Officers.

One serving Police officer acted as his driver and bodyguard.

Another officer 'Inspector 5', who was the West Yorkshire Police Force Incident Manager based in their control room, acted as Savile’s PA when Surrey Police asked to interview Savile under caution as part of a criminal investigation.

Reportedly, Cyril Smith MP was protected by MI5 and by the police.

Reportedly, Jeremy Thorpe was protected by MI5 and the Police Special Branch.

Sir Peter Hayman, former Deputy Director of MI6, has been revealed as a child abuser.

The homes of former Whitby MP Leon Brittan were searched by the police.

As a member of Scarborough and Whitby Conservative Association in the 1970’s, and then its MP, Lord Brittan would certainly have known Peter Jaconelli, who was a Conservative Scarborough Borough Councillor, a North Yorkshire County Councillor, Mayor of Scarborough and a local wealthy businessman.

Mr Brittan went on to be Home Secretary and in this capacity, to have operational control over MI5.

The home of the former MP Harvey Proctor was searched by the police.

Harvey Proctor is a former pupil of Scarborough High School for Boys.

Jaconelli was a Governor of a number of schools in the area.

Proctor was a member of the Scarborough Young Conservatives eventually becoming its Leader. He will no doubt have known Peter Jaconelli, who was a prominent member of Scarborough Conservatives.

Proctor admitted having sex with males 'who were under the age of consent'.

Sir William Armstrong.

"Britain's top civil servant ‘cracked up’ and lay on a floor at 10 Downing Street talking incoherently in the final days of Ted Heath’s Conservative Government.

"According to a new book about No10, Sir William Armstrong, Heath’s Permanent Secretary of the Civil Service Department and his most senior mandarin, was taken to hospital after telling colleagues the world was coming to an end.

"Last night, Whitehall insiders revealed Armstrong had, in fact, been naked while lying on the floor at No10, and that after hospital treatment he was sent by the then Lord Rothschild - a fellow senior civil servant - to recover at Lord Rothschild’s villa in Barbados for a month."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

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